Storm Watching

It was so hot outside that when I took my camera from the house to the field to take photos of the storm the lens had fogged up.

The storm was fast moving though so I took photos anyway. There was some pretty incredible thunder and quite the lightning show.

After we had let Wai out, and brought the calf in and come back inside we discovered that there was a tornado warning in our area.

In fact while we were out chasing storm photos the tornado had been sighted and maybe even touched down near by.

That’s what happens when you watch the world through a foggy lens! A tornado passes by and you miss it.

Another terrible storm last night as we did not sleep. And raining again now.

I hope you have a lovely day

Love celi

Weather – Thunderstorms of course.

Saturday 07/22 60% / 0.06 inScattered thunderstorms developing during the afternoon. High around 90F. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

Saturday Night 07/22 20% / 0 inPartly cloudy. Low around 70F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.

42 Comments on “Storm Watching

  1. Your weather has been so different this year. I can’t believe you are still having tornado type weather this far into summer. We are finally seeing the real heat. It’s unbearable outside, and I have stopped my work in the pecan orchard.

  2. It’s so hot here, we are going to dunk our chickens in a bucket today…95 with a heat index of 108. They have been walking around with their beaks open so I gave them a pool with a couple inches of water but they won’t go near it. Praying for a bit of rain or a cloud to block the sun a little, but no rain forecast for a long way out that I can see.

  3. That hay is never going to dry at this rate. Our heat has arrived too which is why I’ve been up since 4. I’m glad the tornado missed you. Good luck out there.

  4. how can you ,iss a tornado!….  

    Sent: Saturday, July 22, 2017 at 2:03 PM

  5. We’ve had some pretty incredible weather here as well. Hot, torrential rains and tornadoes. Your pictures are awesome! 🌹

  6. The same weather pattern up here with already with rivers swollen and extending their banks and creating havoc and high humidity. Sorry about your hay. Glad the tornado didn’t touch down.

  7. That sky is a wonderful colour – especially in that particular photo: Girl with Camera and Two Cats… What a composition, and what colours. I’m glad the tornado passed you by.

  8. Obviously cows don’t have the same concerns that people do!

  9. Wandering around in a storm, I’m thinking you should be working on your ark! I love the pictures, especially your instagram one of the cat. Beautiful. Hope you dry out a bit soon.

  10. I am totally blown away by the composition and lighting of your last photo. All of the elements seem to play together in perfect harmony. The extrodinary color of the sky, against the green of the fields, with a subtle punch of white. The position of the hungry heifers, down to the posies dancing against the red sea of Aunty Anna.

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  12. All this rain right now is infuriating, as far as the hay goes 😦 Piggy and rooster pic’s so sweet 😉 Laura

  13. J > The fogging of the camera is due to sudden temperature/pressure/humidity changes as the storm advances – not heat, as such. In fact, pressure/humidity is the most likely cause. It can do a lot of damage to an electronic camera.

    • Yes – interesting about the pressure. Cold to himud hot makes my glasses fog up as well. not that? I have a rubber cover on my camera (we call it the camera condom) this protects it to an extent but all in all this environment is tough on equipment.. c

  14. I was lucky enough to see a tornado over the sea in Majorca, Spain as a child, however I have always dreamed of seeing a monster tornado that often develop in the USA. They have always fascinated me and a tricky task as I currently live in the UK!

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