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Cows can Jump

Dog with Pipe

Yes – who would have thought it – TonTon is a smoker. Sigh. He knows there is a no smoking rule in the barn. He assured me he does not inhale. What rot.  Like I have never heard that before! A pigs dinner. Though some pigs have… Continue Reading “Dog with Pipe”

A milking stanchion

AND so he built a milking stanchion. Because no self respecting body, except for the odd cow, wanted to be out in the gardens or the fields yesterday. The wind was horrible. Later in the morning the rain cleared out and back came Mistress Wind and she was in… Continue Reading “A milking stanchion”

A different angle

My Dad gave me my first camera when I was 6, then he gave me a very good camera to work with when I was 12, that was the Leica, then we went through the Pentax period and finally I rested my eyes on… Continue Reading “A different angle”

Somebody has been playing with Skunks

The Old Codger says that TonTon thinks skunks are his long lost brothers being Black and White and all. NO Ton they may be pretty but they are laughing at you. TonTon hates the skunk off. But it is the only thing that will… Continue Reading “Somebody has been playing with Skunks”