Frequently Asked Questions

Good morning.

We have work to do today! On The Sustainable Home pages of the new TKG website there is a space for Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you ever read Frequently Asked Questions on a site? I do – actually I hunt them out because they are a great place to hear the real voice of a company.

We are at the stage of creating the FAQ. And I need your help. What questions do you have about The Sustainable Home?

Here is what I have so far:

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🐞: Question: Where should I begin my Sustainable Home journey.

πŸ¦‹: Answer:The FIRST STEP is to sign up for The weekly Sustainable Home newsletter; it will take no longer than 3 minutes to read and will be laid out for skimming. (Yes, I skim too!). The newsletter is the conduit straight into the engine room of your journey – you will get all the info about whats going on, links to cool stuff plus the pop-up workshops plus quick hacks to level up your journey as you go.

🐞: Question: Why do you recommend the One on One Zoom call as the next step in The Sustainable Home Journey.

πŸ¦‹: Answer: This is where you will meet your guide (usually Cecilia) in a one on one zoom setting. They will work with you to create a base line personalised plan for your home. They will take you through the four pillars for designing your own sustainable home and help you use those pillars to strengthen the components of your own plan.

🐞: Question: So, I can book a call with you anytime?

πŸ¦‹: Answer: YES! Check The Sustainable Home calendar, book and pay for your call there. They are priced reasonably so you can book any number of calls if you prefer to work one on one. Cecilia or one of her team will send you a quick email to confirm and let you know what to bring and answer any questions.

🐞: Question: What if I can’t make our zoom call appointment.

πŸ¦‹: Answer – No worries! Life happens sometimes. Get in touch with TSH via email or the CHAT feature 24 hours before your appointment and we can change your date.

🐞: Question : What if I have just a quick question after a workshop?

πŸ¦‹: Answer: After you have completed your first workshop you will be invited into The Sustainable Home Slack Channel. This will be available to you 24/7. And because our community is world wide you will almost always find someone to engage with. Or use the CHAT feature to send a message and a team member will get back to you. Otherwise Book a One on One Call and bring your next list of questions. We love questions and we love a good problem to solve.

🐞: Question: If I find I am in the wrong place can I get my money back?

πŸ¦‹: Answer: YES! Fifteen minutes into any call your TSH guide will ask if you want to proceed. This is the time to withdraw and we will send you a refund. No problems. The Sustainable Home Team also has the same right to call a halt to a meeting and issue a refund.

🐞: Question: Do The Fellowship of The Farmy get a DISCOUNT?

πŸ¦‹: Answer: A Big Fat YES! Cecilia (who writes the daily TKG blog posts) will send out pop-up discount codes to the blog pages frequently. (Always in the PS) You don’t want to miss out on the Pop-Up Workshops.

🐞 Question – Do I have to join the The Kitchens Garden Blog as well as The Sustainable Home newsletter?

πŸ¦‹! NOPE! You can join whatever and whenever you like. The (Daily) Kitchens Garden Blog is all about the organic sustainable farm and garden and has been running since 2011. The (Weekly) Sustainable Home Newsletter is all about the home and garden and has been running since 2023. They complement each other and also stand alone. Think of it as a street (without traffic) and we get to pop in and out of each others homes for a cup of tea and shortbread!

🐞 : Question: How do we know that the people who are in the community workshops are going to be positive and genuine. Thinking about safety.

πŸ¦‹ : Answer: Safety for our team members and community members is taken very seriously. Cecilia is careful to ensure that the people who come into our community workshops are going to be generous, open minded and interested in making an environmentally sustainable difference in their environments and communities. All of these meetings are respectful collaborations and we need to be on the same page using open discussion techniques. If anyone is reported to be negative or unkind in the slack groups or workshops, or has joined to disrupt our meetings, then they will be gently and firmly removed.

To date: This has never happened because anyone who has applied and paid for a workshop is usually already determined to design a robust and resilient environmentally future. We all have the same goal. Live Lightly on this good earth.


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Tima the kunekune and her cow

What do you think? Offer any questions or suggestions for questions in the Lounge of Comments. Offer any edits or critique on the existing Q and A. Go for it. I want to hear it all! And as usual if you cannot get into the comments email me at


The Monday Substack post will be coming out later today. Yesterday got so busy! Not to mention this morning – a blog post takes a god three hours a day to make. (I am always darting in and out – I do not sit down that long!). But I love it here! And I need my second coffee!!

PS – FYI Thursday Blog will be either late or missing or weird because that is a travel day. And as you know – anything can happen on a travel day.

8 Comments on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. All great questions and answers so far- very thorough as is your style! Nothing pops up right now but I know where to find you if I think of something. Perhaps even simply start with these then as things get going and new/different questions seem to pop up rework or incorporate those into the mix if needed?

    You might want to mention to Wai Wai that he could use a little shave- or a bit of whisker trim, although the facial hairs do fit his grumpy old man image πŸ˜‰

  2. Great FAQ’S. Two suggestions. Change both instances of The weekly Sustainable Home newsletter to The Sustainable Home weekly newsletter. Explain acronyms… The Kitchens Gardens (TKG), The Sustainable Home (TSH) by way of intro, and any other shorthand terms that might occur.
    I love the intuitive Q&A and reassuring the terms of use are… Oh… will TSH have a Terms of Use and Disclaimer?

    • Very good points / thank you so much. The acronyms are our shortcuts – not sure exactly where to introduce them but thank you for the reminder. Such a big work in progress! Thank you!

  3. How about “Can I do a Show and Tell on my cell/mobile phone so you can see what I’m doing and suggest improvements/changes?”; “Can we ourselves offer information and advice based on our location (hemisphere/country/state) to help others?”; “Will you have a ‘recipes’ option so we can access your tried and trusted household/cleaning/feeding solutions?” And yes, I always go the the FAQ early on in exploring a website, it can save so much time. And your responses sound friendly and reassuring rather than starchy, legalese and formal.

    • Thank you Kate. Show and tell will be how the zoom the rooms meeting is set up. I will include this as it is a great question.

      Recipes!! Because the answer will be yes!

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