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Walkabout with TonTon

TonTon and I spent a good part of the afternoon going over all the animals and making lists as to what needs to be done and taking stock. Queenie is in Pat’s Paddock with Hairy and there is  enough feed in there to keep… Continue Reading “Walkabout with TonTon”

Is there a song that goes: Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun?

I think there is. I was humming it all day long yesterday. It was bendy tree windy but we had piles of sun. Sun-Sun Sun-Sun. I could not find my phone for a while – apparently someone had been going through my jacket pockets!… Continue Reading “Is there a song that goes: Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun?”

“We planted a tree!” they called out.

When the children’s mother came to pick them up yesterday she smiled and said “What did you do today?” Expecting a blather of talk about the new pup. “We planted trees” they called out, running to get their coats and books. “Look, we will… Continue Reading ““We planted a tree!” they called out.”