Stepping out of a few more Fellowship back doors!

Such gloriousness in our ordinariness! We are doing a series on the views from the Backdoor steps of the Fellowship of the Farmy.  If you are a reader you are part of the Fellowship. This is the third Fellowship Backdoor page! We are on a roll. If you have only just popped in check out Page One  (my view) and Page Two and Page Three . You will be amazed, we are from all over the place! Join in! Come on Roger! Come on Sawson! All are welcome.

OK into my poor beleagured time machine, like the Tardus it is much bigger once you get inside, you will all fit, its OK!   Deep breaths. Off we go!

New Zealand, up North of Auckland, lives Valerie, her blog is such a treat, as I have said before I adore hanging out with intelligent people.  She grew up in England but has made New Zealand her home. This is her view.


My friend from Washington Chris does not have a blog but is a fulltime member of The Fellowship.  And outside the back door in Washington State is her thyme lawn. I am deeply envious.


Juliet Batten is an author living in Auckland.  Beautiful woman. Wonderful writer. This is her view. Wow.


(Sigh) I miss home now. We had better go somewhere else.

Jaz  has a gorgeous view over her garden at Octoberfarm. She is in the US though I am not exactly sure where, except that she is cold there today too! She has a dog who looks like a combed sheep, Hairy would be so jealous!


Next: Australia again. New South Wales actually. This is Joy she has two Golden Retrievers and such a view.


Leanne lives in New Zealand. She has a farm stay and is surrounded in the most stunning  cats and farm animals. Hence the cats view.


Now I am fairly sure that Natalia from hot cheap and easy is somewhere close to New York but do correct me if I am wrong. All these mini bios come out of my unreliable brain! Below is the view from her back door.  So sweet.


The Blonde Gardener is in Arkansas and I am entranced. What beauty.

blonde gardener

Home on a river. Unbelievable. This is Ecuador. If you have time to pop over you will be taken on a tour of the birdlife outside those  back windows.


Our darling Lynda has found her very own little farmlet so she is submitting a photo of her Back Door View to BE!  I am so thrilled for Lynda. Look at the view she will have shortly!


Isn’t that wonderful.  OK, I know I have forgotton someone.

Kathryn!  There you are I have found you.  Kathryn is an artist and a writer and lives a life surrounded in music. It all shows in her view. Look at that bell!katherine

That is all for today but I would love to do another page. In fact as long as you send them in I shall show them! Colonialist (thank you for the tip on creeping text, now all is well!) – I have lost your shot but I loved it, so I will go on the hunt today and let me know where you live is it somewhere in Africa?  and Janet from NZ I simply cannot find yours, though I know you gave it to me and I put it down somewhere but I need it, Wellington on a wet day is perfect! Equus from Chicago is working on getting the shot of her alley to me. No hurry darling. Now who else! Soph and Stuff you are on my list.  But I just know there was someone else. I have time for another page if you still want to show us the view from your Back Doorstep. It is never too late  – send in your pictures my darlinks. Remember if they come email make them nice biggish files. 

Good morning. Today I am going to take photographs of the Shush Sisters for Spike! Charlotte is feeling much neglected. She needs to move into her own place soon. What was that term they used when they sent the Queen into a darkened room with her Attendants for about a month or something before they gave birth? Was it the Lying In?

I was thinking that if you wanted to start your own View from the Back Door page with your own readers – I would love that. I am sure your readers would rise to the challenge too. If you link it back to me then I can visit with the Fellowship. And our world will get even bigger!

It is dawning damp and cool, but these are great days for gardening. I am planting another tree today too, for someone many of you know, probably one of the oldest members of the Fellowship (in years.. maybe neck and neck with the Old Codger – I must check!) I will show you tomorrow.

Have a lovely day.

Your friend celi

It is

73 Comments on “Stepping out of a few more Fellowship back doors!

  1. This is so much fun! I am indeed in New York…on Long Island, which is half Middle Atlantic and half New England, and a very busy place for man and beast. We cram a lot of suburbs and beach and woods and farms into a small area! Thanks for these spectacular images from aroudn the world!

  2. Good morning Celi; WOW FANTASTIC VIEWS its just amazing how other people call the views they have chosen ordinary more like OUTSTANDING HAVE FUN AND HAVE A BLESSED DAY MIKE

  3. hi c! these views are awesome! it’s funny how you can get used to your own but be blown away by what others look at! joyce

  4. how can one not have a good day when it starts with an easy visit with you and a round-the world intimate tour from the bosom of many homes! good morning world from ecuador! i am sitting on the back deck and enjoying that serene river scene while ibis and egrets and frigates take to the skies.

    • absolutely stunning, thank you so much for introducing us to your Back Deck and that view.. c

  5. How cool is that? I’m absolutely living this series. I’m doing one tomorrow, hope you can check it out and put it in your lovely series.

  6. I am just stunned by how much beauty there is. Breathtaking. And such diversity. We are lucky people. And I totally agree with jaz…it’s true. You forget how different all these corners of the planet are. Makes me travel itch start itching.

    • I’m hoping you’ll post one from your lovely place in France, Charlotte!

      • Check out Page Two, Charlotte’s Italian view is the first one! Lovely too! But wait is there another back door? well we look forward to that one too! c

  7. I so wish I had a camera! I love this. Thank you. I’m on a ranch on Texas, which I love, and i want to share all the wonder and beauty that I see every day. So hold on, I’ll see if I can find the means. Meanwhile, everyone is loudly asking for breakfast, so I’m off!

    • Hi, Virginia, what part of TX is home? I’m up north in Denton and, as a transplant 4 years ago from the Northwest, find all views–back-porch or otherwise–of Texas a revelation. 🙂 I’ll look for yours someday if you get (or borrow) a camera.

    • That would be superb, where are you now, take a shot of wherever you are now, we would love to see it! c

  8. this is such a wonderful blog…I absolutely love looking at people’s gardens…and they are so beautiful…when I get back from my holidays at the end of June I think I shall have a try and I will then have my camera, so I shall take a pic of my garden….. It is so exciting… I am breathless with the beauty of where people sort of widens the horizon…
    So happy that you are not knee deep in water,,,, lots of love

  9. What a treat for me today to see the earth in infinite variety. Thank you, Fellowship for the beauty of your views. And thank you Celie for what has turned out to be a stunning success of an idea.

    Lying-in was (in my mother’s day) what was called the 6 weeks or so of semi-isolation and bed rest following “confinement” (ie delivery!) Give Charlotte the story to make her feel special. And Gi

      • My reply got truncated (I spent the afternoon and early evening holding ice-packs to my cheek – spontaneous bleeding for the third time this week). What I really wanted was a hug, and what I didn’t finish saying was give Charlotte a hug from me!

  10. Love the views! I am going to try to remember to take a shot today and sent it to you… You are such a wonderful blogging friend, bringing us all together. Have a wonderful day!

  11. There’s going to be more? Ooooh, I can hardly wait! So many lovely friends you have, and all living in such wonderful places in the world. I’m so glad you thought of this. I have already made some new friends from your first Back Porch postings! Thank you Celi!

  12. What an absolutely lovely idea, c!! I will be sending you my view later this morning when my plants are finally in their rightful pots:) We have sun!! So I’m excited to join in the fun!! xx Smidge (but don’t expect any rivers, mountains or fields of lavender.. I’m quite wishing for those at my next home:D

    • I m in love with genuine and peaceful, we can’t all have fields of lavender (though you and I would not say NO!).. no hurry.. wait for the light, I will wait for you.. c

    • Smidge, dear, you should retire where Richard and I have our someday-retirement place, on the WA Olympic Peninsula–surrounded by the Olympic mountains (Hurricane Ridge is less than an hour’s drive), the Straits of Juan de Fuca (Victoria, BC is a 15 minute drive and a ferry ride away), the rainforest (ca. 1 hour) and much more, including (because the town is in the so-called rain shadow of the mtns and therefore generally sunny) a destination town for lavender lovers (several massive farms of it) and host of an annual lavender festival. See you there??? 🙂

  13. Oh wow C, what magnificent views everybody has – my little back door view is just a wee pin prick in comparison. I am loving seeing what the fellowship sees from their back doors.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  14. In about two to three days you will get hot wind and warm weather again. That is where we are…hot wind and warm weather. I much rather have hot wind and warm temps…it is almost June.
    Our weather is very drying, but you have lots of humidity so probably just hot and windy.

    We are back to sleeping with all the windows open…lovely!


    • thank goodness, i am not enjoying the cold weather you sent !! and john had just begin to trust the weather and so had cut a small patch of old grass hay, it has been rained on ever since, i have no idea what to do with the soggy mess! Hot and windy would at least allow us to get i tdry and out of the way.. what a disaster, but he needed to make this mistake to slow him down a bit. he just loves to make hay! c

  15. Such a variety of beautiful views…I love the water views but looks like people can turn any spot of earth into something lovely to look at! My thyme lawn might be pretty to look at but I was cursing it yesterday as I spent the whole day on my hands and knees pulling little weeds out of it!! 🙂
    Now we will call Charlotte…………Queen Charlotte…..there was a real Queen Charlotte, wasn’t there? If not, there is now! 🙂

  16. I’m thoroughly enjoying this extraordinary idea of yours, Celi. Just amazing. I especially loved the various birds of Ecuador and the mangroves. Will try again to send The Alley! Have a lovely Sunday.

  17. As always such a pleasure to visit this page! Some wonderful views and so diverse. I was a project manager for an international software company, and therefore got to travel a lot (an awful lot!). So now I am retired in my small peaceful little cottage and garden, it is wonderful to travel this way (beats all those rotten plane rides!). Not sure if any one in the ‘Fellowship’ lives anywhere near me – Bedford VA, but would love to meet up with some of these great folks one day.

  18. Hi C! Here I go. You can choose between a very old rosebush with the most fragrant roses or Our Lady of Pilar that is standing in the middle of my back yard. My father in law built it about 12 years ago in honour of my daughter Pilar…

    Thanks for this wonderful idea of opening up our doors and windows, it is amazing to be able to share and enjoy so many and different views.

  19. This is such fun, no matter where we live there is beautiy all around us..we just have to open our doors and windows..and look how wonderful it is when we share 🙂

  20. Fantastic idea, Celi, and what beautiful back door views! I hope all on the farmy are well and the next time it is sunny I shall snap our back door view.

  21. It’s wonderful meeting the neighbours… I have a soft spot for those water views… but then the are the views with wide open spaces… and gorgeous gardens 🙂

  22. I love these views! But my yard isn’t in much of a state to share right now. This is the first year in this house for me, and the previous owners did just about nothing over the course of 40 years here. Shameful, really. Well they did build a really ugly shed really close to the house that I now have to take down and replace, and, come to think of it, there IS a picture of that on my blog, but it’s hardly a view I want to share! Maybe later this season when things are greener and my brand new garden beds are out of their infancy and creeping towards toddlerhood. 🙂

    • Don;t worry about things being too pretty, we want to see real and we might do this again in the autumn so you could do a before shot and an after shot! c

  23. More beautiful views to enjoy – this series is turning into a smash hit with all of us, so glad you thought of it Celi. It’s nice to see where other people live across the globe!
    Looking forward to the next lot of wonderful pics you have in store for us.

  24. Celi, I’m so thrilled to see my back door view on your blog (and your kind words; thank you) – and to view all the others. This is a brilliant idea. It creates an amazing sense of connection of all of us around the world. Your arms stretch so wide to embrace all of us in the fellowship. I will take up the challenge, once I’ve finished the current creative burst with ideas for many blogs in the pipeline. Thank you so much!

  25. I LOVE this..I must take a pic and email it to you as I do not have a blog !!

    • excellent Nanster, don’t forget to let us know around about where you are.. just the state will do!! c

  26. Oh, what a joy to click on your blog!! What wonderful photos: and new links form twixt us! Have just subscribed to two of your readers: simply could not resist going to Ecuador for one – I know so little and there is so much to learn 🙂 ! Love the New South Wales pic: that one could only come from Down Under and that thyme lawn – I am deeply envious also!!! Thank you for the morning smile . . .

  27. Celi: Just checking in from S.E. Idaho as a faithful reader and lurker on your fine site. Love reading and being a silent member of the Fellowship.

  28. Wow! I was so excited to see our backyard on your blog. We have wallabies (some with pouch young right now) grazing around the house and occasionally a koala will change trees during the day, so our very excitable goldens are fenced in when not with me. Just loving this idea – I admit I am a stickybeak……from countryside to waterside to courtyard, I love them all. Thank you everyone.(and Celi)…… Joy

  29. I love this series and I think it’s a terrific idea. I haven’t submitted an image as my backyard is all dug up and there’s nothing to see except a pile of rubble. Nothing like what you have shown in this post! xx

  30. Love that thyme lawn. Thanks to everyone for sharing their backyard views.

  31. Hi Celi, would like to send you my back door view; not sure of your sending criteria? not photo savvy I’m afraid.
    A tree I have grown from seed to plant for you in the OZ chapter of the tree fellowship has just gone to a new home; as soon as it is planted a promised photo should materialise. The Celi tree is a Japanese black oak…… went to its new home in such a rush I forgot to take a photo.

    • ow wonderful, a japanese black oak sounds gorgeous, i would love to see that shot when it is planted. thank you. What a super idea! Now I have a tree in Aussie.. splendid! thank you.. c

  32. This is such a wonderful idea Celi and I have enjoyed looking at everyone’s photos. There are so many different views and I’m rather envious of them. We finally got some sun, so I’ve taken a photo of my view and put it on the blog. Ax

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  34. I’ve been away from blogging for a bit and C you never cease to amaze me. Thanks for this topic! I love seeing where everyone lives. I’ll submit mine from up here in Canada.

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