An announcement as we run

Sometimes you just have to run.  And yesterday evening The Bobby was doing just that. After waiting out yet another strong storm, standing in the drenching rain and high winds, there was no way he was going in for the night.  He just ran. Running rings around me. 

So I left him out.

We will have less milk this morning but never mind. These beautiful blowsy pink fluffy clouds, that folllowed in the wake of the storm still had jags of lightning messaging from inside them. Like the forked tongue of a snake flicking in and out of  cotton candy on a stick. Each time lighting up the clouds from within.  It felt ominous.

Surprisingly the wild flowers have survived every storm.  I see no damage in this field of light and gold.

Even in the dusky light, that lends a silver to the vibrant green of the corn in this patch, the flowers stand up straight and tall.

I have family coming in two weeks, I hope they last so I can show them off.

The hay is officially ruined. Again and agaain it has been rained on. i was able to flip it over the other day to try and save the pasture below the sodden messes and was going to do this again today but we had a lot of rain again yesterday. These wild squalls are coming on days when no rain is forecast. Flying across the coutryside. Moving fast. Every day it has been rained on – i have stopped counting how many.

I was going to dry this hay then get the hay man out to bale it for straw but I think it is even past that. I was feeding it to cows by hand but no-one will even eat it from the field now. The rain and incredibly high humidity is turning it to slime.  It smells. I am thinking the only thing to do it literally roll it to the edges of the fields and gather it up for compost when I have the time. We need to clear it off now so the next crop of pasture and hay can grow. I have never had quite this thorough a disaster.

Today I will call my other hay man and see about buying the two hundred odd bales I just lost.

Farming is fickle. As fickle as the weather. 

And exciting Annoouncement: I have been working on a new spin off platform from the blog. I get frequent requests and suggestions to create a page from where I can sell prints and cards and merchandise with images from the farm. But I don’t want to sell on the blog – it feels wrong the few times I have advertised the calendar on it. The farm pages are for the farm.

So, for a long time I have wondered how to raise money for the farm and its community of dependent animals (the ones like Wai who do not make money but need care)  without it impinging on the farm emphasis of the farm pages. I love how you and I and the Fellowship gather here for a cup of coffee and a natter about the farm. I really do not want to break the simple joy of the daily blog by allowing it to become commercial.

I have hit upon an idea that takes that slightly tacky side of selling right away from the blog pages.  I am devising a newsletter that will go out monthly with all those money raising buttons  and links attached. It is being beautifully designed by my new personal internet assistant, who I will introduce soon, and will have a monthly cartoon from the Farmy resident artist who I will introduce soon too and as well as advertising my products it will have brand new farm news and favourite inages from the month, etc. Lots of new material.  This newsletter will link to the Amazon page where I have listed many of my personal favourite  and frequent purchases, like Wai’s lotions and potions – the farm gets a small percentage of anything you purchase from these links – and my brand new Zazzle page where I am creating the cards and aprons and cups and prints and tons of exciting stuff. Here is a sample!

Our artist at work here! Stand by as I would like to introduce her properly but need her permission of course.

This will also be the forum  where I sell the yearly calendar and Christmas children’s picture books.

The newsletter will be small, will not take up much of your time and if you sign up for it then it will arrive via email in your own inbox on the first of every month.  There is so much potential for this medium. This is my exciting new venture. Stand by!

What else can I put in it? Any ideas? What do you think?

This week my personal internet assistant Samantha will create a button for you to sign up for the newsletter.  Then we will launch our first Letter from the Kitchen’s Garden on the first of August.

I am hard at work creating all the cards (as well as the first cups and tote bags).  I am excited! I am running with it.

This is a much more fun way to pay for hay!!

I hope you have a lovely day.  I really, really do.

Love celi

Weather – Out of nowhere a COOL day. A day to regroup. I will have to get out Wai’s beautiful new warmie blanket for tonight!

Monday 07/24 10% / 0 in

Sunshine and clouds mixed. High 77F. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph.

Monday Night 07/24 10% / 0 inClear to partly cloudy. Low 57F. Winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph.

68 Comments on “An announcement as we run

  1. Every year the Biltmore Estate here in Asheville has a river bottom roadside long long field of sunflowers that they continually cut & replant all summer long for visitors to drive past, photograph & admire. The Vanderbilts have nothing on you, Celi. Your sunflowers could become a Farmy icon for you & your brilliant new products line. A-Ha!

  2. Brilliant idea about the newsletter! I’m looking forward to it! So sorry about the hay.

  3. Sorry about the hay loss. Would love some of that compost for my garden! You are very smart to work on this business off shoot. can’t wait to see the products!

  4. “Like the forked tongue of a snake flicking in and out of cotton candy on a stick”…I love the visual this line creates! Just beautiful writing!

    I think the newsletter is a great idea too. Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  5. I’ll be hitting that newsletter button as soon as it arrives. I need a new apron, so I hope there’ll be one of those soon, before the holes and stains in the current one make it completely disintegrate…

      • So long as it’s not three times the cost of the apron itself, I’ll be happy to pay. It shouldn’t be too heavy… I’ve had packages of several yards of fabric come from the US for about $10, I think.

  6. So sorry about the loss of the hay, and I love the idea of the newsletter! Glad to hear that you have an web assistant as well as an artist on hand! Very exciting :*)

    • yes, having an assistant for this makes all the difference.. I just don’t have the time to LEARN what is already in her head and I do SO love a team

  7. Lots of exciting plans. I do love the way that nothing every stands still at your place (even The Bobby). Hay is a tricky crop that’s so weather dependant and I’m mightly glad we don’t make it any more.

  8. I’m with you. I’m not comfortable “selling” on my blog. I, too, like to keep it more of just a journal. However, hay must be bought, vet bills paid,… And people *do* want to help. They appreciate what we do and like feeling a part of the farm family, living vicariously though the farmers that are willing to share. I think you have a good plan. You always come up with good plans :-).

    • Thank you and also thank you fir your support of little Wai – he is having a great day today as it is cloudy so he can go outside. The idea of the newsletter has been stirring for a while ..

  9. The sunflowers are so lovely and what’s amazing is they have only benefited from the rain.
    Exciting newsletter! I’ll be signing up too. 😊

    • Yes the rain has certainly been good for them and I think that because they are growing up the rise on the bank it makes for a much better show – i cannot do that stand justice with the camera really

  10. whats this about Amazon….?? I buy loads from there …can you send it on an email to   that way i shall be sure to see it  

    Sent: Monday, July 24, 2017 at 2:09 PM

  11. Hi Celi! From Faye here in Canada. You might want to look also at a site called Red Bubble and one called Society 6. They both sell products like zazzle but they are both more for artists and artistic work. Your photographs are more artistic in my mind and uploading them for products is apparently pretty easy. My niece sells her artwork in both sites and gets a nice little monthly income from it. I have a lovely pair of yoga pants with her artwork on them. And a cell phone cover. Lots of products. P.s. So sorry about the hay. The weather just doesn’t care! Have a lovely day.

  12. J & D > An interesting dilemma about commerce. Our own small following will no doubt have noticed that our solution (more by default than design, to be honest), is to weave the business side of things into the very fabric of our blog. It’s not prominent, never pushed, but it is an integral part of what we do (in fact it is pretty much all of our income). We were agreeing, this morning, that we’d probably blog pretty much the same if we didn’t have to earn income from what we did, but in truth we would do less, there would be fewer problems to solve, the troughs of life wouldn’t seem so painful, the highs so exilerating, and there would seem less of a point to it all. In short, no jeopardy, no narrative, no drama. But in your context, Celi … well, let’s say we see that it’s different. We wish you very well with your new ventures. We’ll be signing up ; though unfortunately we’ve found that customs duties for goods from the USA entering the UK are absolutely extortionate – plus there’s handling fees on top.

  13. You are so industrious! I have a friend who keeps prodding me about marketing my photographs and stories, and even to go non-profit with the wildlife rehabilitation that I do, but it all overwhelms me. It has to feel right in order to do it. When I read about your plans, it feels right, the way you plan to work this new venture. You seem to flourish any time you take on a new endeavor. I admire that about you.

    You mentioned the other day that the hay man doesn’t work on weekends because those are worship days. Growing up, my grandparent’s practiced the same “no work” on weekends, but especially Sundays. My dad did not follow those practices. I cannot tell you the times we lost hay, or crops were less quality for harvest because we couldn’t harvest on good weather days on the weekends. It frustrated my dad a lot. Hay is not cheap to buy… I’m so sorry you lost your chances to bale what you worked hard for.

    • Yes I understand how your Dad feels – but never mind – worse things happen at sea – now I have to work out how to get all this stuff out of my fields – it just will NOT stop raining n it.

  14. I remember losing hay to bad weather in Germany, it was devastating . I am bombarded by people wanting to advertise or help me with advertising and promoting products on my websites. At my age, I really don’t want to go there . Good luck with your new site .

  15. I can’t wait to see what you have to offer! And of course I’ll sign up for the newsletter. So sorry about the hay, but hopefully your new sales will more than make up for it!

  16. Not ever wanting to miss anything anywhere on the Farmy I will be signing up for the newsletter for sure. The sunflowers remind me of you a bit, hurricane, drenching rain, beating sun, sick cows and injured pigs you both stand firm and strong and happy soon after 🙂 Laura

  17. Wishing you every success with these marvellous ideas and getting that flippin’ hay up safely…
    Hopefully naughty Bobby’s hunger overpowers his independent streak; )

  18. If I were you, I think I would just tedd that hay out and leave it on the field. It will add organic matter to your field, and the new grass will easily grow up through it. I am sorry you have had bad luck haying, but you sure are not alone. I need to do my second cutting soon, and am really watching the weather for a break. Your sunflowers are stunningly beautiful!

  19. Sorry about your hay. Your new venture sounds very exciting. I’ll sign up for the newsletter too.

  20. OH CecI! I had to laugh at your statement…” I have family coming in two weeks. I hope they last so I can show them off.” I’m assuming you meant the sunflowers, not your family – giggle!

    Loved seeing Bobby run – full tilt! The forked tongue and cotton candy is a winner, for sure! Photos are superb!

    Count me in as being one of the first to push the button to sign up! Thanks!

  21. Go The Bobby. Nothing like the feel of the wind in your face and under your tail 🙂 Love the sound of the newsletter, maybe a featured animal every month? What about guest spots from the clever fellowship mob who are doing interesting things too? And I will sign up of course.

  22. I am sorry that the rain ruined the hay, what a shame. You really have had such bad weather; we have had rain almost every single day, but it doesn’t affect us as much as it does the farmy, I think of your plight often. Your newsletter and promotional material sound like a wonderful way to raise money, I love it and I wish you much success.

  23. How exciting! I’m sure some things from there will wind up on my Christmas list! 😀

  24. You could add a recipe and photo of the final product to the newsletter. Some of the things your various kitchen mamas have come up with sound delicious.

    • Yes, this! I was going to recommend/ask for recipes and kitchen techniques too!

  25. The Newsletter sounds great, and so does the internet assistant or whomever she is. I wish I were in a position to do more for Mr. Wai at the moment, but at least I can subscribe and share. xoxo

  26. Yes, yes, yes!!! 😀 ❤ Always new joys to take their places among the present ones and erase any old stinky hayfield's failure to thrive for now. 😀

  27. A newsletter is a wonderful idea. Many years ago in the early days of internet & email, I created a newsletter for the clients of the recruitment-temp agency I worked for, and it was very popular. Your ideas for content and those in the comment are great. Maybe also include cameos of Farmy residents, friends, associates, visitors.
    I need to do something too, to create a little cash flow. I’m not yet quite sure what but you and the Fellowship comments have sparked some ideas ♡

  28. Those sunflowers are a perfect symbol for your resilience. You stand and shine through all storms.

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