Happy Birthday – Zia

One of the Fellowship has a birthday today. We call her Zia. She is the Master Memory behind her nephew’s blog From The Bartolini Kitchens.  Their food is amazing. Her nephew Chicago John gave his Aunt a most unusual Birthday present.  Feeding Sheila for the day.  Zia’s birthday day. So all day today Sheila is having a birthday party for Zia.  And she is going to get as fat as a pig.  Sheila not Zia.  I made them both a carrot cake.  But only Sheila gets to eat it. Though I am sure she would share it with Zia is asked nicely.

Happy Birthday Zia. (Zia is 90 something,  but I  am not at liberty to tell you the ‘something’ as she looks ridiculously young for her age and no-one would believe it anyway.)




pig and cake6





And because your todays are my yesterdays. Sheila posed for Zia’s photo shoot yesterday for today’s blog and all day today she gets cake and kale. She loves kale. And naturally this is a carrot cake with extra eggs and molasses for good pigs like Sheila.

And now a little cuteness –  just for you our good friend:



Good morning.


Your friend on the farmy,







55 Comments on “Happy Birthday – Zia

  1. What a unique gift! Happy birthday,Zia! The fellowship will enjoy this birthday cake and hilarious pictures too. Happy birthday, Zia!

  2. Happy Birthday Zia! Looks like Sheila enjoyed the birthday cake! Guess everyone will have to go easy from now to Christmas to leave room for the plum pud!

  3. What a beautiful gift, love it.
    Happy birthday Zia, we adore your inspiration on our dear friend John. Not to mention the deliciousness too. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Happy Birthday Zia!  Hope you have many more. The birthday feast looks yummy  and Chicago John, what a wonderful gift for your Aunt. It looks like Sheila greatly appreciated it.

  5. What a wonderful idea….Happy Birthday Zia and Sheila is happy to celebrate with you.💐…..I love the pictures of Sheila

  6. Happy Birthday Zia! Great idea John! Sheila is happy to help celebrate your birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday, Zia! Look how dainty Sheila is with your cake. She’s perfect!😄

  8. Happy Birthday Zia, looking forward to your Centenary celebrations 🙂 that pic of Boo, Marmy and kittens in a pile is hereby nominated for 2016 calendar. If only our Birthday cakes were so healthy – we could eat more 🙂 Well done Sheila and Celi. Laura

  9. Happy Birthday Zia. What a beautiful name! I hope that your birthday will be as enjoyable as the carrot cake that Sheila has just demolished…..
    love the pics of Boo and the Marmie kittens.What a wonderful Mum/Dad he makes…Have a wonderful yesterday Miss C
    We saw the sun yesterday!

  10. Happiest of Birthdays! I’m with Sheila on the kale, it makes up many meals each day in my diet plan as well. Sheila wears her party hat with just the right amount of cockiness and verve to add some flair to the occasion-nicely done Miss Pig. We have some very tiny snowflakes falling this morning and the temps are 20 degrees less than yesterday, but they say rain is coming back 😦 Would you mind pushing some of your arctic weather back toward my Pacific coast-I would like the snow to spend a few days.

  11. I love Sheila! What a wonderful birthday present for Zia. Happy Birthday Zia! Sheila did a wonderful job during her photo shoot and her white nose is precious. Beautiful pics of the kittens. I marvel that Marmalade trusts Boo to let him in that close. So much love on the farmy. Thank you, C. You made my day. Be well and stay warm.

  12. Beautiful love filled happy birthday wishes to John’s Zia. What a wonderful way to celebrate for her C.
    I am madly in love with the little kittens and wish I would come and snuggle them all.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  13. Sheila is a star – she had me roaring with laughter. I too feasted yesterday (an advance birthday party for me for Monday, among other excuses), and will have a fellow feeling for Sheila when her belt won ‘t fasten!

    Those kittens are stars, too. And Boo.

  14. Happy birthday Zia! And many happy returns of the day. When I’m 90-something I’m coming to feed Sheila too 😀

  15. Reblogged this on from the Bartolini kitchens and commented:
    It’s our dear Zia’s birthday and Sheila, our good friend Celi’s star pig, had a party in Zia’s honor. Do take the link to read — and see — all about it.

    Buon compleanno, Bella!

    • Wish Aunt Zia happy birthday for me and best wishes for the coming year, may it be her best ever! What a wonderful birthday gift.

  16. What a lucky Sheila!!! Happy Birthday to Zia! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

  17. Well done, Sheila! And best wishes to the matriarch of Bartolini Kitchens and our friend, Zia!

  18. What a fun post! Love the pictures, and so happy to discover your blog, Cecilia! BTW, I’m always a sucker for picture with kitties. ;-0

  19. Happy Birthday Zia!

    Celi, would you be able to put a kitten in your pocket and bring it to NZ in January for me? Please. Thank you.

  20. Happy Birthday Zia! That is a wonderful idea and I just loved the look of that cake. Sheila certainly looks like she enjoyed it!

  21. Thank you very much, Celi. You did far more than I had even dreamed and Zia is sure to love everything, especially that hat. It’s one thing to make a hat for a pig but it’s another to get the pig to wear it. This will certainly give her something to talk about at her next Red Hat Ladies meeting. You’ve helped to make this birthday a very special one for her. Please give our thanks to the divine Miss Sheila. And thanks to the Fellowship for the birthday wishes. This is truly unforgettable.

    • Wow – that’s some birthday surprise! Happy Birthday to Zia – who seems to be beloved by all !! I know John simply adores her !!

  22. Unpresumingly Brilliant! And in honor of Zia ( who gifted us with her recipes), tonight we are making porcini/goat cheese/leek ravioli with The Bartolini recipe that is provender for the gods.
    Happy Birthday! Salute!

  23. I also feel like I just went to a birthday party! Happy Birthday to Zia. May there be MANY more. Thank you, Celi, for sharing this celebration with us. What a fun lot of photos today.

  24. Happy Birthday Zia, may you have the best ever! Sheila made short work of that yummy looking carrot cake, probably wondering why she is being spoiled today. Zia, I hope you have as good a day as Sheila!
    Boo is still enjoying his mum/dad duties with the kitties, such lovely photos.

  25. Buon compleanno, e molti altri, Zia! Sheila truly is a star, and you are a genius, Miss C, for putting together such a wonderful tribute.

  26. Happy, happy, happy birthday Zia! May the year to come bring health, energy and happiness . . . trust Celi to have such a wonderful idea and Sheila so enjoy being part of the surprise. I am certain none of us guessed at what was promised yesterday 🙂 ! Methinks glasses have been or will be raised around the world as we all attend this virtual celebration!

  27. Well, no-one guessed all of it! The farmy is so full of fun. I hope Zia had a wonderful birthday.

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