Poppy’s Day Out

I was taking a break from the farmy things and was sat on the couch doing Social Media things when I heard a commotion outside.

I looked up and found Poppy, my beautiful hereford piggie looking back at me through the screen door, of the porch. TonTon was right behind her muttering to himself. “I told her –  I told her. There is a rule about pigs on the porch.  No Pigs On The Porch – the rule says. Don’t think I didn’t tell her miss c but will she listen? O!h No!.  Pigs will be Pigs, she said to me and ran up the steps. Ran! UP! The! Steps!


“Then back down the steps and back up again in case she missed something. This pig is trouble, miss c. I knew it from the moment I saw her.  There she goes again. Up and down. Up and down.  You had better bring Power of the Bucket out here and lead her back to her paddock. Bloody pig.”  Mutter. Mutter .


“Just bite her on the arse”, says BooBoo. “Just a little nip to move her along.  I’ll do it if you like. I am always in trouble anyway.”

“We can’t. “says Ton. “It is mean to bite pigs bottoms. They are just so ..  I don’t know – obvious.. it doesn’t seem fair somehow”

Poppy was escorted by her entourage back to her paddock where she lay down to have a wee sleep with her friends. Can you see Manouchki the kitten?


How about now.

kitten and pig

Poppy is Manouchki’s new playground. But when Poppy moves the kitten leaps clear. So  now Poppy stays very still while her kitten explores. poppy-037

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy

miss c

ps The proof for Letters for my Little Sister is due to arrive today.   If it does not arrive my head may just blow right off my shoulders. I have to say I am beside myself with terror. Even though my co-pilot Melissa and I combed that manuscript for errors, I just know something will  have got past and will show up in the printing.  Too late now for those though. The type has been set – the Proof  copy is for colours and formatting.  Let’s hope it is all right and I can say GO.

There is a facebook page now just for this book, just for this period.


Pop over for updates if you feel so inclined!



47 Comments on “Poppy’s Day Out

  1. Wonderful photos of Poppy and Minouschi interactions. I knew Tima was going to tell Poppy that she’s allowed in the house sometime 🙂 Relax, I’m sure the book is perfect. Laura

  2. Just wrote a long reply and internet went down sigh!!
    Try again – I am sure the book will be great and I know you are a great writer that cares about spelling, grammar and continuity – unlike some of the books I read these days!
    Picked up 4 new hens last night – Orpington Reds, supposedly good layers. They are only young and not laying yet. Hope my older girls are kind to them.
    Got them from a friend who has a huge farm with chickens, cows, goats, donkeys, horses and at least 24 bee hives! he has just bought the farm that backs on to him, so has added another 80 acres! They grow everything too, and he gets his tomato plants every year from me (started in my green house). he likes that I try new heritage plants every year. Says this year they were exceptional! Makes you feel good when someone appreciates the work you put into growing good stuff doesn’t it?

  3. Hey Miss C,
    Just re-reading thus post with my 6 year old daughter, our morning ritual. She thinks you should write children’s books about the farm with the animals as the characters.
    I agree they would be awesome…..
    Until tomorrow morning,
    Lori and Evie.

  4. Oh thank you for making me laugh today, particularly the conversation between TonTon and Boo. Does Boo mind being ursurped by Poppy the Pig as the kitten’s playmate? Proofs – there seems to be a law that no matter how hard, or how long you check over final proofs, and even when you have a rest and go back to them refreshed, something will slip through. Don’t worry and don’t let anything spoil the thrill of seeing your book printed, bound and wonderful, I’m sure.

  5. Poppy is the funniest pig. I love her. It looks like her maternal instincts are kicking in perhaps with Manouchki? Good sign that she will be a good mother.
    I hope the book arrives today. When you open the box or envelope, just imagine the Fellowship clapping and cheering with delight with you. 🙂
    Happy Friday!

  6. Poor Boo, not even a tiny taste of Poppy’s luscious hams! Poppy was just curious and missing you (or perhaps your bucket…) and she’d probably seen TIma being an Indoor Pig from time to time.

  7. What a wonderful story this morning!!! Poppy and Manouchki at the playground aka Poppy!!!! Adorable. I am sure that Poppy just missed you but the dogs certainly were flummoxed on how to get her down off the porch, weren’t’ they? Great news about the book! I am sure it will be wonderful and we are all going to revel in the finished product “she says as she types wiping sweat off her brow due to yet another infernal hot flash”.

  8. Never underestimate Power of the Bucket, tis the Swine Herds friend.

    • It is the first thing I tell my helpers, if you have a break out grab Power of the Bucket, but be aware, they KNOW when there is nothing in there! So make sure to Load your bucket. c

  9. That Poppy sure is a cutie! Isn’t it about time for her to be bred? Both of our GOS sows are due to deliver the first week of October. No more midwinter birthing! Piglets are just too adorable! xo

    • She was born in February, so it is a bit early, she should be bred to birth when she is one.That being a nasty month she will be bred in december to farrow in April/May and lets hope it is not too cold!.. though she will have a little house with a lovely area just for piglets under a light. Working on that too soon.. A couple of months yet.. c

      • That should be perfect timing! As you know we were taken by surprise when both of our sows got pregnant, one being quite young and both gave birth in the super cold of last winter! Awful! Our male is a big sweetheart, and very virile and fertile!!! So now we have it figured out, thank goodness, and will have no more babies midwinter! Will Poppy have a boyfriend, or will the lady vet be in charge? So exciting! xo

  10. Miss A loved this story. I read it to her multiple times at her request. She liked finding Manouchki too. 🙂

  11. I’ve noticed a young white peacock in your posts of late, Celi. Did I miss the post mentioning how he came to join the farmy? Have you named him yet?

    • Yes this is Godot, he came in the spring, but his friend carlos garcia got carried away my something nasty a while ago so he has been in the peackock palace with the peahens until he got a bit bigger. But I hate to keep them caged for too long so they are all out now.. c

  12. I love the ‘voices of all your animals. Crowing Crone and Gerard took us out for lunch today – the last time we’ll see them before they set off for Canada and home. Joss and I are agreed that this is our very favourite blog, and that Celie and the Fellowship are the greatest.

  13. Cecilia, I work with a very special little person who has enjoyed reading ( I should say my reading to him) about your little farmy! If I forget our reading time he reaches and grabs for my ipad so we can read. If he has an especially bad day I open up older posts to read. More is becomming his new favorite word! Thanks for sharing your days on the farmy!

    • That is such a wonderful thing to hear Colleen. I love it when kids get a kick out of the farm days. Thank you for reading it to him.. c

  14. Of course….a porch pig!! You must be fair, Celi, if Tima is allowed to visit the porch, then Poppy must, too. Ya can’t play favorites, after all. Poppy and Manny….The vibes on your farm are so calm and nourishing that all the different species bask in in.

  15. Now that .
    would be a wonderful idea for earning a living…writing books for children about the farmy animals….If these tales keep us all enthralled jt imagine what children would do. talking animals via MissC

  16. C! I fell of your email notification list; and seem unable to get you on my other list; i track you down; what a hole in my soul it leaves me – i get a definite boost by checking in every day! can you fix it on your end; or how do i connect by email notification again; the book will be okay;

  17. What animal antics you have on the farmy! Fingers crossed for the book! There comes a time to let go, and that time is here.

    • shell shocked, that is how i feel.. it is an odd feeling, i did not want to look inside it initially.. c

  18. I can’t believe your photos aren’t sharp enough for printing. Nope. Can’t. What would be so wonderful if you could create a series of books about life on self-sustaining farm. So 21st Century. And you have a plethora –a plethora! of wonderful stories to tell. Not to mention a boundless number. You go, girl!

  19. Gosh there are so many things you could write about, one story alone could be just about the pig and the cat. Just great! So warm and fuzzy.
    Happy Labor Day weekend!

  20. Wonderful post. So Poppy went visiting the porch and confused the dogs. You sure do have a series of excellent children’s books and I suspect the photos would print fine, if they’re clear and sharp on your blog (and they are) they should print the same way. It’s a bright spot in my day when I stop in to see your posts. Don’t worry about the book, it’ll be fine. All the best.

  21. Ton is probably beside himself when an unruly pig pays no heed to his advice. Poppy and kitty are so cute. I love how your animals adopt each other. Godot is looking handsome.

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