Miss A came to visit Miss C and the Farmy

And she was kind enough to bring her mother.


Miss A and her brother Mr N are the stars of the family blog ‘Our family Food Adventures’ they eat, love and play,  eating and playing through country after country of food. Mr N had a field trip with school so Miss A came on a field trip to the Kitchens Garden Farmy.  Her beautiful mother is a marvellous cook and one of the Fellowship (we will be seeing the view from her back door step shortly). Actually they got a little bit lost on the way and ended up in a local town. When Miss A’s mother called on her cell phone I said – no worries, find the post office,  go in and introduce yourself and say you are looking for Celi, the Post-Mistress is one of the original members of the Fellowship of the Farmy. So she found her (it really is a very, very small town)  and the Post-Mistress drew her a wee map to my house and sent them on their way with smiles and directions.   (I think the fellowship needs a secret handshake!!) And we had the most charming day. In fact I will let the pictures speak because it appears that this child is some kind of animal magnet. They loved her. Which gave her mother and I plenty of time to catch up.

And the sheep who would not leave her alone was Minty.  Minty was thrilled to meet her.





We had a wonderful time.miss-a-033

Good morning. Wasn’t that a lovely interlude. It was great to have visitors and to sit down under the cherry trees and just relax for a while with some intelligent company.

Now to Daisy and Queenie. It is time for them to be bred. We do this using Artificial Insemination (AI) it is quite simple and painless but first we need to have both cows ready to be bred on the same day.  For this they need a series of three  hormone injections. Yesterday after the visitors had left I got a call from The Breeder that the  injections for both cows had arrived and needed to be given last night. The problem was we were just getting on our pretty clothes to go the the High School graduation of The Tall Teenager.

So off we went to the Graduation, then dinner and present giving. The Tall Teenager  was all smiles and relief, full of plans. He is going into the Army in late July.

After the celebrations we came home, changed back into farm clothes then brought  the cows in one by one and gave them their shots. All going well The Breeders daughter The Lady Vet will come across on June 2nd and breed them for us. Fingers crossed it works this time. Daisy as usual started kicking and bawling and carrying on at the sight of the needle and Queenie stood like a rock and barely flinched. John said we should be milking Queenie!

I hope you are all having a lovely day.  It will be quieter today that’s for sure. But quite chilly again. I hope summer comes back soon.

your friend, celi

59 Comments on “Miss A came to visit Miss C and the Farmy

  1. Beautiful little girl 🙂 Congratulations to TTT on graduating .. but the army? I know Queenie is a beef cow, so how will it work, will her milk all be for her calf or can/will you milk her too? So enjoyed the pictures of everybodies back porch scenes. Laura 🙂

    • If all goes well Queenie will raise her own calf. A beef cow usually has just enough milk for one, this is why twins are rare for cows so no, we will not be milking her. But she would be just a gentle cow to milk, Daisy has always been the wild one. I have another batch of PORCH views coming tomorrow! c

  2. Hearty well dones to Tall Teenager! A beautiful child. Gorgeous hair, she looks a bit lambish, actually. No wonder Minty took a shine to her. Shockingly cold here today. Wearing my woolly jumper again. Late-May. Go figure. Good morning, c!

    • Minty really surprised me, usually she is friendly but not that friendly. I think she had a flash back to her retirement home days! c

      • Funny thing: kids and animals. They seem to understand each other better than adults could ever hope to. 😀

        • I think they are all more in touch with their fear in a way, it is a sensible thing to them, fear of big things, or loud things, of sharp movements, so they do tend to approach each other in a way that does not startle.. watching for a long time and moving carefully.. hmm.. c

  3. What a lovely day you had. Yes please to some summer. It is still 3-4 layers day every day. I have worn a T shirt bare armed twice this year so far, and am now back in Shetland wool and thermal vest. I love that hammock. May I send the pic to Sallly – she might crochet me one!

    • Of course you can darling. crocheting a hammock would be amazing and I would love the thought of you having a gentle sleep under your trees.. c

  4. Oh how lovely of Miss A and mom Kristy to come and visit. I bet Mr N is going to be insanely jealous.
    Yippee, we are (crossing fingers and toes) hopefully going to have more baby cows. 🙂
    We are having a summer’s day here today – hope it lasts and our that our winter is a mild one.
    Have a super weekend Celi.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • Yes once again we are going to hobble about with our toes crossed waiting to see if we can breed them, you have a wonderful weekend too Mandy, under your fern tree! I love that tree.. c

      • hey chef dad, you and Mr N are coming next time we hope, maybe by then we will have little piglets! c

  5. what an exciting future for the TT!!! and what a beautiful girl! she looks like she enjoyed the farmy and the farmy enjoyed her! it sure is cold here! i had to cover everything and will do so tonight again. it broke records here.

    • Very strange, thankfully we have only gone down to the forties, but I had to get Vivs hot packs out to keep my milker warm, it hates the cold! c

  6. Wonderful! Oh how i would love a visit to your farmy! Wonderful pictures as always. I rarely comments, but I never miss a day checking your beautiful blog. Congratulations for the Tall Teen and to his mother!

  7. Sounds as if you had yourself just a perfect day! Congrats on the graduation and safe travels as he goes to serve his country. My nephew joined the Navy where he is still training to be a a male nurse and just heard he will be on the ground with Marines and here I thought he would be safely aboard a ship or in a hospital somewhere. Let’s use them for PEACE!

    • Training to be a medical professional is an excellent choice.. So when he does come out he will be pretty much guaranteed a job.. Lets hope your nephew is in peaceful waters until then. Warring is an old, old influence in men’s minds.. almost archaic. But there you are. Imagine if there were no women to bang pots on their heads and tell them to stop scrapping and come in for dinner. c

      • lol oh how true!!!

        I hate war I am so much a Hippie Make Love Not War kind of girl 🙂

  8. What a lovely visitor you have! I’m sure you all had a grand time! Congratulations to the Tall Teenager as well (he might be needing a new name soon, now that he’ll soon be on his way to more manly adventures 🙂

  9. My guess is being eye level with Miss A made for all the interest Minty showed. Miss A is a beautiful child. Not sure that first sentence is clear, but that is the way we talked a life time ago on the farm, and so, I’m leaving it. Enjoy the holiday weekend.

  10. Congrats to the Tall Teenager and what a very beautiful child – she looks like an angel! Fingers crossed that all goes wel with the AI.

  11. As usual, the photos were great, but, where were the Shush Sisters? Of all the Farmy residents, the Shush Sisters are my favorite! They are both so beautiful. I enjoyed the photos of the “Girls” you posted earlier this week. The Farmy looks beautiful, and the house is coming along nicely. Always look forward to reading your blog. Keep up the excellent work Miss C

      • Thank you Ms C, and tell the Shush Sisters they are my favorite animals on the Farm, and the best looking!

  12. very exciting, and lovely photos thank u for sharing with us

  13. Yes, Miss A. does look angelic with all those beautiful blond curls, swirrling round her face…although that first photo of her..I see a little glint of mischeviousness…well, angels can be spunky and all sorts of other things, right? 🙂 My favorite photo was of Daisy leaning her head down low to see what that little pink thing was!!
    Congratulations to T.T. on his graduation…such a proud time for everyone! Can’t wait to see more back porch views!!
    Happy chilly Saturday, C.!!

  14. From the wonderful pics, I would think it’s going to be a day Miss A will never forget . . . glad all the animals behaved themselves and gave her a great welcome!
    Hope the breeding program works for Daisy and Queenie.
    Have a fantastic weekend Miss C.

  15. Mixing children and animals is like swirling hot dark chocolate sauce in a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Animals get bored with us, too, don’t they, Celi? They dearly love a new smell. What great shots in the hammock!

  16. Thank you again for your hospitality Celi! We had such a wonderful day. Miss A is still going on about it today. She’s telling her brother all about how the animals liked her. And she told her dad she wants to be a farmer again today. 🙂 And I think we ended up getting the best day of the weekend – looks like clouds for the next few days. Thank you again. We really did just have a lovely time and I truly enjoyed getting to visit with you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and congrats again to Sid. 🙂 I’ll be thinking of him as he sets off for basic.

  17. Oh, I had met Miss A many a time on her Mommy’s blog, but these photos are just gorgeous and she obviously charmed all the farmy animals as well as us 🙂 ! That resting pic is just beautiful!! And so there will be more pregnancies on the farmy: but what do you do for milk when Charlotte is busy with other matters? [uhuh! another city gal’s Q!] And have to laugh at Daisy realizing what a needle meant: c’mon lady, you are meant to be grown up 😀 !

    • Of course i clicked on ‘post’ before I had a chance to congratulate the Tall Teenager and wish him well for a ‘peaceful’ career of such vital importance! Uhuh, grew up as a real army brat, born and bred, myself, tho’ darling Dad was an army lawyer [Prosecutor of Estonia’s Miltary Court’] and thus not in front line after Officer School . . .

  18. It looks like Miss A made lots of friends, and had her own stories to tell over dinner last night. Congratulations to the Tall Teen!

  19. How wonderful! I love Miss A and her family, so this was a nice surprise to hear that you all connected. I can only imagine how much fun Miss A had with those precious animals! It’s also so nice to hear the tall teenager has graduated and has such worthy plans for his future. Sending some warm thoughts your way…hope that somehow helps bring some summer back! 🙂

  20. How wonderful to see a child so at home with the animals. I had to laugh at your clothes change – there have been others in the past that made me smile too. I had no idea of the intricacies of timing with these conception challenges – but when I stop to think, of course it all has to be synchronised.

  21. Hooray for tall teenager! Something to be proud of.
    Minty now will be wanting a punk pink fleece rinse? Miss A is a doll.
    (Secret handshake!) Friendly people who know everyone is something you miss after being in a small town

  22. Glorious day all ’round–with the possible exception of A Certain Bovine Eminence not being all too pleased with getting injected. Loved the tour through the day’s grand events as always.

  23. How lovely that you had a chance to catch up with Kristy and her two lovely children on your farm Celia! Thanks for dropping by my blog and saying hello. These photos put a smile on my face tonight…while I’m struggling to get through my prep for the week ahead. I can’t wait to meet Kristy as well, as they are coming to Toronto in a couple of weeks! Your stories from the farm are wonderful.

  24. What a great day! I’m jealous that Kristy and Miss A got to meet you and the farmy clan. Looks like a beautiful day weather-wise, although a bit chilly.

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