Just pictures today.

Because I am out and about today.

And no Boo you are not coming too!

Corn mustache.

When the little pig gets to your fresh hay first.

And yes! It rained!

Take care

Talk soon


16 Comments on “Just pictures today.

  1. Puddle ducks!
    The heron has discovered that the decoy isn’t real and he’s trying hard to get the carp. I saw him get chased by a crow, for the second time, today. It’s quite funny, the crow is so much smaller!

    • Mad, tell whoever is in charge of the decoy Herron that it should be moved around a bit to “hopefully” fool the real Herons into thinking it’s a real one too! 🙂 Just like those pesky crows get used to a scarecrow always being in the same spot..they just know!

      • Thanks – I had been thinking the same myself. Yesterday, somebody moved the decoy so that it’s beak faced the building, wheras it was previously in profile, relative to the direction in which the live heron comes from. I’m sure this was a factor in him landing by the pond 4 times towards dusk.
        I went out after supper and turned the decoy round so that it was in profile and facing the opposite way to the previous direction.
        The heron was back a couple of times today, but less than yesterday.
        I frightened him after lunch (just by walking out onto the balcony – he’s timid) and he flew off East. As he was almost out of site, he changed direction, back this way with the crow chasing him!
        There are some anti heron wires across the pond, but the had little effect on the wild ducks. Though the ducks were also unfazed by the decoy …and herons attack ducks. Ducks seem to be far smarter birds!

      • It’s quite possible – there’s a park just East of where I am and there’s a larger duck pond.
        I often see crows chasing magpies, who like herons, will eat baby birds and eggs.

  2. I like your pictures and my dog always has that expectant stance when I’m getting ready to run errands. I also love the cows expression over the piggie in her hay. Some days are like that. Enjoy your day as you cross things off your list.

  3. What an amazing sky. Lovely photos, pig, calf, and ducks in the rain, oh and poor old Boo!! Hope you had a well deserved day off the farmy.

  4. Maybe you need to tie a flag to the back of one of those chairs. If that crop keeps on growing at the same rate, you’ll lose them in the sea of green…

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