Don’t Give Up your Day Job – Actually YES – Give Up that Day Job!

I have! Given up the day job.

This is my last day online teaching.

I love teaching – you know I do. But not having to teach online anymore is Such A Relief.

I am running out of steam trying to do ALL the things.

And I have saved hard so I can flip to launching The Sustainable Home beside The Kitchens Garden.

Black chicken looking directly at the camera. Brown chicken in the background.

From tomorrow onwards I am able to:

🌻Farm full time.

🌻Write Full Time.

🌻Work on The Kitchens Garden NEW Blog Site Full time.

🌻Write The Sustainable Home NEW content full time.

🌻Work on the Sustainable Home workshops FULL TIME!

🌻Did I mention write the the book to go with it.

That is a lot of Full Times! I need to make a list.

More pictures and more fun! More cool sustainable stuff. I can’t wait!

And tomorrow is Saturday. Part time day. Maybe I will just begin with gardening.

Black and Grey chicken from behind.

Did you know that WordPress hosts over 70 million blog posts per month. Blogging is still cool!

Just sayin’

Now, back to work for me – 11 more students to finish up with and pass out to new tutors.

Talk soon


46 Comments on “Don’t Give Up your Day Job – Actually YES – Give Up that Day Job!

  1. Nice one!.
    This is what I love in your post
    Congratulations on making the decision to pursue your passions and run The Sustainable Home full-time! Exciting times ahead!
    Thanks, Ely Shemer

  2. Do you see that your ‘printer’ has made your text unintelligible?

  3. Maybe not exactly Free, Free at last! but Free to do all the work that makes your heart go Zing! Free to be the real You! How Splendid, how Grand! (That’s how I feel about my retirement, a great thing about being Old. I’m free at last to do just what I want to do, & very little I don’t want to. Hooray!)

    • Yes! I have a very clear plan of what I want to achieve before June. So it was time for me to make room for the work!

      I am starving – do you have any cookies?

      • Yes, I do. But alas just “store boughten” (as we use to say in Central Ky.). A new pkg. of Triple Berry Newtons & half a box of Langues de Chat (un peu viciée). My upstairs neighbor makes a delicious batch now & then.

  4. Ahhh! 6 more weeks for me!

    I’m excited for you! I think you wrote your list up there 👆.

  5. Brilliant and huge congratulations! I have one more year of teaching and then I’ll spend my time as I choose! You are my idol)

  6. Wonderful. I have missed you.

    And sorry, I have to say it “Chicken Butt” That is a lovely bird.

  7. Congratulations C! I’m so excited for the renewed focus and love how you quietly tossed in A BOOK to the mix 🙂

  8. Congratulations. There comes a time when we need to and can pursue our passions… the sooner the better. It also helps that we know what they are.

  9. Congratulations! I am glad that you are able to step away from the online teaching, and more able to focus on your farm and your new endeavors! Yay!

  10. Yaaahhhhhooooooooo!!!!!! Time to kick up your heels and do it all!!! So excited for you Celi!!! Can’t wait to see the wild and craziness I know will unfold!!! And we on the Farmy will be with you kicking up our heels too!!!! 🙂

  11. I could send you one of my post-it notes that says “I don’t have time to be this busy”. Some things just have to move on to make time for what the heart wants now. Congrats on dropping one thing and only adding six more. 😉

  12. Liberation Day, or perhaps that should be Independence Day? You’re free, to work perhaps even harder, but differently and to more purpose. I can’t wait to see you Go!

  13. Congratulations! I am back to teaching, too. I have all my wonderful computer students – from kindergarten to 8th grade. This may be my last year teaching, which I am ambivalent about. I LOVE to teach, too. I like having 2-day weekends, but if they ask me to come back next year, I’d do it.

    Enjoy all that “free” time.

    • The teaching was not as much the problem (other than trying to manage two businesses PLus teach) – as the company. They are a start up and took on way too much before getting their systems up and running. There was just too much to do, that had to be done ( these companies run on data), that was unpaid. So much feedback. Clunky forms etc. for entry level pay. I am SO. Much happier this morning.

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