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It seems that the interwebs and my tiny machine …

… are scheming.  Most of yesterdays simple photographic offerings are gone. There are murmurings in the Desktop Depths. Good morning. I will take a wee break today  (and maybe tomorrow) to find out what the problem is. I may have to call the Computer… Continue Reading “It seems that the interwebs and my tiny machine …”

A drop. A Promise.

We are surrounded in white on white, cold on cold, the hunch and squeak of boots on packed snow beginning to sound like fingernails on a black-board made for chalk.   The night before last was -11 (-23C), last night was -21( -30C).  As… Continue Reading “A drop. A Promise.”

The Kat.

Scrapper can look cute too.. sometimes. Snow looks cute, sometimes, not when Man Meets Snow though. Then snow loses its lovely smooth forms and is knocked into shape, just not a shape I like.  Yesterday was very cold, after  the weather had got over… Continue Reading “The Kat.”

Sticky Face.

I thought I would be clever and upended the somewhat empty frozen gallon flagon of molasses, jammed it into Daisy’s feeder so it dripped into her hay and let them fool around with it for the day. OOPS! Then leaving Queenie to clean up… Continue Reading “Sticky Face.”

A Cold Beauty is it’s own Consolation

When I wake up in the cold mornings, with the howling skies and the winds so sharp and clear they cut your teeth.  The ground is hard as pure hate. The ice lurking dark and deep under the snow. I cannot believe that there… Continue Reading “A Cold Beauty is it’s own Consolation”

A one legged rooster is not really one legged

The chooks, roosters and the guineas swap feet when they are standing in the cold, one foot up, then that foot down and  then another foot up,  like a wee boy in his thin pajamas showing too much ankle on the cold bathroom floor… Continue Reading “A one legged rooster is not really one legged”

The Duke of Kupa is fighting

The pneumonia is proving hard to break. He just stands in his new big cage and watches me, breathing and breathing out, hauling noisy air through his lungs. But as of yesterdays afternoon he was eating his seed mixed with yoghurt and drinking his… Continue Reading “The Duke of Kupa is fighting”

Good news and Lots of Sweetness

Marmalade still loves Boo Boo. But that is not the good news. We all know about the Marmalade and Boo Boo show! Everyone loves the new hay. But that is not the good news either. The Good news is that the Duke of Kupa… Continue Reading “Good news and Lots of Sweetness”

Home again, Home again, Jiggedy Jig.

I know. I know, I say that all the time.  But it is true. Who does not want to do a Jig when you are finally delivered back Home.  Home again, Home again. Jiggedy  – Jig!  Home. Our favourite destination. Though, like  all Immigrants… Continue Reading “Home again, Home again, Jiggedy Jig.”

Vegetable garden gone. Frost. Blink. Frost. Gone.

Daily sweetness.  Marmalade Cat (to be – still Marmalade Kitten really) and Boo-Nanny.  Not enough yet? Let’s have a double wammy. The Marmalade kitten creeping up on Boo Nanny. The most obvious ambush in the world. Wee kittys .. um..toilet is becoming more normal… Continue Reading “Vegetable garden gone. Frost. Blink. Frost. Gone.”