Even more stunning views from The Fellowship of The Farmy

You guys are the bestest,  you are superb at stepping up  and into challenges. Here are a few more views from the back porches of the Fellowship.  As much as possible I have put on the links too, and usually there are more shots on those lovely pages if you want to see more!

Charlotte in Milan, Italy and her lovely winsome blog The Daily Cure. I adore Charlotte and named my pig after her! Just kidding!! Pure coincidence! She has some startling city views.


Now into the time machine and zoom over to South Africa (I think, am I right Mandy?) This is Mandy’s fern tree right outside her back door. Gorgeous.


Philosopher Mouse has a toad in her dog house right outside her back door!


And below are a few of the email people.  From left to right and down, Grammom, Claire (from Promenade Plantings in Bristol),  Then below is where Maggie has her breakfast in the mornings,  across to Lyn’s fantastic glasshouse, she is right here in the US,  then below that is outside Eha’s back door,  and Claire’s garden again!


But some people have no cameras so there are few beautiful descriptions here is one:

From my back porch(Ontario, Canada)….the wooden yard swing under the maple trees, the arbour covered with bittersweet, soft lavender lilac bushes, some overwintered multicoloured geraniums blooming away, a tiny patch of my flowerbed for my one tomato plant, a cucumber plant in an old galvanized tub, close to fence so it can climb, a beautifully made white doghouse, sadly…. now empty…

Oh look Claire from her Promenade just sent us a blog page with this! Such a modern view. Wow. Thank you darling. 2claire

Linda from Colorado  has a camera though, we know that because she shows us her farm most every day too and her blog is called Life on a Colorado Farm and here is the view from her back porch. And Linda, your cold weather came here. Yesterday I was back in the clown suit!


Joanna who bakes wonderful bread in England has a rather delightful dog called Zeb (her blog is called Zeb Bakes) so I chose the scene from her back door  with Zeb in it.


Virginia at Bel’Occhios blog lives way over yonder in Canada.  She also looks out onto a corn field!  Now I can see why she empathises with my big views!


Deb looks out her back door every morning and sees a family of raccoons having their breakfast!  Amazing!


How about we zoom back to Italy . Living in Italy the Blog. Exquisite. Clive and Damaris live in Umbria. Roses. Sigh. Oh, I miss growing roses.


Gerry Wilson  ( below) is an author and this is what is outside the door where she works.


There is a very cool shot of two geckos on the same page and I was Torn.

Spain!!! Let’s go and look at Tanya’s mountain!


We will close with a New Zealand back-porch photo from my sister. She took this on her yesterday morning.  Sunrise in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.


Good morning.  I do apologise if, when I push the special Publish button, the text appears creeping up the sides of the shots.  I have run out of time and I have company coming today and don’t have the where-with-all to fast-fix this.  Every shot has been sent in a different size, I know I should be able to adjust them without losing resolution but .. sigh.  Remember to send your email images in nice Big packages.  Now there are  a few more, even more from New Zealand  – how exciting.   Keep them coming! So I will collate those and after a break with the farmy and friends tomorrow, (Daisy and Queenie need to tell you about possible developments) we will return to your fantastic back steps in a day or so!

Doesn’t this just open up our world!

Have a lovely, lovely day.  Must run!

your delighted friend, celi

49 Comments on “Even more stunning views from The Fellowship of The Farmy

  1. Such a wonderful way to travel around the world. And see what matters to us all. Our own sense of Place. Many thank to Celi and all.

  2. Celi this is honestly the most wonderful idea – thank you! You are 100% correct, I am in South Africa.
    Have a beautiful day and looking forward to seeing the third instalment of others back porch views.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  3. What fun!!! And so wonderful to read and see where other members of The Fellowship live!!! xo

  4. How lovely, Celi! From balcony, to farm, to city, it is simply a wonderful view out there in the world. Is it too late to post, and does a view of my future back porch count? I promise to share the proper view in the very near future. 😉
    (we sign the documents next Friday!)

  5. Oh my God! This is amazing! I feel like I’m really getting to know everyone. Celi, you are something else…this is such a great, loving, big, warm idea.

  6. I took the pictures but can’t upload them for another day or so. This is really entertaining, I love seeing pictures from all around the world and we all seem to appreciate the same things, don’t we?

  7. You’ve done such a wonderful thing here Celi – we really are a proper Fellowship now aren’t we, sharing, enjoying, reminiscing about places we know or have visited and yearning to see those still on our wish list! Mind you, only lovely people have the ability to bring others together and we thank you for this 🙂

    • I am so glad you are back up on your mountain Tanya. I read your post and such joy in it to be home.. c

  8. Ooh, I did enjoy that. Such variety – thank goodness we aren’t all the same!

    I would be thrilled if you would hop over and read a couple of my latest poems: for the love of worms: http://vivinfrance.wordpress.com/2013/05/23/for-the-love-of-worms/ and a diatribe about the harm we are doing to our planet with monoculture among other things blamed:

    You and so many of your readers farm the way everyone should be doing that I hope you don’t mind the plug!
    Love, and thanks for the lovely tours.

  9. When we lived in Amsterdam I loved walking through our area and looking in windows. The residents never pulled their curtains, and the ground floor apartment windows were lit up like store displays. It was a desire to see how others lived (I tried to be discreet). This “view from one’s back door” allows me to indulge again in this peek into other lives. V.

  10. My camera is packed away for my holidays…but I really adore ;looking at the gardens of the Fellowship…what a wonderful name that is….it reallt depicts what this is all about…Clever you

  11. This is so much fun – you actually feel like you know people so much better when you see what they see. Love to wander the Gardens of the Fellowships (and someone will steal this idea and create the most wonderful book of pictures, stories, and friends)
    (I will try to get a better pix to you – thanks for wandering over for that one!)

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  13. Celi, I’ll say what others have said: what a wonderful idea to bring us all together this way and allow us to get a glimpse of each others’ spaces. Lovely! I’d like to visit every one of them.

  14. These photographs are just stunning. They give me goosebumps. Never realized how grim my little corner of the world is until now. Eating my heart out! For instance, just yesterday I went out into our alley to take in the garbage cans and what did I discover but some stinker had left a huge door several layers of plywood thick leaning against our fence. And what was I supposed to do with that? They didn’t want to pay the Village to haul it away. I called the Village and a kindly man in the Village Works Dept. came to my aid.
    I do have a lovely tree in our yard, but I thought you all would enjoy a dose of reality!

    • I want to see the alley, can you bear to send a photo of your reality for the back yard post. Pleeeeese! I hate plywood! pity they did not leave something like a cast iron claw footed bath, or a scratched marble mirror or even an old bed is better that plywood! c

  15. Fabulous response! To get rid of the creeping print, go into edit, and on each photo select ‘none’ instead of ‘left’. That should do the trick.

  16. It’s been great taking part and having a nosy at other people’s spaces. Can we do this again later in the summer? It would be lovely to see what changes there are.

  17. What gorgeous photos C, thanks so much for sharing them. I really must get off my butt and send you my view!

  18. HEY! HELP! I don’t do twitter, but could someone tweet about Celi’s Front Door Challenge post(s) to WP for Fresh Pressed potential.
    This is from WP’s email /forum
    “Did you read something in the Reader that you think is Freshly Pressed material? Feel free to leave us a link, or tweet us @freshly_pressed.”
    Get the Famy the recognition it deserves!

  19. Celi, you are a star… but we all know that already 🙂 I have been busy clicking in the links posted by the Commenters Lounge and got to know better a few more fellow Farmy followers. All the views are great but Tanya’s mountain left me in awe 🙂

  20. This was a great idea, I also enjoyed seeing what others see. I had posted pictures of what was flowering in my backyard that day, totally unaware of your challenge. I was blessed that so many stopped by to see that post.

  21. This is turning into a journey and half! You began a few weeks back with the offer to plant trees on the farmy for us in the Fellowship: now you have followed this up with this marvellous photo challenge ! From wide open plains to delightful back gardens, from rural areas to views over city streets! I have an abysmal memory for names, addresses and phone numbers, but pictures/views remain within reach for a long time: now we truly can ‘place’ fellow travellers – methinks Tanya [Chica Andaluza] writes about our feelingworld so well on her blog!! BUT, it will be good to find out what on earth Daisy and Queenie have to impart 🙂 ! Hope you had a fab day and sleep well . . .

  22. The photos everyone is sending in are fabulous and so interesting – I feel like I’ve been on a world tour! You have really started something very special, Miss C!

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