The moment between the minutes

When my son was here we were talking about technology and smart phones and audio books and things like that. And how we can do all these interesting things on the move. When we have a spare moment we can check our emails or the weather,listen to music in the garden or have a book read to us as we walk. That kind of thing.

When I come across an idea like that I write it down – often on the wall of the milking room.

I wrote on the wall. Every Minute is Filled. The Modern Minute. And the cows and I looked at it for a few days.

As he was working in the quiet of the barn one day my son noticed what I had written and added his own words to my sentence. Every Minute  is Filled except for the moments between the minutes. 

I guess this is where our real selves are living. In that moment of clarity between the noisy minutes of life. What an excellent thought don’t you think?

Here is the healthiest of the Rescue Piglets. She is the only Hereford pig I have seen since Charlotte that has sticky-uppy ears. Everyone else has floppy ears. elfie

If I were going to name her, which I am not of course, I would call her Elfie. Do you see the wee twig she brought back inside?

We are still struggling with dehydration with the others – their skin is like tissue paper. The weather is not helping, they are overheating very quickly. I opened the door to their little outside run yesterday and the three who can walk raced out and began to dig in the shady dirt which I took as an excellent sign. Their skin is so dry, the moist earth would have been a balm. Aunty Del and Lady Astor

Aunty Del and Lady Astor coming in for the milking. Boo

Boo jumping back OUT of the cows water trough after being yelled at for jumping IN.

Tahlia is so hard to photograph as she still sees me as food and I spend the whole time dodging her.

Yesterday we shifted the electric fences which were long overdue and today we will begin in the gardens and then begin trimming under all the fences. The gardens are a complete mess, so much to do out there. However we will begin at one end and work towards the other, that is always a good plan I think.

I hope you have a good day.

Love miss c


64 Comments on “The moment between the minutes

    • And hopefully if we are cognitive of this we will allow those moments to extend just a tiny bit. And use them well. Though as I write that it I realise that using the moments efficiently would kind of defeat the purpose wouldn’t it!! Good morning Doc. Hope your day goes well! c

  1. Perfect. She has such delicate ears… Would a bit of bag balm help the piglets’ skin? The photo of Boo made me laugh so: he looks as if he’s standing on the edge of the trough and thrashing his back legs 🙂

    • I am using my favourite udder cream, (I hate bag balm too sticky and hard to apply without pulling the skin) and focusing mostly on rehydration – last night the smallest of the cripples actually began to walk by herself and very slowly appeared at my elbow while I fed the tiniest one – so that was a real advance. c

  2. “Every minute is filled except for the moments between the minutes.”
    Love, love the extensions of your sons thoughts added to yours. That I am finally commenting on your blog-how could I not comment on such amazing words. I am so hooked to what’s going on with your farmy and your sharing of your inner strength.

    Thank you for this wonderful dimension to the blog world. I read your blog daily while enjoying my coffee! I am inspired by your perseverance, strength and insight!

    I’m from Connecticut. Hello Celi

    • Yes, welcome Sam. And I echo your thoughts and words and you’ve said it so well, I won’t repeat. And I, too, am carried away with the moments between the minutes; it’s lyrical. And as far as being hooked on the farmy, join the crowd… heh heh Hope everyone’s day goes well! ~ Mame 🙂

  3. Boo very definitely did not appreciate that photo being taken . . . . and Elfie is such a trooper she should become Sheila’s protégée, that is if you named her . . . 🙂 !! Well, she could grow and have a tube instead of Manu and . . . . the genetics would then be right to make lots of little piglets with elf ears . . .

  4. if only my life were planned like the clearing of the garden..start at one end a finish at tuther…if only I had one minute of normaility….but life goes on  

    Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2016 at 1:17 PM

  5. Moments between minutes – Oh my – I have filled those up too I believe! I listen to books very often on my commute to and from work. I drive 1 hour each way. Mornings was always books – and evenings was my hour to talk to Mom. Now – it’s books both directions. And yes – there are lumps in my throat each afternoon on the drive home. I do occasionally call other family, but alas, it is not the same.

    Love the Boo picture…. I know that boy must get warm. Texas is LOVELY right now. In the 70’s and low 80’s with clouds all day. Who knew August could be so mild?

    • I am glad you are getting good weather – it is just rain rain rain here and not long before we begin to prepare the headland for your Mums wild flower field – it wlll be beautiful ) I hope! c

  6. Moments between the minutes…it’s got me thinking. Love the name that piggy will not receive and the photos give me such smiles and peace. Prayers for all good animals and yours. Your son is a keeper son. We are so fortunate, ar we not?

  7. About our minutes and in between…I have a theory. Our technology has surpassed our brain’s ability to process the enormous amount of information fed to it. We evolved to gather information leading to our survival. Those most aware of their surroundings could avoid dangers and form alliances. Today, we are aware of dangers and threats from the 24/7 onslaught of news and social media. I don’t think we are handling it well. That’s my opinion. 🙂

    • I have always thought that the onslaught of unsought images and etc has contributed to some very unstable mental health in our young people. We just cannot biologically evolve as fast as technology evolves. Especially paranoia as we get more and more anxious about missing something. I would LOVE to sit down and talk about that with you around the dinner table. c

  8. Ellie (She who must not be named) must have seen TonTon and his “working stick”. Maybe she’s looking to be his assistant?

  9. What a perfect example of for the moments between the minutes, when the tiniest little weakling appeared at your elbow! Your dedication and magic seems to be working on those weaklings.

  10. Judging by his photography and perspective, your son is one acorn that didn’t fall far from the tree. 🙂

  11. What an appropriate name… if you were going to name her. She is cute as a button for sure. XOXO – Bacon

  12. Wise son. So important to notice and live those moments in between. What an adorable baby the not named Elfie is and such a sweet shot with her ears and stick. I see Boo behind the cows but not the usual Ton. Glad to see Boo on the job, but am hoping Ton is doing well.

  13. Your thoughts are always so interesting… maybe some things all of us think about on the spur of the moment, but we don’t ponder or delve deeply into it. Boo LOOKS thoroughly scolded! ha ha!

  14. Boo knows the rules, but I wonder if his first thought on being evicted from that momentary paradise wasn’t something along the lines of that excellently useful aphorism, “it’s easier to get forgiveness than permission.” 😉

  15. Love the cows trotting in line. And the dear little pig with her pet twig and her elfin ears. Yes, the Son is smart, just like his mamma.

  16. Just found your blog on wordpress and wish I had found it before. We share so many of the same beliefs and ideals, only we try and live the simple life in SW France. Trying to eat good clean fresh food, homegrown and organic, eggs from our own chickens etc. Today I wrote about the need to sometimes break free from the digital world we live in as well, we spent 72 hours away with our children and a complete digital detox. Have a read if you have a moment on the blog

    • Sounds wonderful . The only thing I cannot do without is my daily blog post though – everything else is by the by.. A simple life in France sounds idyllic.. c

  17. Living between the minutes, brilliant. I love the way your brain works. I think the problem is that we are constantly bombarded with information , news and whatever. Most of it I like to skip but your blog is a must read for me.

  18. Elfie sounds like “healthy” in “sarf London” speak which seems very appropriate….but we’re not going to name her…. Love that photo of Boo!

  19. I’m experiencing moments as a kind of collage, pieces of travelling life adjacent pieces of virtually experienced lives via social media, tacked together with photographs and conversations. Currently my moments in between are late at night pausimg to gaze up at the sky & stars.

  20. My favorite song by the Dave Matthews band is called The Space Between – hauntingly beautiful (actually one of my favorite songs, period) and echoes this thought.

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