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The Whisper of Spring’s Wing.

Yesterday I was working in the barn for a while then came back out into the air and there it was. Warmth. There was no sun, and I was surrounded in snow, yet somehow there was a warm cast to the air. Of course… Continue Reading “The Whisper of Spring’s Wing.”

The difficult answer

What the young people saw yesterday…  “Often. A little bit often”The stories are just as important as the spelling. For the latter; after the children have written their farmy stories (they have a special book) we collect the spelling words, correct them and add… Continue Reading “The difficult answer”

Part two of the farmy walkabout but have I missed somebody?

This is what the very few people who drive down our country road are seeing. Daily changes. Not much changing with Daisy though. She stands exactly here for most of the day. Watching the kitchen door for movement.  Daisy is an Ayrshire. A very… Continue Reading “Part two of the farmy walkabout but have I missed somebody?”

Getting Re-Antiquated

I know that  heading (above) makes no sense but I have a challenge that once I have written my title  I must keep it. Sometimes the weirdest phrases and re-spellings get  stuck in  my head.  I am very grateful that you are all the… Continue Reading “Getting Re-Antiquated”

It was not the 6th…

When I loaded all these shots I wrote the 6th of November as their label.  But it was not the 6th.  It was the 7th and another dreary day. Today will be better. Look at this fat Charlotte.  Standing solidly on all four feet… Continue Reading “It was not the 6th…”

Walkabout the FARMY

I do love our walkabouts. Come along then. I shall name everyone as we go along for the newer members of the Farmy Clan. First into the barn and here is Pania and Tui, hiding out in the dimness.  It was still a little… Continue Reading “Walkabout the FARMY”

It is a very Foolish thing…

… to put the title of the day’s Weblog Post in the little box before I have looked closely at the images collected in the camera. I was feeling disappointed in  my pictures of the last few days. They had been dreary and i… Continue Reading “It is a very Foolish thing…”

The Best Mother’s Day Gift is not a Toad

No, it is not a toad. Unless of course Mum loves toads or your Toad lives in a Hall.  The best Mother’s Day present is probably not a skinny nosy chicken. Better to have a fat one, served with roasted rosemary potatoes and gravy… Continue Reading “The Best Mother’s Day Gift is not a Toad”

Finding Kupa

It had just rained when we arrived a little late to the Bantam Swap.  Maybe many years ago it was a sweet bantam swap but no longer. The fairgrounds were heaving with the most curious and slightly terrifying mixture of peoples and animals.  Hundreds… Continue Reading “Finding Kupa”