Late Late For a..

… well you know the rest.  I woke late this morning!

Yesterday was another sweet day. The sheep slept with Mama who was chewing her cud and watching the world go by from her bed in the field.

The plonkers laid about in the long grass. there-we-are-027

The calves slept in the sun. Thrilled that the forecast is for more Cool sun.there-we-are-016 there-we-are-015 there-we-are-009

Last night we were out late, it was Triple T’s  last night before he rejoins his troop in Hawaii. As you know there are massive cut backs in the army nowadays and I talked to him about us helping out (Lacey started this – thank you darling) with rakes and food and toilet paper and things.  He said he was happy to help dole things out to his mates over there.  There are many American troops dotted around the world in  areas that are not warzones and frankly it seems that they are a wee bit forgotton. Though toilet paper would be especially for the boys in basic training who cannot get out to buy their own – we are working on that one -Rakes and brooms and cookies and real food.  Linen, blankets .. I need to make a list.  But these boys are sat in small out of the way places  – just in case.. they need our support too.

So get in touch if you want to be involved or even better, if you  have thoughts on how to make this happen – can The Fellowship adopt a military troop? What do you think? This is new to me.  But I think we could do that. Could we do  that? There is a need and many of you want to help the troops but how do we proceed? there-we-are-041

I found an abandoned snake skin in the wood shed.  Isn’t that amazing?

there-we-are-055 there-we-are-056

BooBoo loves flowers.


I hope you all have a lovely, lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy (and I really mean that),


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  1. I love the idea of helping, but I think I’m too far to be of use to your boys Up There. But maybe I could do the same sort of thing here. I’ve been looking at this blog – – since you brought the supply issue up – it’s Australian, but the same sort of thing idea. I have the time, the will and the energy to contribute some comfort to the service people who put themselves in the line of fire for us.

  2. I know there are some groups that will accept donations to send items to troops, but I’m guessing they focus on the ones in combat, like you said. If you have a person in mind, you can just send stuff. Or you could contact one of those agencies to work with you so it can be tax-deductible.

    • I am thinking more of just sending stuff to his unit really, I don’t mind about tax deductibles.Or maybe just so we think about the kids waiting to go into warzones, training and preparing.. c

      • Yeah, I think it’s easier to do it that way too. But I’m not a fan of having to fight with other people’s red tape.

        • I am with you on that one.. also a tax deductible donation seems a bit of an oxymoron.. c

  3. Yikes, where there is an abandoned snake skin there is a bigger snake somewhere 🙁 Can you not send care parcels directly to TTT’s regiment for sharing? Laura

    • Yes I think that is the best plan.. we will go small and maybe get a spare blanket to every person in his unit. Rakes! I will be sending rakes for sure! Some writing paper and envelopes and maybe some books.. Things that can be left in the common rooms for all to share.

      • I still can’t help wondering if the rakes won’t be confiscated by officers upon arrival? Celi, you sure do have a big heart but will your sentiment be shared by the army? Is it not part of their plan to break the rookies before building them back up again – especially in base camp? Did TTT offer an opinion on this. I also can’t believe that TP can’t be supplied. Laura

  4. let me know, I can send a little money to someone to buy what is needed. The post office is not a good place for me as we always have to stand to long. Stupid knees do not like that.

  5. Love the handsome bobbies! Like Boo even more than usual for his love of flowers ! Hate to see that snakeskin: the postman did not drop it there 🙁 ! You may have an idea for ‘adopting’ a troop . . . like Kate I feel I am too far afield and my loyalty lies here and with all the Third World organizations with which I work, but hugely good luck with any endeavours!!

    • and i am a new zealander so my loyalties are pretty international too..maybe what i am saying is that we should keep an eye out, help where help is needed, but I think, with all troops of all countries, I would like to know that they are in fact being looked after in the way that we have been promised. Especially in this new age of warfare.

      • I believe most of us in our hearts would love to help, even if just a little, so many people and causes . . . . for many of us the ‘help’ dollars are limited tho’: to each their own . . . I have worked since age 14 1/2 basically for mothers and children in abject poverty in Third World countries, to combat disease there and here and locally to bring up seeing-eye dogs to give the vision impaired some chance of a private and contented life. Methinks every one of us has a different mindset and feelingworld . . . I wish the purse was less lean 🙂 !

        • A good point though Eha, we should never feel that we should, or feel guilty if we can’t. Helping out the woman next door, or cooking a meal for the old man down the road is just as important as supporting women in third world countries or alleviating the depression of packs of bored boys who have been trained to kill then left to wait. It is good that we all think differently otherwise things would be very dull indeed! Ni Ni Mama eha! c

          • Lots of love and hugs across the ocean and land! Ni-ni to you . . . . I’ll be going to sleep in 14 hours after clapping my way thru’ the Vosges Mountains in France to ‘help’ a young Aussie rider in TdF who is having an unexpected chance at a different kind of glory!! Oh, beautiful scenery to boot 🙂 !!!!! But 3 am for three weeks – probably not that wise 😀 !!!

  6. Love the snake skin and what about Boo? Looks like he’s wearing the latest in fascinators!!

  7. I have a Korean friend who remembers that back in her land a black snake in the walls was considered a blessed household genie, doing good deeds & bring good luck. I’m with Emily Dickinson when contemplating that: “…zero at the bone.” Keep going with your idea of sending supplies & let us know how & what & where. Beautiful pictures today of creatures & purple cone flowers, mine are all raggedy. Something chewing on them. <[:~ (

  8. The best way to help the military is get rid of their commander in chief who seems to forget his first duty of office is to provide for the common defense, which means the military should get everything they need. Having to buy and send toilet paper and food for our troops is nothing short of a crying shame and disgraceful in a country that sends billions off to foreign countries just to pay off politicians. Or bring home our troops and let them defend our borders! Meanwhile, they deserve our support wherever they are. Adopting a unit is a great idea.

  9. Years ago I helped a young woman in the army . She told me what she needed and I sent it to her . Maybe getting hold of some names of people that need help and a kind word,

  10. I’m happy to contribute in any way to this project. My son-in-law returned home from service in Iraq unscathed and for that I am eternally grateful. One thing we sent him–and this would be a nice extra–was books. He devoured books because he had a lot of spare time and nowhere to go. Now the situation in Hawaii may be different but I do imagine they are stuck on base a lot. (The funny thing is that my son-in-law is not much of a reader at home.) Anyway, let me know, I’ll send money, toilet paper, books, whatever is needed.

  11. Are you seriously telling us that the army doesn’t supply basic necessities to the troops wherever they are serving? What kind of society is the USofA? Your plea has horrified me.


  12. Our grandson is in the Army. Several years ago he did a tour in Iraq. One thing he really kept telling us when we sent packages was thank you for sending socks! There are many restrictions on just what you can send when they are overseas. The Post Office has a list. Certain goodies travel well and are always shared. We were blessed with him coming home safe. Everyone has so many good ideas. Way to go!

  13. I am in! It would work easiest for me to send you a bit of $ and you do what is needed with it. I will NEVER take a roll of T.P. for granted again. Shameful really. I am also a hooker (of Yarn, folks) so this winter could send caps and scarves,if needed. Just let us know.Love the photo of Boo with flower 🙂

  14. I find complete snake skins in our grass all summer long. Even the eye holes are pristine and without flaw! I think they are beautiful. Boo and my Zoe would do well together. Zoe loves the flowers too, and she gets excited about insects. I’m surprised she’s only been stung a few times by bees. She’s always bug-eyed when she chases one and the buzzing seems to excite her all the more. I find her all of the time venturing into large patches of flowers. It must be lovely to be small like that with little feet, to pad through such beautiful delight, don’t you think?

  15. Which is better-to send money so the soldiers can buy what they need or mail things to them, like socks and t.p. or books. I did not know the post office has a list of what can or cannot be sent. That would be useful. A year or two ago, our local Lions Club asked for stuff to send overseas. I recall their asking for note paper.
    Let us know, Cecilia. Adopting one troop seems doable, for sure.

    • I think we should steer clear of sending money. These boys are on a base in one of the Hawaiin islands – they would probably spend it on beer!!.. Note paper sounds like an excellent idea.. I am sure they are fine .. but they are all a long way from home. And of course could be sent anywhere at any time. The first thing I am going to send is rakes ! c

      • I think it is better to send the “stuff” and not money. Powdered drink packs to add to their water is a hit along with wet wipes. They are not always close to water to wash their hands. Toilet paper is a great idea along with individually wrapped candy, gum, snacks etc. If you send small cans off food make sure it has a pull tab on the top. Can openers may be scarce. Homemade cookie are good too…just pack them really good or put them in a smaller box to go into the bigger box. If they recieve something they dont like it gives them something to trade or sell! Flat rate boxes through the Post Office is the way to go. You can put as much as you can fit into the box for a set price. This is a great idea C. Count me in!

  16. I’m in. I’ll send whatever you say is needed. Do you want some $ for rakes? Let me know where to send it, or whatever else you think appropriate. It is a crying shame that our troops don’t have EXACTLY what they need & then some. To answer Viv – our people in the USA are great – it’s our leaders that are doing this! Love your pix as always Miss C. Blessings on your day ~~ Sandi

  17. Rakes. You mean like garden rakes that you use for leaves? What would they do with those? Maybe you’re speaking New Zealandish and I’m missing something.

  18. Celi, how in the world do you send rakes? How to package them?

    • I am looking at buying them on amazon and see how much the postage would be for a start, then i don’t have to package them at all, all done for me!

  19. I wish my Echinacea a.k.a. cone flowers, were doing as well as yours.
    The farmy is beginning to look like a small cattle ranch 🙂
    My husband is a veteran and our nephew is in the Navy, currently serving overseas. I love the idea of adopting troops.

  20. That’s interesting (and sad) that the troops don’t have what they need. My brother-in-law, who is currently deployed to Afghanistan, advised not to send cookies or other treats because they are well fed and get too many goodies sent their way. But it is those like Triple T who are forgotten. Kudos to you for taking on this project.

  21. Sounds like a great project to launch……..not sure about the rakes, if it’s part of their training to do it tough, they’ll probably be confiscated……I don’t agree it’s the way to train young people, but the military has odd ideas! Maybe as well as sending care packs it’d be good to do some good old grass roots activism………write letters to your elected representatives, post on Fb that troops aren’t getting loo paper and other necessities and ask people to share, write newspapers and current affairs tv shows…..a personal contribution is great but it’s just a band-aid, nothing changes in the bigger picture. I’m sure the larger American public would like to know these things, look how many Farmy-ers didn’t know. I support the group Kate mentioned, Aussie Hero Quilts so will just add my cheers and good wishes to your project.

    • I was about to suggest the same thing – stand up! speak up! I know this isn’t a new problem and has nothing to do with the current commander in chief because when a member of my family was severely injured in Iraq in 2004 and sent to our military hospital in Germany, we were told to supply pajamas. The church on the local AF base there regularly had to request things such as duffel bags and backpacks because the injured were often airlifted from the battlefield with their belongings in a garbage bag. Shameful.By all means, send cookies and tp but be sure to send those letters to your representative, too!

  22. Ooh, a Farmy Project. I’m in, happy & proud to send some Aussie contributions to TTT’s troop. Let us know when, where, what and how you need from us, collectively and individually. Of course it’s crap (accidental but fun pun) that they don’t get basics provided (the G.O. says the rake thing is theoretically part of basic self sufficiency training) but how wonderful in a non-politically affiliated way to buck the system, send care packages and show tangible interest & respect 🙂

  23. I wonder if one of the big-box stores has a program for sending stuff to troops? Rakes and brooms and such would be perfect! I don’t have much, but I would buy a pack of TP or socks.

  24. I’m in. It is a shame that TP isn’t provided. That’s awful!!

  25. I’d like to help in some way, too. Keep us posted. Lots of heart-warming photos today. Coneflowers are a favorite of mine.

  26. Butterflies, flowers, sleeping in and a new inspiration. The farmy is so full of life.

  27. I like the idea of adopting a troop. I can’t believe basic necessities aren’t provided for them. It’s so wrong it makes me ashamed.

  28. I love animals in grassy fields – ahh the smell of summer and life.
    Most of the times I’ve helped troops has been through some mom with a kid stationed somewhere. He/she sent suggestions of items needed (and sent pictures back in return)- we gathered up stuff (socks are popular) and boxed it and sent it to kid who was willing to share. So maybe we send money for shipping/stuff to you? There may be special military rates for those deliveries? If Amazon would ship the rakes directly, it would really help. Will try to keep up as things progress on this

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