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Mr and Mrs Flower.

Yesterday, after milking the cow and feeding the goats and the cows and the big pigs and the little pigs and the chickens of all descriptions, John and I loaded two dog crates into The Matriarchs jeep and went to the Bantam Swap. Do… Continue Reading “Mr and Mrs Flower.”

Barn Life.

Boo has been banished outside because he was skunked yesterday morning. Poor BooBoo. The skunk off will handle it but I hate the smell of that too.  I use this because it is fast and effective. I have never had a dog get skunked… Continue Reading “Barn Life.”

The positives …

… about being below freezing for so long. And there are positives, it cannot possibly be all bad. Not in Our World anyway.  There are lots of good things. The pigs get a warm breakfast of soaked alfalfa cubes, garlic, kitchen scraps  and molasses.… Continue Reading “The positives …”

Barn Swallows

Yesterday morning I found a small barn swallow chick sitting on the floor of the milking parlour. I carefully replaced it in the nest and they were still all together last night. Some sad news though. On our walk last night, as we passed… Continue Reading “Barn Swallows”


It was a wonderfully hot day yesterday which I enjoyed so much I ended up with pink arms and pain in the soles of my feet from walking in sand-shoes without socks.  But my feet will toughen up and after that long winter and spring I cannot… Continue Reading “Squalls”


And his sidekick Mr Carlos Garcia have been released. It took some fast talking but if I promised that the girls would stay in for a few more weeks then the  boys could come out already. They have promised Our John the Head Gardener… Continue Reading “Godot”

Grass makes me Smile

And animals out of the barn and onto the grass makes me smile even more.  That wonderful chomp, chomp sound.  And laying down where it is clean. Ah yes, I love animals out on the grass. Sheila and Poppy are officially Out of the Barn… Continue Reading “Grass makes me Smile”

Peacock Palace

The peacocks and the peahens are still  living together in the loft of the barn in  perfect harmony. I occasionally hear one of their big calls but so far they have all been very quiet.  They tend to keep to the dark side of… Continue Reading “Peacock Palace”

Finding Godot

We went to the Bantam Swap yesterday to find Godot. After losing our beautiful peacock in the winter, the girls were left without a mate. The Bantam Swap is kind of like a flea market for animals.  People pay 5 dollars or something for… Continue Reading “Finding Godot”

The Duke of Kupa gets all tied up

The day dawned windy and cold yesterday. So on with the clown suit and out I went.  Yes that is a piggie on the wrong side of the electric fence. It should have been here. During the morning chores I saw this. Not good.… Continue Reading “The Duke of Kupa gets all tied up”