7F (-14C ) is too bloody cold for November

All the cats and dogs crept inside last night.  It was a zoo. But they knew it was going to get very cold.

Scrapper took over Maramalade and Boo’s bed.

little-puss-007 little-puss-010

For the whole afternoon.

Boo took it back later in the  night


Much to Marmalade’s relief.

The Plonkers through the kitchen window.


I was outside a little more yesterday and there is something wrong with Kupa. He is not right. Hunched and putting his head back and opening and shutting his mouth like he is clearing his throat but there is no sound.  I cannot put my finger on it. Hopefully today will  be warmer and I can be in the barn a bit longer to look things over.  This is why I hate not being 100%. Things get missed. There is so much to do before the freeze.

Today I am doing a whole walkabout. It is seven days since the bad wind threw me down the stairs. I can be a little stronger today. I have to. I promise to lie down straight afterwards. But I have to spend some time with my animals.

Your frustrated friend on the farmy,


107 Comments on “7F (-14C ) is too bloody cold for November

  1. I would imagine it is hard to know what is wrong with Kupa even if you are feeling 100%. That is the thing about having animals. If we dont live near a vet or it is not feasible to go to the vet we learn about the health of our animals from our own exeriences with them when things are amiss. Perhaps jmgoyder has seen this before? Nice to see Scrapper.

  2. Do you think there is something lodged in his throat? So glad the animals can keep each other warm.

  3. Kupa is a worry – has he got something stuck down his throat?
    Marmalade didn’t look too happy with Scrapper in his bed and not Boo.

    • Barb, this is exactly what I thought at first but it is ot a new movement for him, how to catch him when I am not as mobile as usual, I will think on it.

  4. Could it be that the Duke has gape worms? It sounds like classic behaviour, from what I know of chickens with the same problem. It’s easily treated by dosing with a vermifuge like Invermectin (don’t know if you have that there), if that’s what it is… Your vet should be able to advise. It’s easily picked up, and if he has it, you may need to treat your other poultry too. Glad you’re up and about, even if gently and slowly. Sounds like our unstoppable Celi is back at the helm, sore tail or no sore tail.

    • Do you put it in their water? The trouble with he wild birds is that they drink from everryones water. I will look it up.. c

      • I think Invermectin can also be given as a shot. I see someone else thinks it’s gapeworms too. It does sound like he’s exhibiting all the symptoms. Good luck.

  5. Some of our peas struggle with their voices at various times and the cold weather would probably make that worse. I have my fingers crossed for your beautiful Kupa!

  6. Kupa’s problem – his ‘gaping’ – is most likely a worm infestation, in particular Syngamus trachea (gapeworm). Gapeworms are common in poultry; and hens perform the motions exactly as you have described. Unfortunately, as much as I like the idea, I have found herbal worm remedies to have no curative effect. I don’t know whether you get it in the USA but Flubenvet, although a pain to administer, works well for us amateur – ‘trying to live without vet’s bills for simple things’ – keepers.
    In poultry, some ‘pump-action’ neck/head movements can be indicative of serious respiratory infections (been there with hens, done that, don’t want to do it again, ta) so let me stress I am no expert – just a back garden keeper. If in doubt seek veterinary advice.
    Hope Kupa’s discomfort turns out to be a case of worms!

    • Good info.. I cannot cage kupa as their pen is up a ladder that i cannot climb at the moment.. If I was able to catch him and get him to a vet in my current condition I am sure he would be much surprised to see a peacock come through his door.. c

      • I would just start with worming the entire flock, via feed if the hens and peacocks drink from cattle and pig troughs. My only caveat is to double check with the manufacturer (or your vet) that whatever you choose is suitable for peacocks, peahens and guineas – even if not licensed for use with them.
        The Poultry Site is good for disease information, for example, http://www.thepoultrysite.com/diseaseinfo/65/gape

        • thank you carrie. i have ordered a product that is peahen friendly and it is a feed additive which makes it easier, now all i have to do is get kupa and his girls into their run, to make sure the chooks do not steal his share.. we have done so well organically for so many years too.. ah well.. c

  7. I have had two hens die of the respiratory infection, and I still don’t know what to do to either cure or prevent it! I did speak to a vet about it once and she recommended an antibiotic, but the hen died before I could administer it! I do hope Kupa shakes this off and returns to normal soon.
    Bloody cold here to, and will be for the next few days. Hate the cold, makes me want to hibernate and my body starts to shut down.

    • we have a very cold morning and perfect sunshine, so I look out the window and think Hmm I will do my walk but did not last more than 10 minutes.. I have not even got my winter gear together and no sitting means no car and no car means no shopping which would be ok on a normal day but I do need the thermal boots and the gloves now..

  8. I definitely hate not being well enough to check on everyone. We’re up to almost 20F now from about 18F. The sun is shining! Our high should be about 30F today. I know you need to do your walk about. Carefully!! Sure hope Kupa can be figured out. Have a great day Celi!

  9. I hope you can get to the bottom of Kupa’s issue. I noticed something wrong with the little gray fox who has been frequenting our place. I will not be able to help him at all since he’s wild, but it is frustrating to know something is wrong and have no communication to be able to help properly. I’m sending positive energy your way to help in healing both you and Kupa!

    • It must be even harder with truly wild animals.. though I always think of you as a taller than normal wood sprite who can call to all the wild animals by name. c

  10. Oh Celi, how incredibly frustrating for you! I shall put my head in a pillow and have a good scream for you. Poor Kupa, I do hope you can get to the bottom of what it going on.
    On a lighter note, would you look at Boo and Marmalade in their bed! I am madly in love with their bond.
    Have a beautiful week ahead and here hoping it gets a wee bit warmer for you.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • That cardboard box with an old pillow in it is a favourite corner, one day I must get them a proper dog bed, I could not resist that late night shot, even though the lamps would make it orange.. they are so sweet when they sleep together.. c

      • Believe it I’m now fine.. I was sitting with my arm on the back rest of the settee and twisted my head to see what had fallen in the kitchen… There was a loud crack in my neck which was so loud others heard it… two days of a little pain and stiffness and I’m back to normal .. today no pain and no stiffness… so I’m fighting fit again… now if they would just hurry up and finish my car… all would be back to normal…

    • he was deeply unimpressed .. but these two were observed playing together the other day and scrapper hates everyone..so that was a surprise..c

    • I need it to warm up a bit too Viv, it is cold! Hope you are having a good day and got those bits and pieces sold yesterday.. c

  11. Peacocks are susceptible to internal parasites and viruses during the winter months I have read. Have to maintain a regular worming schedule.
    Adding some shelled corn to their diet will help them to maintaing their body weight. And they don’tl like cold feet and frost bite is a problem if they don’t have a flat board to perch on to keep them above the cold floor. Round perches don’t help.
    It was suggested that you cover their pen with plastic sheeting to keeps the enclosure dry and protects them from drafts and harsh winter winds.
    I hope this helps! Of course you probably already know this…but I wanted to help in some way! Poor Kupa…sigh…here is a site that may help you about their illness, apparently they are very similar in disease as a turkey. So can be treated the same way!
    unitedpeafowlassociation.org/DISEASESOFPEAFOWL.html Cached

    • they are not in a pen though Mere, they are free, so they can pretty much roost wherever they want to..though choose to sit on the big rafters high up in the barn.. and feed from everyone’s bowls.. yes, as you say, I have done all the reading too, the main problem is that i am unable to get up there to really see what is going on with my own eyes.. c

      • I know you are having a very difficult time….why do things like this have to happen at the worst possible time I wonder sometimes…sigh….I feel for you. Wish I could help…you are such a good person and so caring with your animals and family. It makes me wish I could do something to help you out. I hate heights…but I would try to get up there and tell you what I see!
        Anyone raise turkeys in your area? Tap their brains if you do! I used to raise turkeys and it is very difficult when you have chickens. Chickens and turkeys have to be kept apart because of disease. I went throught this and had to take a dead turkey to NDSU for lab results. I learned a lot that year. Had one rogue chicken who managed to get in with the turkeys. Should have cooked him when I found out. Grrrrr….live and learn. Uffda…

  12. -14C is too bloody cold by half. Think I’ll remain this side of the equator for a while 😉 Hope you are able to sort Kupa out. Laura

      • Yep. our temperatures have been in mid 30’sC consistently for about 3 weeks, luckily our rain is also happening on time – all good here 🙂 laura

  13. p.s. So glad you are doing better somewhat…(((hugs))) Boo and Marmalade are a pair! LOL Boo sure looks after her and she feels very safe when he is around! It has been bitterly cold here too. Not a good November at all. Way too cold way too early.
    You might want to consult a vet about Kupa. I think he needs medication. Our climate is very harsh and a heat lamp might help him to stay warmer too. I use them for my layers in the winter. Good luck Celi.

    • Mere the bird is wild, he wanders wherever he wants to. Putting him under a heat lamp is out of the question. I only get lamps out for the first few days of a lambs life if the weather is nasty.. lamps are very dangerous in wooden barns piled high with straw.. c

      • He will go under if he wants to. Not to worry! 🙂 Ours are covered with wire netting in case a bulb breaks. Have been doing this for years and never had a problem. People don’t realized that they can break and straw is highly flammable. Our straw is kept in the loft above. He will come in when it hits those single digits and below. Yep! 😉

        • They feel safe up high most likey…hmmm….and heat rises. Could be that the temps switched so quickly and there wasn’t the gradual change allowing him to accimate. Just like us! So many sick people right now! I am thinking!!!!!!! (((hugs)))) 🙂

  14. Bulgaria has not got that cold…yet ! It has got a lot colder especially at night and my animals like yours rally around the fire and stay there all night..STumpy cat sometimes sleeps on my bed.
    poor Kupa..that is not nice…having read the other comments it sounds like worm infection. Mere Frost suggests a web site..so try that..I always use the internet when my animals are not well but we have a very good vet who comes out whenever we need him.
    walkabouts sound a good idea..you can never keep a good Ceci down…but take it easy..don, t run before you can walk….be careful

  15. Goodness. I first worried for you after your fall. Now I’m worried about you, Kupa, the bees, the other peahens (if Kupa’s ailment is catchy), and your extreme weather. It all seems too much all at once, c. Sending you warm comfort and hugs.

    • thank you misky..I am going to come over and read some of your poetry today to calm myself down.. have a lovely day.. c

  16. Crikey!
    I can’t even imagine -14
    Let alone imagine going for a walk in weather so cold!!

  17. It is below zero here and with the wind chill? Holey buckets it is bitter!!! So glad I don’t have to go get the mail today! Taking care of livestock is hard work! You are wonder woman!!! I know this!!! Muah on the cheek and a huge huge hug!!!! Take care….

  18. Sending warm healing hugs to all in the farmy from a balmy 8°C in Northern Ireland, Mind you that will halve within the next hour. Stay warm Celi.

  19. As they say it sounds like worms. They are easy to treat if you have them drinking from only one spot. I’m wondering if you could put worm stuff on the back under the feathers? Although, you do use the earth stuff…hummmm Let us know what you find out. Magic thoughts for health for you and all of your animals!


    • yes, i do use the earth stuff but since i have been laid up it has been forgotton, most organic protocols are best as a preventative and something bad may have gotton out of hand. i have found a poultry de wormer that i can add to their feed, i will do everyone at the same time.. i hate wormers, they just kill everything, good and bad.. c

  20. My Dear Friend, having broken the lower third of my right tibia and fibula 3 months ago, and still being relegated to the hated ” boot” and the couch… I totally get your frustration!!!!! I WANT to go at my usual warp speed, but the dastardly spira fracture says ” no, yesterday was too much!!!” Wait another couple days!!!!!” How frazzling!!!! I have been knitting with a vengeance !!!! Take care, Dear.

    • i have been on the couch all morning because i did too much (practically nothing) yesterday.. i know just what you mean.. c.

  21. Wee Marmalade looks so worried about the feline intruder! Ducks abound on Garybuie’s blog if you fancy a visit!

  22. What a bummer, the early cold coming in like that. I’m saying “early”, but I don’t really know how the prairies behave, save through you. I remember the doctor telling me that the time it would take for my back to get better was up to me. You just have to work at it and listen to your body. Any way, I guess you know that so …..I hope it starts to get better quickly:)

  23. Oh C. You poor thing, you must be ready to scream if you haven’t already! I feel so bad for you! I bet your favorite neighbor friend would be willing to come over and lend you a hand? I do hope you can figure out what’s wrong with Kupa….you will…sounds like it may be nothing more than a parasite from what I’m reading.
    Sending WARM healing thoughts to you!
    xo Chris

  24. Poor Kupa – hopes he feels better soon.

    Cecelia, I think you better write a childrens book about Marmalade and Boo!! They are so cute together.

    Nice and warm here in Wellington. A real summers weekend.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  25. You have weather like we do. Bitterly cold at night and a north wind. Clear skies, though, You are more northerly than we but we are at higher altitude. Kind of evens it out. I have never had luck with sick birds. Doctoring everything else is OK. Even the vet here does not have a clue about any birds, including chickens. We feed non medicated feed and that is probably the problem, but we don’t want all those antibiotics in our system either….counterproductive to our way of life. Your beautiful Kupa…..cold weather certainly doesn’t help. Hope he gets better. I know how you care for all your animals. The pics of little Marmalade are priceless. He is growing so fast. Being unable to move about seems worse in cold weather, eh? Every year I ask myself why I live where there is such long and cold winter. A hibernating recluse now. (sigh)

    • Birds are hard that is for sure and then they will survive against all odds for no apparent reason.. we will do what we can though.. my vet is great with pigs, but not birds so much.. c

      • My aunt once had a canary in a cage that got sick. She tried everything for days to no avail. Finally, in frustration, she filled an eye dropper with brandy and dripped the brew down the birds gullet. She said she figured it would either cure or kill him. Well, it did the trick and that bird lived for a long time. Got brandy? Maybe a White Russian?

        • Now to get hold of Kupa!!! Watched a brilliant documentary on Indian fauna last night: some of the lengur monkeys up on the Deccan love berries turning into alcohol ~ my they are a happy mob when drunk 😀 ! I think the White Russian would surely kill all the parasites, but how not to get him ‘addicted’!!!!

          • drunk monkeys must be something else! poor old kupa, I am going to have to get him into the peacock penthouse. I spent most of today on the couch again, i can feel the bone healing.. but it has a stop watch when i stand up again, a little more every day then scuttle back down.. c

  26. Cecilia, Would you like me to come down there tomorrow and help out? I’m not a farmer but I could go to the store for you, walk the farm, climb up to the loft to see what’s happening with Kupa. Could go to the vet and get meds for him, etc. (I’m Equus). Pat Solari is my real name. I see that you’re in Kempton, Il and according to Mapquest, you are about 1 hr and 48 mins away. (I’d figure on 2 hrs. though, because I know the farm isn’t real easy to find.) I also have a walker you might want to use!! Please let me know. I’d love to come!! Pat Solari  cell phone 708-814-3465; home phone 708-452-6790

    • Pat that is so kind.. what a lovely offer,that is way too far for you to drive though, I am definitely on the mend, and have ordered a product for kupa on the internet so it should be here in a couple of days.. honestly you are such a darling for offering. I have help on monday, and wednesday and surely after that I will be over the worst of it. Johns son is back too so he is working for me monday, but that is so kind pat, thank you, maybe when the weather is nicer you could just come over to visit, and have lunch..that would be lovely.. c

  27. Lots going on for you with your worries about Kupa and his being a wild bird makes it more difficult. I hope the information others have given is helpful. And frustrating and distressing for you still not being able to move around much. I wonder if this might help…….I read about an organisation called Workaway on this blog http://wildernessdweller.ca/about-me written by a woman who lives alone in the wilds of British Columbia. She seems to have these volunteers regularly to help with heavy tasks around her cabin, as she’s not long had a knee operation. This link takes you to her post where she writes about the New Zealand lad she had volunteering recently http://wildernessdweller.ca/2013/09/https://www.workaway.info/ It might be something you could look into to get some help around the farm. And if not, you will I’m sure just enjoy her blog, and the wonderful photography of breathtaking scenery and reading about her amazing life away in the wilderness.

  28. Ok……sorry, the second link to the Workaway volunteer info says the page not found, but it still takes you to her blog, it was September this year she wrote about him if you wanted to look for this info. I didn’t link to Workaway, but it comes up with a google.

  29. I was just noticing how smug Scrapper looks in that picture. Funny. You have wonderful friends who would drive so far to help you. I think we all wish we could come over help. Wall to wall recluses and animals.

  30. OOh what a worry but it sounds like you are getting some good advice from the fellowship. Stay warm … brrr and look after your “tail”.

  31. I’m just glad we’re not in Texas right now being pelted with ice.

    Love reading all the advice here. Hope all your animals are handling the cold okay and that you are taking care of yourself.

    • oh no, everyone is terrified of scrapper, Boo had to quietly wait until Scrapper took a toilet break then he nabbed the empty space…c

  32. Looks like you got some great advice about Kupa and I am hoping that all gets turned around soon for him–and for you to start feeling better. It has to be so frustrating for a woman like you who has so much going on ! But rest, rest, rest when you can. That is the best thing for you at this point even though your animals all beckon to you.

  33. I honestly do not remember when I was last in -14 C temperatures: probably in my childhood since I am not a skier and all our travelling in the Northern hemisphere was always twixt March and September. I think it is freezing when it is -2 C on occasion here 🙂 ! Coming on late I get to read all the previous comments and I honestly think it wonderful how much help of various kinds members of the Fellowship are able to give you. From all their experiences you practically seem to have a diagnosis for Kupa already and I just hope that the meds you have ordered end up in his body and do their job! Marmalade priceless not just with Boo but with his furry-purry toys . . . another day – hope another bit of bone knitting . . .

  34. Your temps may be below freezing but the post, pics and comments are heart warming. And Pat’s kind offer of help brought tears to my eyes… We all, I think, feel we know you and The Farmy so well, if we could, we’d be there to help out… and discovered the downfall of the virtual world. The support that comes through the comments is the upside that carries us onward and upward 🙂

  35. Glad you’re doing better, celi. And you’re right about doctors. Take it slow, kiddo. I’ll be sending good, strong thoughts your way.

  36. Wish I could just wave a wand over you and make it all better straightaway! I send you hugs, dear C, in the meantime and hope that you and the Duke both mend instanter.

  37. I’ve been reading the comments and am impressed with what quality advice you are receiving about Kupa. It is so wonderful the way you have gathered this fellowship around you. Glad you are up to a gentle walkabout. It must be so frustrating, but gradually you are healing, and that’s good. I don’t like the sound of those below zero temperatures! Here summer has come early and it’s unseasonably hot, so you know where the warmth sneaked away to.

  38. You have your own information board here, Celi, so many with so much experience. What a blessing!

  39. You’re so right about the cold. Not having a back yard, I’ve got to take Max out for his “last call” and we just returned. Boy, that wind is cold! Sorry to hear that Kupa isn’t well. I hope it’s nothing serious. It sounds like you’re steadily improving and that’s a relief. Stay the course, Celi, and continue to rest your back as much as you can. I hope one of your neighbors drops by to give you a hand. Take care.

  40. Sending good thoughts your way that you will be 100 percent again soon. Yes it’s cold and snot days are spreading. Although we aren’t expecting any in N C. Enjoying seeing scenes of snow. – memories. Sue

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