Go On, Laugh Out Loud

You will get a laugh out of this lot.  A chip off the old block!

I finally took Geraldine up to the loft to bond with Mrs Flowers. I checked on them multiple times in the afternoon but other than Geraldine calling out for me, or her turkeys, there were no problems,  Mrs Flowers did not bother her at all. Not that I could see anyway. a11piggie56

In fact they all seems intrigued rather than aggressive. I love to play with Geraldine, she settles so obviously when there is a human with her.


Naomi and her baby Little at nap time…a11piggie7

I am late this morning so must hurry along. hereford

Hugo and I are working hard on splitting and stacking wood again today. Then we will begin to work further on barn maintanence – an ever lasting job with two barns.

But first I am going to jog back up and laugh at the piggies again! Aren’t they hilarious. I call this The Clamour.a11piggies-2

I cannot work out which one is favourite. Maybe this one?

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi.



65 Comments on “Go On, Laugh Out Loud

  1. What a gorgeous lineup! They look like a row of rather homely country girls waiting to catch sight of a film star, or perhaps the chorus line of an amateur theatre production. Lovely big healthy happy piggies. Love your work, Miss C! That lovely photo of Naomi makes me want to stick a big red rose in her chic red collar, she’s such a belle of the barn.

  2. I like the one where there are four standing. Total boy band shot. Pork Direction? The Backstreet Plonkers? …. Oh I’ll be swirling names in my head all day 🙂

  3. Oh the Piggies!!! I love the one with the Quads! Looks like a calendar shot to me!!! ” Mommy!! I’m hungry”!!! And the “Glamor” shot! Good one too!! I’m running for Miss Piggy!!!

  4. 5 mini-hop& pop’s!!!! So stinking adroable!!!! I think Naomi may turn out to be a good momma cow someday.

  5. They must know you are on the way with food, right? They certainly are good looking pigs!!! 🙂

  6. I read diane’s comment as “good cooking pigs” – my next eye test is long overdue! The pictures are all sublime – I snitched one for poetic inspiration.
    We have a lull between two storms today, bright sunshine, but tomorrow is going to be hair-raising.
    ViV xox

  7. The piggies are marvellous. Dancing from pure joy. Kind of cabaret, cool, crazy, super! A pity that we could not get the tones. Must have been very exciting. Wow – and their faces! They do that for you, Celi. As a gift for your constant care. So, so lovely. Or kind of Happy birthday-singing. It’s not your birthday today, is it? – Are they cute! So nice. Yes, laughing out loud, as you, as the piggies did… great. Thank you.
    Like your little herd. Re-united. – And of course napping sweethearts…
    Take care and enjoy your day!

  8. Funny piggies! I can’t decide between the boy band and the last shot…which almost looks like they posed with one arm out. Next they’ll be jumping and escaping like their mama. Naomi and Little are so sweet.

  9. Jumping Jacks, for the piggies 🙂 The calendar page could be the top collage just as it is. Laura

  10. Lordy, it’s only 9 a.m. here in sunny Sacramento and already all the good comments are taken. Prodigious pigs. Pinup pigs. Plentiful pigs. You get the idea. Love ’em. You are making a difference in this city girl’s outlook. Heheh. Gayle

  11. Geraldine has her flock at last. I wonder if she has noticed the difference from her “other” flock? I vote for Backstreet Plonkers! Morning

  12. I can imagine Geraldine curled up on the couch like a cat! The Plonkers are hilarious. In Australian there’s a bluegrass band called The Pigs (I linked to it on The Kitchens Garden FB page). Your porky gals/guys, the real deal, could be the US franchise, with an additional band member. They’re such hams! Lovely pics today, very Farmy, just what I need 🙂

  13. if you could get them to wear Santa hats you could make a fabulously hilarious Christmas card….they are truly wonderful piggies!

  14. Work will be easy today but I wonder how productive I shall be laughing all along . . . . Oh, the first ‘boy band’ photo has found its permanent site as my computer background – looks oh so funny – just pipping Boo looking thru’ the crack in the door, which is my all-time favourite! Half-way thru’ September but there still seems such plentiful grass for the cows to enjoy . . . may it last a quite a bit longer . . . meanwhile I got my first lot of summer herbs and vegetable plants home y’day: will be planted with love . . .

  15. Your piggy gang absolutely looks like they’re about to burst into barbershop or Disney tunes, dance moves included. Yay for piglets! Yay for you!

  16. Oh, good heavens the Porcine Review. Well known on the rural circuit. Always met with gales of laughter by the audience. What a crew!

  17. Dancing piggies? Poppy is proud, no doubt. Love Naomi and baby Little. 🙂 Mrs. Flowers will give Geraldine peahen lessons.

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