The Dam

Berit and I walked to the bridge across the creek that is really a ditch after dinner last night. bridge-011Even though our landscape is wide open and devoid of forests and mountains it has a certain charm all of its own.bridge-008 Especially in the evening, just after a dinner from the gardens and just before I put the last ni ni touches on the animals and set up the kitchen for the next day. Yoghurt yesterday. Cheese today. Daisy cannot wear her bra until her wound is closed. We have a wee while to go. But in a few weeks I hope she will be all safely tucked away.

I have not been down as far as the bridge in a few weeks and we discovered that the muskrats had rebuilt their dam.bridge-016bridge-024Crossing the line.  The second shot is the dam from the POV of the bridge. A good dam. So good the dogs could have a swim. bridge-030


Big Dog passed on the swim. Deciding that as he was still upright he would begin the walk home.  He keeps surprising me this old dog. bridge-044

Lots done. Lots more to do. Life is good.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy


35 Comments on “The Dam

  1. Love your last shot of dusk…so much atmosphere there, as well as charm ! I could feel the stillness of the gloaming, smell the scents of late evening in summer, and rich farmyard smells, hear the silence filled with the buzzes and gentle sounds of the country and creatures settling down to the moonlit night… it all looks and feels so poetic – and I know it’s hard work too !!!!

  2. That sounds like a very peaceful evenings walk. Its a nice time to go for a stroll. Is the weather hot like it is here.. love to you all on the farmy….invluding Berit

    • Nope, it is not at all hot, I am still wearing long sleeves morning and evening.. not hot at all.. c

  3. The other day we were driving across a particularly flat part of Oxfordshire and I thought of you. Now I see why. 😀 Big hugs and hope you’re on your way to a lovely day.

  4. Good morning,

    Okay, I’ve never seen a muskrat and for the briefest of moments, my bleary morning eyes thought the dogs were muskrats..hehe Big Dog looks really good. Dare I say dogged in his determination to finish his walkie?

    May you and Berit have a beautiful, productive day on the farmy!

  5. I wonder if the muskrats would oblige and plant you some watercress or similar. They look to be quite efficient at irrigation 😉

  6. Oh how nice to see Big Dog. I have been wondering how he was doing this summer. The heat and sun of summer seems to give them more strength.

  7. How nice that you’ve both got time for evening walks. Your synchronized swim team looks great. I’d bring Max down for a swim but he’d probably corrupt your 2 swimmers and we’d never get them out of the water. Have a great day, Celi.

  8. I’ll say there’s a certain charm to your countryside…just beautiful, year round. My goodness, I can really see and imagine the wound on Daisy’s udder from the angles presented in today’s picture. How ghastly for you and for her, but so happy she’s healing and can wear her bra soon. Have a lovely day.

  9. Early evening is the best time of day as far as I am concerned. Soft and warm from the summer day….everything in a lazy hush. The last golden light from the sun. Daisy’s udder is looking good. So glad to see big dog, too. Remember that song….Muskrat love?

  10. I love the last photo, but it makes me shiver. When the heat goes out of the sun, I need a jumper or want to hide under the duvet. What a waste of space I am! 😆

  11. It ABSOLUTELY does have a charm all its own! Beautiful and serene. I love all the animals on your farm but Big Dog makes me want to hug and kiss him every time I see him. ~ April

  12. So glad to have a photo of Big Dog . . . . seriously considering every step – methinks he is enjoying his old age . . . Boo and Ton swimming in the evening glow – Max would so fit into that little adventure . . .

    • just imagine if John brought Max down, he is determined that Boo and Max would be very bad boys together!.. c

      • How do you both know unless you have tried the three gorgeous ‘monsters’ together 😀 ? Anyways John put it down on paper that if I managed to get to Chicago he would bring me down for the day!!!! – and I WOULD bring Max . . . . [hmmm!!!!] . . . . . [oh yoicks, Eha, stop stirring!!!!!!!!]

  13. It is a beautiful place you have there. Give Big Dog a hug for me.

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