No Hay Day

Yesterday – an hour before the tractor arrived to bale our hay –  it began to rain, just a little at first then the skies opened up and it rained and rained all morning.  We even went in and worked on rainy day jobs – sowing seeds and baking! And last night we had a hige storm with even more rain.

Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.  Hay making has a whole lot of luck attached. And Wai and I have used up a lot of our luck this year.  

Who doles out our allottment of luck each year anyway? It seems a terribly Irish concept so maybe a faery or a leprachaun of sorts. Probably a leprachaun actually as they are known to play mean jokes on occassion.

After the rain the temperature cranked up into the nineties and Nothing was drying in that wet heat.  Not even the washing on the line.

But  Wai very quickly puts my hay woes into prespective. At least my body is not falling off in great stinking chunks as big as a childs shoe.  But did you see those big red patches of healthy skin! Slowly but surely Wai and I are getting himself cleaned up.

The tomatoes are growing amazingly well,  though still green some of them are huge and threatening to bring their supports down. We will be eating tomatoes very soon.  Lots of them!!

Looks to me like we will be thinking about getting this hay up on Monday.  My hay man does not work on the weekends as they are worship days.  So we will see what the weekend brings. I have six acres down. It will be total rubbish.  At the very least it will make good straw. But one way or the other it has to come up.

I hope you have a lovely day

Love celi

Weather : Not hay making weather today especially after last night.

Friday 07/21 60% / 0.18 in
Partly to mostly cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. A few storms may be severe. High 88F. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

Friday Night 07/21 40% / 0.16 in
Partial cloudiness early, with scattered showers and thunderstorms later during the night. Low around 75F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

27 Comments on “No Hay Day

  1. thats called determination!  

    Sent: Friday, July 21, 2017 at 1:52 PM

  2. At least you are not suffering the opposite extreme this year, a hideous drought. New skin! One day in the not far off future, Wai will look & feel like a brand new Pig!

  3. Southern Indiana has the drought! And it’s supposed to feel like 108 the next few days…My chickens are panting and they hang out in the barn where it’s hottest instead of going into the shade of the trees.
    Wai’s skin is frightful still, I flinched when I saw his picture….It’s taking forever it seems for him to heal which I guess indicates how terribly burned his skin was in the beginning. 😦 He’s a tough little guy, and I’m sure he feels loved now so he has hope for the future. 🙂

  4. Drat!!! Sorry to here about the hay laying wet in the field!!! Not a good way to start putting up hay for the winter. But, it is good to hear that if it won’t work out to be eating hay, then it can be used for straw!

  5. The monsoons have started here as well, I’m lucky to not have hay to put up but I know you are not the only one swearing at the sky.
    Wai looks good. Has he shown any signs of getting sunburnt on those new patches of skin? I was pondering that the other day.

  6. I’ve been thinking how fortunate it is that you have plans to severely cut back on your herd this year. It seems likely there will be a shortage of hay in the winter so I guess this is an auspicious year for that move. We have had so much rain in the forecast but it falls all around us, missing us every time… till yesterday when finally we got a significant dump. Our gardens are happy. Hope It dries up for you. — Mame 😎

  7. Oh dear, my condolences C! But as long as you get it up and dried well, then then bedding it is – at least you won’t need to worry about animals getting sick or spontaneous combustion barn fires from mouldering hay…
    It is truly wonderful to see all of Wei’s brand new pink patches and knowing he’s shedding all of that dead armour. You having brought up Irish luck and the wee folk; perhaps he is truly fey and lord knows you have earned some luck of your own? (Just not with haying weather; )

  8. That poor dear pig! He is a fighter and thankfully he has a human who believes in him and is helping him fight!

  9. That big patch coming off must have tried Wai badly, no wonder he retreated for a little R&R. But how wonderful to see that healthy pink tissue. I’d braced myself for horrible gunky streaks of yellow and green and red, so either it wasn’t quite that bad, or you’ve done a magnificent job of cleaning it up. It’s got to be so much more comfortable than walking around with something like an iron plate digging into you and the worst case ever of trench foot going on underneath it. I’m sorry to hear about the hay, Miss C. Can any of it be salvaged?

  10. I kept listening for the forecast for Central Illinois, praying the rain would hold off as you said JUST ONE MORE DAY and I actually thought it had until I read your post today. And Irish luck had nothing to do with Wai–it was sheer determination, colossal effort, and brilliant know-how–that’s what.

  11. Wai does put things in perspective. I saw on the news last night that someone poured gasoline on a dog and lit him on fire. The owner is in jail, thank goodness being charged. The dog is recovering though. I don’t understand what makes people do such things. There is enough tragedy without adding to it. I’m sorry about your weather. I won’t tell you about ours right now. It’s not nice to gloat. 😦 Keeping fingers crossed that the leprechauns move along.

  12. Sorry about the hay, makes it more difficult to have enough winter feed. Wai certainly is making progress, he’s a tough fella, good thing too. It may sound odd, but it might be just as well he was so overweight, gave him an extra something to fight with. I’m not sure he’d be doing as well if he’d been thinner.

  13. Your work is such a lottery depending on so many things coming right at just the right moment. Fingers crossed for some good leprechaun luck 😀

  14. Living in Ireland, married to an Irishman whose body is falling apart at the ancient age of 44… those leprechauns have a lot to answer for! Maybe we need to start leaving a small dish of milk on our stoop?
    Wai is getting there, he is a tough guy for sure (and not just his unwanted armour). Sorry about the hay. Fickle weather fairies!

  15. Late abroad because of long technical issues – regret the hay story . . . am watching the Illinois rain scene non-stop again! Wai – praying and hoping for a strong constituency! Can’t believe the wonderful normal pink skin patches but do not like the lesion on right back. Bestest !!!!

  16. You have to be a special type of person to be a farmer and you, dear Cecila, are definately special:)

  17. We walked to the park for breakfast on Thursday, but then the skies turned black and opened up and literally poured rain. We had to Uber it home and even so, got drenched running to and from the car! I wish dry weather for you over the weekend and particularly on Monday!

  18. I’m glad you commented on that photograph of Wai. I shuddered when I first saw it. Now I see it differently. That’s an amazing picture. Amazing team, you and Wai. Life forces, pushing through whatever nature sends.

  19. sweet Wai- I think of him every day….as I think a lot of us do!~ Big virtual hugs to this intrepid soul.

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