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No prettying this shot up.childrens-book-1

I spent most of yesterday  working on the children’s book. The one where Daisy  and Poppy and Kupa and Sheila and Marmalade and TonTon all go to Milan and crash a fashion show, and Poppy overcomes her fear of flying.     Charlotte the wonderful illustrator and the brains behind this venture is waiting patiently for me to get my own brain into gear and finish the words. And after slogging at it for days all of a sudden it happened yesterday. And the whole concept fell into place. Suddenly the monster took form and I was writing like crazy to keep up. The thing with a childrens book is you, kind o,f have to write it (or rewrite it or edit it ) all of a piece. All at once. It will be read all at once after all so it needs to be written as a whole.  Still work to do but I think we are on the way.


In between the writing I was endlessly watching Tima and Tane. Smitten.   Even last night I was jogging back and forth with the only torch I could find that had actual light (where did they all go over the summer!?) just watching them sleep cuddled up together back to back, tucked into the warm  straw – in the barn sunroom. It was forecast to rain last night so they had to come into the barn. But so far Tane has shown no interest in escaping – I am sure it will come. But so far he is sticking fairly close to Tima and I.Even as wel walked from field to field he just followed along. I am endlessly impressed by the speed at which these pigs learn, and their deep seated affection for people. They really do like to be with people.

I have always thought they would be the ideal pet for the elderly. And incredibly cheap to run as they can live on pasture in a big back yard or orchard.


You can see Marcel’s head here. He is still fixated on Boo.  Who is fixated on boiled pumpkin.


Without any big cows on the property things are very quiet.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Love your friend on the farm



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  1. I am so looking forward to this book. I think that it may be a book that I shall keep just for me…..pics are great as usual….i do so love yo and your way of writing..these are not just animals these are real people, with their own personailty…great stuff Miss C

  2. Great to see the sheep again, looks like Boo is behaving with Tane too. Good luck with the book, I’m sure it will be fabulous. Laura

  3. Miss C, you’re on a roll. Knowing you, the story for the book will be ready very soon. You’re right about Tane having much longer hair than Tima; he’s positively luxuriant! And he seems a bit longer in the leg than Tima, or is it simply that he hasn’t developed his tummy yet? Either way, the offspring of those two is going to be sensational!

  4. The story line of your book sounds fabulous (which reminds me I need to polish off my entry into your next Letters book) and I know it will be a hit. I will definitely be buying multiple copies of that one, trust me! Great to see Marcel all big and fluffy and the other cast of characters. I bet it is quiet with no cow sounds on the farmy.

  5. What is it about writing and timing. On my drive into work I come up with wonderful prose for the Letters to my Little Girl, but alas I have no way to dictate and driving in BIG CITY traffic needs a bit more attention than I already give it. (Fort Worth is small big city at least… Unlike Dallas or Chicago) But when I get home – and sit down to write – I get that fog and then distracted – and after an hour – I’m making some earrings that a friend just “NEEDS” or I’m quelling or I’m organizing my yarn supply. I guess I should write in my office and not my craft room, but my creativity lives in that bright beautiful craft room!

  6. I’m so glad your muse is directing your mind and fingers to finishing the book. Even the animals know you need space and are behaving like little angels.Enjoy the peace as much as they are enjoying the pumpkins!

  7. A love story unfolds between Tima and Tane. I’m glad they are bonding so well together, knowing Tima and her strong willed ways. 😉 Wonderful about the book! Am looking forward to it. All you needed was an illustrator and a Fellowship member as well! Have a good day on the farmy.

  8. I’m in awe of you… I only manage to dream about writing my book – sometimes I write a bit but none of it seems to be coming easy. It’s nice to have some quiet for the moment on the farmy. Enjoy it… chaos and drama is sure to be just around the corner! Ha ha!

  9. Long ago, in another life time , I had about 100 children’s books. Each day I would read some to my class. I can’t wait to see yours.

  10. I love children’s books C. and cannot wait to read this one….one of my all time favorites is Salt Hands…have you ever read it? It’s very short but very sweet. I bet littlesundog would love it! hint hint! 🙂 Also love that Tima and Tane are a match made on the Farmy!

  11. It’s great that Tima has a mate, in both senses of the word… and probably soon enough a partner in crime 🙂 I’m looking forward to the children’s book, to see where and how you take the Farmy cast… reading, seeing, fitting everything all together is quite challenging but your “new” table looks fit for purpose, as well as feeding people.

  12. I’ll be one of the first in line for your children’s book. Having met your animals, Lili and Naomi will be absolutely smitten with the book.

    And there is just too much piggy cuteness on your farm. Naomi still wants one of Tima’s babies you know 🙂

  13. Oh my: don’t have to guess who the current ‘Hollywood stars’ on the farmy are!! Tima and Tane doing extremely well and hasn’t Tima grown into a fetching lady 🙂 ? How on earth will Tane’s hormones be able to say ‘no’ when the time comes!! Yes, it is lovely to see so many of the rest of the cast also, tho’ am still somewhat sad the sheepies are not going to be there for much longer!!

  14. I, too, am so impressed with the disposition of the kune kunes. No matter where he is, when Percy sees a person anywhere near the fence he comes at top speed, uttering little grunts all the way. Often if I’m at some task out there he’s sitting like a dog and watching me closely. Even if I have to physically remove him from someplace I don’t want him to be (not an easy task, the bigger he gets) he’ll complain very loudly but never gets nasty about it. He looks just like Tima in the shape of his face and head and his size though I think his hair is longer than hers.
    I’m glad to hear your book is moving along, progress is pleasant!

    • I agree. Lately with this new boy I see that this is actually a trait of the kunekune.. they LOVE people! And aren’t those little grunts just darling. They grunt as they graze too, isnt that just too sweet!

  15. Marcel remembers who tended to him when he was so small. 🙂 Those are lovely photos. Glad to see your book coming together.

  16. Oh how exciting that the children’s book is starting to fall into place. I am so intrigued by what you say about the kunekune pigs making good companions for elderly people. I think you will enjoy the post that I just put on my Facebook page, which is on this theme and made me chuckle. Go to https://www.facebook.com/JulietBattenBooks

  17. Well, if there is such a thing as a sheepdog, then I suspect Marcel is a dogsheep. And a handsome one at that. What splendid pictures of the family, gathering! And such a delight to know the book’s coming along smartly. No moss growing on you, darling!

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