A month in Pictures

Nanette (my memory) made sure that I made our month in pictures for July.  So here are my highlights and lowlights. I can’t believe how much we got through last month.
hay-hay-025These cute little chicks


turned into thesetuesday-29-041and they have two more weeks to go.. yikes


Poppy and her Aunty Sheila just laid about enjoying this wonderful cool July. hay-day-066

The rake broke (and was fixed again) and we still got the hay in.hay-hay-012

And it was cut again yesterday. The calves continued to grow. I was told yesterday that this little guy is worth 2.30 a pound. Almost a thousand dollars offered for him.  Naturally I said no.

Our Mama died surrounded by her girls.  I miss Mama. But it was her time.


Marmalade got naughtier.pigs-007

The Plonkers went to the abbatoir. pre-war-diet-010 Tima and Boo slept some more.  Yesterday a man came to see Tima and after a search we found her with her head in a bag of chook food so once again she is on the diet chain and I have to talk to my people about returning the bags to the locked up feed area. That pig is Such a PIG!pre-war-diet-070

The red rangers went to the freezers. Though they were a little small. Next year I will grow them for longer. pre-war-diet-004We began to make the essential oils for the soap making.dough-024

Daisy had her unfortunate accident. Standing on her teat. Nasty. Nasty injury.  It is healing. Slowly. We are going forwards more often that backwards now.  Hopefully I can save the quarter so she can be a nurse cow next year. bottles-015

Aunty Del gets more beautiful every day. bottles-009

Wine and honey mead bottled.cultured-butter-006

Now that the plonkers are gone we have more milk for butter and cheese.

1123a-010Skunk Dog.
chaos1-023Skunk pig. My favourite shot of Poppy so far.. this one is going in the Christmas Calendar. chaos1-036

The rooster wars slowed down.

Old Dog slowed down too but still manages to keep up.

I hope you all have a lovely day. There was so much that happened last month that I did not capture. I wonder what will happen now! Now that it is August.

Your friend on the farm



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  1. Apart from Mama and Daisy I would declare this a productive and satisfying month. I do hope that the hay field with the rake will make the calendar too! May August only be onward and upward for you and the Farmy. Laura

  2. An exciting/worrying/happy/sad month, I suppose the norm for the farmy. Those red rangers: what breed are they? They look like Rhode Island Reds, which we used to cross with Light Sussex, making brilliant layers. But yours are for the freezer, so I guess I’ve got it wrong.

  3. Celi, I read all your posts. They’re my morning ritual- coffee and Celi”s Farmy, but I like your month in review the best. It reminds me how attached I’ve grown to all the creatures on your farm. Even the plonkers (I had to look up abbatoir, but such is life on the farm, right?), and the frozen roosters. That wine-honey mead looks wonderful, and give all the pigs a pat for me, I think they’re my favorites. Much love and luck.

  4. So much done and so many happenings.some good some bad ug all part of life, s pattern
    how about a picture of Birgit

  5. Gosh, what a lovely look back. 😀 I must confess that I went back over my old photos yesterday as well. So much has been happening and only a limited amount of web space to talk about it. But I do love coming over every day to catch up with you and so miss the occasional day when I can’t, (or you can’t). Hope your day is lovely and warm with all wonderful happenings in it.

  6. Beautiful all. Today, my favorite is the one of Sheila and Poppy. Poppy looks so happy with her nose up in the warm air, sunning herself with a smile while Sheila is zonked out beside her. The green, green grass. The other Poppy picture makes her look sly which she is definitely is as well!

    Good morning to the farmy, two legged and four legged creatures one and all.

  7. I often wonder how you would cope on a day with nothing to do? Each season has a reason and I wish you a good one for august!

  8. Lovely pictures, Celi, touching one of Mama, especially. And I love the previous ones of the sheep asleep, was that Marcel on the roof? : )

  9. C, I know I have said it before but I start my day with this blog and I love it. I love the animals and the adventures and your sunny and practical manner. Thank you for this gift everyday.

  10. That picture of Aunti Dell is just amazing. Should be in the next calendar, I think. She is just perfect! Can’t believe how much you (and us) have been through last month. Love the picture of Mama, too. Ah…..that Tima! Maybe she is smarter than her humans, ha ha ha.

  11. Wow! What a busy month! Great to look back and reflect on all that has happened! On into August then! 🙂

  12. All your creatures have heaps of personality, and would make excellent calendar pinups. Maybe a year of animals, starting with the very youngest in January, ending with Old Dog in December?

    • There you are kate.. we are not short of choices for the next calendar.. Old Dog in December sounds lovely doesn’t it.. c

      • It does… Even after 10 years, the seasons are the wrong way round for me. I grew up with the poem that starts: January brings the snow / Makes our feet and fingers glow… Nowadays it should be: January brings the heat / Makes airconditioning a treat!

  13. Thank you for all the ‘lovelies’ and ‘memorables’ . . . . but my quiet favourite is that of the Old Dog: a quiet hug and rub and a ‘talk’ for just us two for a minute or so . . . 🙂 !

    • He is laid down on the verandah, with his poor old legs stuck out in front of him, drinking his warm raw milk and aspirin. If i place it right in front of him, between his legs and under his chin when he is laid down he will drink it..funny old fella.. c

  14. Love your month in review. So nice to see everything so green and lush. I cannot believe how much those chicks have grown! Mr Pink is just about lost in a sea of white feathers. Glad you got the hay in. We’ve got some storms heading our way from the Northwest and they should be here in an hour or so. No market for me tomorrow. I’ve got to get the car back to the shop. Don’t ask. 🙁

  15. So sorry I haven’t replied much the last days, Celi. I’m still playing catch-up from our trip… and oh, the tomatoes I’m drowning in the last two weeks! This post was a lovely recap of the month. I rather like the trip down memory lane. It helps us to realize and appreciate that our lives are filled with bounty all around.

    I miss Mama too. She is one of those unforgettable friends we carry with us always…

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