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Sheep in a box

Marcel has taken to spending his entire day in this box. I think he may have been bullied by these two. Though I am sure butter would not melt in their mouths. It may be time for Marcel to join the flock.  Here is the… Continue Reading “Sheep in a box”

In a Pigs Eye

You asked to see Tima’s eye. Well sure, I said. But it was actually quite a difficult assignment.  This little kunekune is either very busy elsewhere or fast asleep at my feet. And when I do get a close up it is all eye lashes. But… Continue Reading “In a Pigs Eye”


There is a little devil in me that hates for me to succeed. I have lived with this little devil all my life.  This devil in my brain is a saboteur. Time and time again I get so close to wonder, so close to… Continue Reading “Sabotage”

The Best Of May

It is the last day of May. Yesterday Nanette  reminded me that I asked her to remind me and so she has reminded me that the last day of the month is here, so that I could do a Best of the Month Post. I have… Continue Reading “The Best Of May”

from above

I was up in the loft of the barn counting bales, and just happened to have my camera.  I was hoping to get a shot of  Godot and Carlos Garcia, which was difficult as they are still keeping to the darkest corners. I love watching… Continue Reading “from above”

Marcel’s Auntie

On the few warm days that we have had so far,  Marcel has gone out into his pen within the sheep’s enclosure. Much to my delight he is never alone and it is Minty who is always with him.  I thought it would be… Continue Reading “Marcel’s Auntie”

Ya Wanna Bet?

I do NOT want to discuss the snow. I do not want to discuss how snow that is driven by wind flings itself like white mud at everything and sticks. I do not want to discuss gates frozen shut. And sit-upons that cannot be… Continue Reading “Ya Wanna Bet?”

Hush …

Shh. The lamb and the dog are sleeping. Together. Again. Last night a very strange thing happened, well it happened the night before but I was more bemused than alarmed the night before. Last night just got weird.  Usually I feed the lamb at… Continue Reading “Hush …”

If Daisy had a Stick and a Thumb

She would bash me for this shot! Not long Daisy Girl. My two big fat pregnant cows. March is breathing down my neck and since it does not look like Sheila is going to respond to the hormone treatment. She has been keeping herself… Continue Reading “If Daisy had a Stick and a Thumb”

a calm busy day before another calm busy day

Boo and Marcel. Wee Marcel is still slowly improving. he is even gaining weight. He sleeps well and took two little walks outside and around inside the barn yesterday. Tonight he will go to tiny feeds every three hours. Altogether he drinks a little… Continue Reading “a calm busy day before another calm busy day”