Goodbye November

Hullo December!


Yesterday it was warm again, almost 50F (10C) which meant the little glass-room got some sunshine, (I love the fresh herbs!)  and we all warmed up a bit.


The bees came out for a look see,


.. the dogs got to ride on the back of the truck – their favourite,



and we saw blue sky for at least half the morning..


… it was lovely.


Good morning. Even the ice in the pool melted, though it does not look that inviting.  I did get lots more done in preparation for the deep winter. It is so much easier when you can stay  outside for hours at a time.  Today will be cold again but they say there will be another few more days above freezing later this week.

Life on the farm plods along in a gentle wintry way.

I hope you have a lovely day.


ps. I will be posting another large shipment of Sheila and friends calendars today. Thank you!


23 Comments on “Goodbye November

  1. I wouldn’t get one thing accomplished if I had those kittens in my house. I could spend all day looking at those cute little faces.

  2. I love the look of your faded-denim blue winter sky with delicate white contrails feathered across it. So much kinder on the eye than our hot hard tropical blue, currently peppered with big fat clouds that just will not drop their burden on us. Rain promised tomorrow. We shall see, it may just miss us… Lovely green rosemary. Mine is very silver grey and somewhat tired looking in this heat. Wish I had a Marmie kitten to cuddle…

  3. So pleased to see the bees out and about, hope they all came home before the cold returned. Laura

  4. Bees outside. Really? Amazing. Is this typical for your area this time of year.

    Here in Minnesota this morning the temp is in the single digits below zero. Cold, oh, so cold on this first day of December.

    • We have been below freezing for weeks and when it ops up to 50 or so they toddle out for the bathroom. I find this terrifying because the cold comes back and they have to be in a huddle to survive it. c

      • My neighbor lost all her bees already. We had that cold weather, then the sudden warm up and apparently that did it. She’s reordering again and looking for a more sheltered spot to place her hives. It never got above 10*F here today with windchills below zero, brrrr. The snow from last week mostly melted but in the horse’s yard it refroze so I had to spread ashes all over the ice out there. Personally once it freezes I’d just as soon it stayed frozen, don’t care for this up/down up/down at all!

        • I know, it is so hard on the bees when it goes up and down.. sorry for your neighbour, I have decided if this lot dies i am finished. We had a few really good years but i have not been able to establish a hive again and it is expensive.

  5. I love those little cats. Wish I could have one. You have a lot of aircraft passing, and making pretty patterns in your lovely blue sky. It is grey and gloomy here, with thickish fog night and morning.
    Have a lovely day.
    ViV xox

  6. Yep. advent time. Do the animals get a little sweetie each day as we count down to 25 December? Our chooks got leftover Thanksgiving for day one.

  7. It is so cold here that even the rain freezes into icicles. Tomorrow I shall take a photograph. We did see 10 mins of blue sky and a sunshine ray last week but now its back to dull, cold, damp dreary , lifeless day…

  8. Received my “Sheila’s Calendar” Saturday and while I knew you wouldn’t do anything less than great but you out-did yourself! The pictures bring you to the Farmy and production is first rate. Thank you!

    • Oh wonderful! I am thrilled, there is always this little worry.. I love making the calendar.. and Sheila loves the extra veges!.. so thank you.. c

  9. There was a 40 degree change from yesterday’s temps here in the South. I can only imagine what you are dealing with! Bundle up Celi!!!

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