How do you know your pig is pregnant?

When she has trouble lifting her foot over the step that she usually trots over. If she had a hand she would be reaching for the door frame.


Queen Charlotte is large with child.. I mean pig.


Her belly is dropping and her teats are down and she waddles. But we must not forget Sheila who is desperate for Charlotte to be locked up in the maternity ward so that she can get to the food for once!


Lock her up, miss c. I’m half starved.  She lies.


The sheep equivalent of a high five!

And here is a feast in the making. Apples, cherries and peaches. The trees are loaded.




And the grapes are full of promise. This is the Vidal Blanc my wine grape.


And now a new tree. They say that people who love trees believe in the future. Well we do. Don’t we. This is Fellowship Forest tree.  For the Orchard.


This new tree has been planted for Zia. Chg Johns wonderful aunt and his partner in crime. They work together on his recipes and are a formidable team. I love Zia and am thrilled to have a tree in my orchard with her name on it. Good morning Zia, here are some flowers for you!

And the garden is most beautiful this year because of the cool damp weather I suppose.




Even puppies love flowers.



Good morning. In the night we had a torrential downpour and 4 inches of rain hit the ground in torrents in a matter of a few hours. Terrific thunder and lightening. A flash flood warning came through, on John’s phone, in the middle of the night. It came as a txt. This must be something new as we have never had one of these before. I imagine these will come if there is a tornado warning too so that is one piece of technology that makes perfect sense.

Today I shall bring all the large animals up onto the concrete yards so their big heavy feet don’t trample the grass right into the ground.  The Shush Sisters had already put themselves to bed (in separate bedrooms I might add) in the barn so they were fine in the night.  This rain was not in any forecast.

We have yet to check the gardens, but there was no wind, just heavy rain, so fingers crossed.  Of course the fields are a lake. The ditches have risen up and flooded across the road and until the ditches go down there will be little drainage from the fields. And all the corn is only an inch or so high. Underwater. The little strip of non GM sweetcorn is on slightly higher ground so it has a good chance. That was a stroke of luck. It is almost 6am, still raining and the flood warning is in place until 9am so we will have a wet start to Memorial Day. And more rain in the forecast for this evening.

Well, time to start the day. Definitely a gumboot day.

We have a slew of fantastic new pictures from Back Door Steps so I shall load all of those for you today and launch them out into your world tomorrow morning.  Unless I am busy building an ark.

Have a lovely day.

your friend in the rain, celi

72 Comments on “How do you know your pig is pregnant?

    • Sheila said she wants to come and live with you until all the messiness is over, she said she promises to be very quiet but may need some help on the stairs. c

        • with all the other dogs! she does bark you know, but only when she sees john, she uses a whole different voice for him than she does for me. With me she kind of whines.. imagine a pig up on The Heath.. priceless c

  1. Gotta love that Sudden Prairie Weather…or not! Lovely flowers, and a perfect tree for Zia!
    Have a good muddy day, C…the sun has come back to us here, and we’re heading out soon! 🙂

    • I’ll say, evidently there was hail too but it did not come across the gardens thankfully!.. I hope we get your sun soon, but i will have to check with Linda, we always get her weather after she is done with it! c

  2. well now you can see that she is pregnant… good to know that it worked. she is due soon right? beginning of june? have a wonderful day!

    • Morning Cat! she is due June 17, wait let me count the days.. 21! and counting. They tell me that piglets can come up to a week early quite happily or a week late. So giive or take. c

  3. Good morning Celi; well i am glad that everybody is in good shape did you get the hay put up?let me know . have a blessed day mike

    • No the hay is now completely drenched, not a show of it drying.. so what now.. the grass will be growing through it soon… c

  4. Would you look at how beautiful your farmy is coming along this Spring Celi – just heavenly, although I hope the rains haven’t done any damage.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  5. Perfect sushi sisters weather!
    We’ve had slot of rain here too but today the sun shines!! Out to the garden to see what seeds didn’t get washed away……
    Take care today and happy Memorial Day.

  6. I would have thought that Sheila would be looking forward to being an Auntie….maybe she is not the maternal type…
    Oh dear, when I asked before about the floods you had not been affected and now you have. I do hope that my words did not put the ‘kyebosh’ on your situation( I think that word means ..badluck… my first husband always used it so I think that is what it means…
    stay dry, stay safe and stay as sweet as you are!

    • My dad used to use that word too, i think it came from his father.. we should check its origins they may be interesting. I have a feeling it came from the war.. have a lovely day.. c

      • The permanent ending of something, making it impossible, as a heavy downpour can put the kibosh on a baseball game.Today’s Good Word is of mysterious origin. It first appeared as kye-bosk in 1836 in the story ‘Seven Dials’ in Charles Dickens’s Sketches by Boz.

  7. Lovely Shushes – I wonder if the babies will look like their Aunt! 🙂 I can’t believe how much further ahead your garden is than ours. But as we’ve been below 10 C for most of the last few weeks, perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised. There are a few strawberries forming, so there must have been the occasional bee about!

    • With Charlottes sticky uppy ears (unusual for her breed) and Sheilas dark eyes. oh that would be a cute piggy.

  8. Lucky ZIa, I bet she’s smiling right now. Charlotte looks so happy and fecund (is that the right word?) and I love that shot of little Blue’s snout 🙂

    • Blue has to look at everything I am looking at, he is turning into quite a handful…but he does listen thankfully.. c

  9. I think I resembled Charlotte when I was pregnant. I understand how she feels. And Mr. Puppy with his nose pressed against the peony…he’s a dog after my own heart. The fruits are beautiful, and the baby peaches are funny…something sort of x-rated about those little fuzzballs, no? They make me laugh. As ever, thank you and have a great one!

    • Charlotte, you are wicked! (laugh) .. three weeks to go for your namesake.. lets hope she has lots of gilts for us to sell. c

  10. that pic of blu smelling the rose is awesome! too cute! and you got more rain? lucky!!! i heard this morning that we might get rain tonight so my fingers are crossed! we will need it because it is about to get horribly hot here. my corn is about 8 inches high and off to a good start! enjoy your rainy memorial day!

    • I hope you get your rain soon, It is odd how you are still dry.. we are hoping to heat up this week at last, it is going to be humid and things will be growing at the rate of knots! c

  11. Oh Cinders! I can’t imagine what that storm must have sounded like…I so miss the thunderstorms of the midwest…it has been raining here for several days but it is just a soft, drizzle sort of rain…no thunder or lightning…that is rare! I hope the little Farmy didn’t get pelted too bad! Your flowers are so beautiful…that white Clematis is gorgeous and the photo of Blue sniffing that peony bud?? Priceless!
    Does Queen Charlotte have a lady in waiting? Oh wait…that’s her…no, that means someone to wait on her right? I’m corn fused! 🙂

  12. Still warm and windy here. Lots of afternoon wind to with gust up to 30 mph—but this wind I’ll take for it is wind that moves the sap up out of the roots of big trees and large bushes. (Although, drying for tiny plants.) The snow is rapidly disappearing…another thing warm strong wind does…wakes up the ground in the high places.

    You should be getting heat and wind any day….

    Love that pig, by the way. I think she will be a perfect Mom.


  13. Charlotte is definitely looking “with piglets” these days. I see the little babes in the shape of her belly. Love the high five head butts and I envy you your fruit trees. Some day perhaps I will have those. Have a lovely day!

  14. Babies!! I love babies. Any babies. Is there to be a baby shower for Charlotte?

    Greetings to the farmy, and to you, c. We have a sprinkling of sunshine today, meaning mixed weather, and the sheets are blowing in the wind. We’ll sleep well tonight. I always sleep well on air-dried sheets.

  15. Greetings from rainy Tippecanoe County, Indiana . sigh. I had planned on gardening today and getting the rest of my seeds planted, but alas it is way too muddy now. At least the weeds pull out easily. My son & his family live near the land of Oz in Kansas – they had such a dry year last year. Congrats to Miss C, I craved strawberries and watermelon when I was pregnant and oh yes, Popeyes firey hot fried chicken, lol, though I tried awfully hard to resist it as it brought on killer heartburn.

  16. I do hope the ark isn’t warranted! I can’t imagine that much rain, but heard about it on the news! I think perhaps our meteorologists get tired of reporting “nothing” from our end, and have decided to tell us about weather across the country. I do think Queen Charlotte is just a glorious animal. 🙂 And I, too, believe in the future. I’m planting two fig trees today–the birds brought them a couple of years ago and they are ready to be moved to a more hospitable location. I like to pretend I have a farmy of my own–hahaha! I have a fertile imagination. I’ll be eager to hear more about your rainy day, C.

  17. We got the rain too. What a gift… and a treat! Mmmmm – about 3 inches at my house~! Mmmm…

  18. the bees must be happy with all the blooms…I am jealous of all your fruit..we had a very untimely freeze and no blooming fruit trees….can not wait for piggies…will you keep any…I’m not sure how that works…..!! Have a wonderful day…your air must be clean as a whistle !

    • I will sell as many as i can, the heritage pigs evidently sell will with the 4H kids, they grow them and show them so fingers crossed. though i do want a few fatties for the freezer!

  19. A sudden demand for a diet of ice cream and sardines also provides a clue?
    Maybe you should subject the rising damp to a lot of dry humour.

  20. Poor Sheila, wasting away…Your flowers are lovely, I think Blue agrees–and all those little fruits!

  21. Hello Celi,

    I just wanted to thank you for adding me to your list. I also want to thank you for planting the beautiful tree for me. Maybe one of these days I will come and see it. My nephew, John, who is really my son Number four. keeps me up to date on all of your data of your beautiful farm. It sure is interesting and thrilling to see all that goes on there. You sure are involved and knowledgeable of all those animals. I never learned so much about them till John keeps me up to the date on all your goings on. He keeps after me about the things I used to make in the old days. Most of it I don’t remember but he sure does. His mom and I used to cook a lot and enjoyed doing it. Thank God they all had good appetites and ate everything. When I look back, I think of all the beautiful times we all had together raising our families together.

    Well Celi, again I want to thank for your correspondence. I better get going and get lunch ready for John and I, so till we write again, so long for now. Zia Lea

    • Oh hello there Zia Lea, how wonderful to see you in the comments. You have made me cry a little seeing you here. Girls, we are such criers. There is nothing like cooking for someone who loves to eat! How wonderful that you have a family of eaters. This is such a gift to have you in the comments, I will look after your tree, and we would love you and John to come down and sit a while here.. there is plenty of room! Always plenty of room. Take care and give John a hug from me.. it has stopped raining for a bit so I must away and feed the animals. celi

  22. I guess fecund is the word for this post and your world at the moment. I try to avoid the word “fecund” as it sounds so like the Irish for “fucking” – same result I guess.

    • Truly fecund is the result! fertile works too.. fingers crossed though, we cannot count our chickens until they are hatched! c

  23. Have had a sad weekend – 7 of my fish in my pond have died! I only have 4 left. They were big Koi too. No idea what happened, but it has been extremely windy and cold of late. Blew the Iris and other pond plants over and there was a lot of debris in the pond that I had to fish out. So maybe something toxic blew in Sigh – I know death is a part of everything but I still get sad to see it! Your crew are all looking healthy and happy and your flowers are gorgeous!! Hope you dry out soon and john can get his hay.

    • That is very bad luck, my son has a koi pond in california and i know he just loves every one, I guess they came up from the bottom expecting warm weather and it went cold.. miserable.. that must have been awful having to get the net and pull them out.. johns hay is ruined, but there you are.. he cut it in inclement weather.. live and learn.. c

  24. Four inches are a lot of rain overnight. A lot. We have rain here, too, but more drizzle than anything else.

    That first shot, that barn door, just like the one on the barn where I spent much of my childhood.

  25. I love the head bump! There were so many treats in this post. Nascent fruit! And that iris. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, a doggy nose. Hope you are staying high and dry. Thanks for all the smiles.

  26. Lovely pics of the Farmy today, the iris is spectacular but the Farmy cast steal the show as always 🙂 Hope the rain did all good and no bad.

  27. Celi, this post is all about fertility – piglets to be, fruiting, flowers, and your burgeoning community of the fellowship. I love the puppy sniffing the flower. This post is full of delights.

  28. Just back from a record session with the damn dentist [sorry!] and your post sure has normalized me at the moment! Those fruittreees look ‘fecund’ also and I just hope there was no hail on site! Glad to read the ‘Zia correspondence’: she is quite a lady!! And do feel for Charlotte: mmh, I managed to look as if I was going to have quadruplets both times, so heavy is heavy . . . 🙂 !

  29. I know that nose knows look only my little ones is black against our peony 🙂

  30. Not long ago I was longing for rain.. now I’ve got what I wished for;) I wish for us both a little sunshine now! Is this a special grove of trees you’ve created? I think Zia would be most proud of her tree! xx

  31. heavenly post as usual; Celi… fertile garden and fecund pig, bonny Blue poking his nose into flowers and photos, and all the delicious comments..Hope the rain dries out quickly with a gentle warm wind..
    We too are having rain – icy with hail, and the last leaves are being whipped off the trees, but the curtains are drawn, lamps on, logs burning, and all’s well.

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