Hairy MacLairy gets his Own Way.

Someone is putting on weight. At this time of year and for at least another 6 weeks, if not longer, I have to keep the animals out of the fields for two reasons 1) so that the grass can grow. Daisy does not understand this.   2) So that large animals do not pug the moist spring ground up. Daisy is classed as a large animal. She is not impressed with this ruling either! 

I let the sheep into the Rat House Paddock for a few hours this afternoon for a run and to attempt to separate Hairy MacLairy the gate breaker back out.  But I lost heart. 

He stuck to Mama like glue. 

When they did separate, he was on top of the root cellar.

But not for long.

I would have sent the sheep-dog in but, well, you see the problem!  So I called them back into the sacrifice paddock.  Sheep also must wait for the grass to grow. He can stay for a wee while with Mama in her field but not for too long. He eats all their special pregnant ewe feed.

The chickens came out for a dust bath.  It was a Martha Stewart day. Well lit but too much beige.

Good morning. Looking out my lightening loft window this morning I see that we have a cloudy day ahead today.  And it should be warm (low 50’s – fingers crossed). It may even rain tonight. We might see a little green in the fields in a few days, but for the real eight inches of growth I need warm soil and time.  And  I am still short of hay. About two weeks short. So I shall continue my search for feed today.

I have been invited to write our farmy story for the Old World Garden Farms blog  (I think it will be published this Sunday I shall let you know) and I found this photo for the page I am writing.  Look at Daisy in all that grass.  We will be fencing inside Pats Paddock this year so it can be grazed more intensively. You will remember that last year was its first year of growth.  Look at that forage!

Good Morning!


69 Comments on “Hairy MacLairy gets his Own Way.

  1. I love how the kitty is friends with the chickens. I giggled when you said it was a “Martha Stewart” day! I made a comment to my husband some time ago after she was released from the clink that all of her house colors now looked like prison colors. 😉

  2. You have a Peeping Tom-Cat, ogling the hens as they bathe. Well, as far as oglers are concerned, both he and his “victims” leave a little to be desired but still. Really like the pic of Daisy in the grass!
    Your day, like most this time of year, will be a bit warmer than ours; the Lake keeps us cooler. Rain will be coming overnight. I’d better get some gardening done today before the ground is to wet to do anything. Have a great day!

    • You are right about the gardening, i am going to do a garden a day until I get them all cleared and i MUST get onto the next one today! c

  3. “It was a Martha Stewart day. Well lit but too much beige” – I just died! (with laughter)

    Beautiful photos as usual. The little green monster is rearing head. That farm is just calling my name! “Come to me Tia” I could roll around in that grass for hours.

    • These two are quite the pair! But he is just too rough with her, when he wants to get at her feed, esp as she is in a delicate condition. So i will have to watch him. He would be happier if there were two rams.. c

  4. That’s one happy ram! It’s so difficult to be tough sometimes with our beasties – a bit like having kids all over again!

  5. that pic of tonton is priceless. some sheep herder. and the kitty and the chickens!!! too cute!

  6. Good morning! They all still look pretty happy to be out and about 🙂 TonTon in particular.

    and haha I love this bit: ‘It was a Martha Stewart day. Well lit but too much beige.’ So true!

  7. It seems we are on a similar mission, after the warmish – winterless winter; pastures are sloppy and mucky grass challenged places – to say the least. TonTon pulls at my heartstrings more with every photo 🙂
    have a wonderous day C

  8. a Martha Stewart day, well lit but not too beige. : ) had never considered how very true an assessment that is! the photo of daisy in all that grass. …how that tells the story of big land and wide sky and those whose lives are so thoroughly interwoven with, and dependent on, both. Another lovely morning begun with Celi and her friends. (looking forward to Sunday’s read.)

  9. Well, this really ousts the notion of ‘the cats after the chickens again’. I love how they all live in relative harmony. I am sure everyday is a little adventure for them, in each other’s company. How wonderful is that!

    • I hope I can find more hay too, my usual guy sold my lot by mistake! however I can always feed them, we will get inventive!


  10. Good luck on separating Hairy! It is amazing how tenacious they can be when they set their minds to something. (I think Ton needs to have his job descriptions explained to him again! 🙂 )

  11. So excited about you writing a farmy story in the Old World Garden Farms blog Celi. Can’t wait to read it! I just love Ton Ton!!! He looks like a friend to all the farm animals….with exception of the Guineas. 🙂 Guess what?! it will be in the 70s two days this week!!! Wild, wonderful and warm!!! xo

  12. Love the Martha Stewart shot!! And, your sheep dog doing his part! It’s way past morning for me, but I so do enjoy your mornings!!

  13. Love the picture of Hairy on top of the root cellar! I will spare my border collie the grief of seeing TonTon in the middle of the sheep like that…she would die!

    • Yes, TonTon has some identity issues and two big problems, the sheep are not afraid of him and secondly there being only three sheep (one of whom is a ram) that whole flocking thing does not really happen. If I had ten more sheep who had not grown up with the dog, we may do a bit better. He can work the cows! but not the sheep! They won’t listen to him.. They Luff him! c

  14. Can’t express how much I love ALL of your photos. Your animals are adorable. I just love Daisy. Top of the morning to you as well! x

  15. I think they are all just happy the weather is better.. that they don’t want to be inside at all lol. And look at my girl Daisy.. she just knows she’s ready for her summer appearance 🙂

  16. Yippee! I’m looking forward to reading your article, Celi!

    Just catching up on your blog now – how I miss visiting your site.

    P.S. The Martha comment made me laugh! I think beige is for old ladies 😀

  17. Your Martha Stewart day sounds much prettier than what we have here. I can’t complain, it seems to be warmer by the day.. but brown.. so much ugly brown. I am in love with your cow. Plain and simple. I would ask to have her but there would be no grass for her to hide in. Send her my love.. xo Smidge

  18. I grew up going to an aunt and uncle’s farm, and their sheep, Uncle Sam, was such a pet! Your photos today brought that all back and I’m “homesick” for those days, that animal, and my aunt and uncle! Looking forward to your guest appearance on Old World Garden Farms! Debra

  19. Hello, c. I read about the tornados in was concerned for you all, especialls since there was no post this morning. Hope everyone is ok there. (feel free to delete this)

    • No i won’t delete it .. this is such a kind message, gale force winds but no tornado.. I will be back on board tomorrow after I have finished tying down the hatches! c

  20. “It was a Martha Stewart day. Well lit but too much beige.” I just adore that description (regardless of not knowing who Martha Stewart really is, but I don’t suppose that matters 🙂 )

    • That is the whole thing about Martha Stewart, she is not really one person and they are all sweet and pastel and yummy.. c

  21. Some sheepdog! We always did end up short of hay in Maine somehow. Despite all we put up in the barn.
    Love your description: “It was a Martha Stewart day. Well lit but too much beige.”

    • I know, how does it happen? Someone is too generous at the beginning I think. This year we will have more grass though so fingers crossed! c

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