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We have watched Nanny Boo for a year now, raise Marmalade, then help her raise her six kittens. And this shot says it all.  This surely is the penultimate image of Nanny Boo aka The Dog-Father and his brood. cats kittens and dogs

I had to stand on a chair to take this shot.  And it is complete with Boo’s ‘dragon” (every toy has a name) abandoned to sleep.  This is the one. Do you think?  I will put it into the 2015 calendar file. aa1sleep-016

Lulu seldom comes up to the house. but as the cold begins to makes itself known she is also visiting more often. Though we did have a little sunshine yesterday and the temperatures rose well above freezing so the last of the pumpkins have been fed out to the cows and steers.


Queenie’s Bobby is sporting a wee mustache.  We will not comment.


Sheila ate so much yesterday at Zia’s birthday party that she spent the afternoon sleeping in her day bed.



Once again the kune kune kingdom found themselves on the wrong side of the tracks.  They scream to be returned to their rightful field instead of  going back the way they came. Naughty piggies. Elsie watches them with a slightly bemused expression on her face which is better than stomping on them I suppose.


They just want to be where their food is.


It was warm enough yesterday to get the Big Toys out and shovel some of the proverbial out of the cow’s sleeping area.  I had help  from California yesterday, A Fellow Fellowship member come to stay in the Coop for a Thanksgiving treat. So we insulated the bee hive with straw (too late to get them into the root cellar – but if they survive this winter Ron I will train them to live in there for next winter), trimmed the beak on The Son of Neanderthol man, (another job I cannot do alone) and shifted the sheep (it is much easier to shift sheep when I have a farm helper that they do not know).


And worked in the West Barn right into the last of the light.


Good morning. It is amazing how much work you can do when the temperatures are above freezing.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Love your friend on the farm,


42 Comments on “The one

  1. Shall look forward to the next calendar after this one. I have not got mine yet , was it posted

  2. Long may this ‘warm’ spell last. I just love that woolly faced Bobby, even with his moustache 🙂 I think Marmy and Boo should remain the designated supplier of Farmy Kitties, you are keeping some aren’t you? Great calendar pic, quite liked the last one from yesterday too. Laura

  3. Love the family photo of Dog Father! And most certainly a picture for the calendar.
    November has been such a cold month here, I was tempted on many occasions to put the extra straw in the chicken coop. But I know it will get even colder going forward, and days like the next couple, which are supposed to be in the 50’s, will make it too warm in there. So holding off. Getting 3 or 4 (sometimes 5) eggs per day from my 10 hens, so they must be feeling ok. Wish I could say the same for me – never know what the heck to wear each day, as I pile on the layers in the mornings (I hate wearing clothes) take them off in the afternoons and pile them back on in the evening.

  4. Nanny Boo is a very special dog! The photos of Elsie and the Bobby are also wonderful. What great faces!

  5. Wonderful family photo! Is there something in Boo’s breed that makes him the perfect nanny I wonder?

  6. Received my calendar yesterday! It was such fun explaining to my daughter why I was receiving a package from Illinois, plus detailing who all the farm animals are with some of their back stories. Sheila now has a place in my office and is quite comfortable I must say…
    And yes…the Dogfather must go into the next calendar 🙂

  7. You know, for the Bad Boo beginning, he’s sure turned out to be a treasure. I just love him and his faithful little heart to pieces. I must say that I’m also beginning to love Elsie to pieces too. She is just so striking with her black and whiteness. Chloe has taken to asking me if there are any photos of the kittens today….almost every day. She seems to think it’s a sign of love form me to her for me to forward the kitten posts! Either that, or she’s angling for me to move to the country so we can have more cats!!! And dogs. AND, she’s remembering that she wants a kune kune baby to start a kingdom of her own. For now though, we’re very happy to live vicariously. 😀
    Good morning Celi, hope you have a few good days above freezing just now so you can catch up on work before the holidays.

    • Move to the country!! Or possibly in the summer you and Chloe could take that road trip you mentioned a while back, the coupe is great for re-couping. Though we might have to search Chloe on the way out for piggies in pockets and kittens in handbags. c

  8. Get my calendar a couple of days ago, love it and yes that picture should be in the next one.

    • I am so glad you like it. hopefully 2014 will have more baby pictures, we did not have many babies on the farm last season.. c

  9. Oh yes, that is the one! Got my calendars, thanks so much. Looks like a good day at the farmy. I know how Sheila feels, partying and eating a bit too much.

  10. Unexpected gentleness always stings the eyes. Just as Veronica said, Boo seemed like hell on wheels at first, but he really is a treasure, absolutely unique. And Marmalade returns his love with her trust.

  11. Boo. The Dog-Father…perfect. So deeply, instinctively sweet. I have to add, though, that I love the last picture…It looks like a Charles Sheeler painting or a Cezanne or something…all about the angled rooftops…Which way is this looking and where are all those old buildings? Are they yours? The big red barn is quite something…I love the light and the green glow…

    • The white barn in the foreground is my West Barn – that whole collection of stunning old farm buildings is the neighbours, distant cousins.. sadly they do not use the buildings for animals anymore .. it is no longer a farm. I suffer from barn envy though.. c

  12. Those kune kunes are the sweetest little imps! And I swear you have the most beautiful cows in the midwest.

  13. Well, Boo who was such a good ‘father’ to Marmalade now has virtually become a faithful ‘husband’ . . . am certain Marmie more than appreciates. What a peaceful family scene for Christmas! [Am still laughing about the wonderful party Sheila ‘gave’ for Zia yesterday: and some of us methinks were wondering whether there could possibly be ‘immaculate conception’ for one of the ladies of the house . . . 🙂 !]

    • Certainly would have been immaculate, or possibly Tane and a stool! but he is still a bit young – thankfully. Hopefully. c

  14. Love the photo of the dog father and his brood. Excellent calendar material.

  15. I’m MMMMELLLLLTING!!!! So many fabulous photos today, darling C! And yes, that shot of the napping crew is about as good as it can get! 😀
    ❤ What a huggable gang you have on the farmy. xoxo! K

  16. Work is much more enjoyable above freezing, and there’s freedom of movement without all the layers, allowing more to get done. That is a great calendar picture!

  17. Several years ago we had a small farm in Quebec, Canada – not too far from Quebec City. I enjoyed reading this so very much. I love both the photos and what you say about them!

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