Thank you

For yesterday … You and your angels are alive and well I think!

Last night – At Last – Mr Flowers found the barn and slept in there all night. So we all slept.  He is a noisy bird that one.

Tui and Pania  are both sitting on eggs, in fact I stole some of Tui’s eggs and gave them to Pania so they both had four each.

Naomi loves Ton, I think she thinks he is her baby brother. Ton on the other hand does not dislike Naomi. But he does not like her either.  She is such a good calf – every day at 1.30 she is standing outside her barn door waiting to be let in for a sleep. There is nothing in there but hay and water neither of which she has any interest in.  She just trots into her corner, bends her knees, sinks to the straw and as I am shutting the door she is going to sleep.

calf following dog


The gardens are growing fast now… we are still getting  lots of rain, not too hot yet.  I was going to cut the hay today but yesterday and last night it rained. Too wet again.  I will consult.  It is getting long.

Fede planted all the pumpkins (in America they are called winter squash) in the empty gaps between the sunflowers.  The sweetcorn and sunflower gardens are going to be wonderful this year, especially with all this help.


I hope you have a lovely day.  You honestly deserve some lovely moments today.

Your friend on the farm,



31 Comments on “Thank you

  1. How cute that baby Naomi still wants her nap! The poppies are wonderful, and everything seems to be as it should be! Good Morning!

  2. Babies love their afternoon nap and Naomi is still a baby
    Glad mr flowers survived
    Good day

  3. How wonderful to see the Kitchens Garden blooming. I too am grateful for yesterday, for all the helping hands held out and the care turned towards me. Thank you, dear Celi, for allowing it and for having such wise friends… xxxx

  4. I suppose it’s Mr. Flowers’ macho behavior that’s got the ladies excited. It sounds like they are doing well with the eggs. Naomi probably thinks she’s a dog, TonTon on the other hand knows better. Your crops are looking good 😉

  5. I haven’t been here is quite some time and it was JT who recently asked what is going on at the farmie! I see your facebook posts and I often like them, it’s just been a bit busy to stop by to read and comment, hope you understand. It’s coincidental that the first pic is the peacock, our peacock (at the High Park Zoo) recently escaped and has not yet been found. Each day he is out makes it less likely as there are many predators in the park. It’s unfortunate as he was really showing off the last time I saw him on my morning walk. The garden looks lovely, my peonies are just about to burst into bloom. We haven’t had a lot of rain, which makes it rather difficult for the vegetation, JT waters the garden when he can but we are on sand (the old banks of prehistoric Lake Ontario) and the water just trickles on through. Hope all is well. XOXO

  6. As I am usually early to read your posts, I missed most of yesterday’s outpouring of love and knowledge, so I went back and read through it. This Fellowship really is something else!
    Naomi is doing very well and is so sweet that I’m surprised Tonton doesn’t like her much.
    Keep ’em coming, Celie, but don’t wear yourself out!
    ViV xox

  7. Just love the shot of the pigs and Boo!!!! And it is so cool to see a garden not surrounded by fences, as we absolutely must have here to keep the deer from eating all our food! Can’t wait to see your gardens continuing to grow! xo

  8. Gosh, he’s busy! It’s one thing for the owner of a farm to be busy: we have lots to be responsible for and then we reap the benefits. But to have a worker be so diligent and only be the worker not the owner, well, that’s a man to behold!

  9. Everyone needs an afternoon nap. Studies have shown they are good for the heart. I was thinking of all your lovelies as I took mine at the same time. So happy Mr. Flowers decided to come home. We would miss him. I love how Naomi has bonded with Ton. Hope you are getting some extra rest too. As the seasons change, it takes a bit more energy to keep moving. Your garden is looking so wonderful.

  10. Ahh Naomi is so sweet 😊. I love your peonies, what a fantastic colour. Have a lovely day x

  11. Janet Knight has stolen my words. I love Naomi. What a sweet, sweet girl. I love babies who know when it is time to sleep and just do it. My second was like that. She used to send herself off for her nap. Just like that. Don’t the hall, to bed. Easy peasy. And your peonies are so beautiful. I could bury my nose in those…Love ’em!

  12. I remembered just now, that years ago I planted a garden which was an experimental garden being tried in Mexico. It was beans and peas climbing up corn stalk and squash between them. It worked a treat! The corn provided support for the beans and peas, the legumes provided nitrogen for the corn and squash and the squash found its was around everything on the ground. I think that combo might have been the most successful one I’ve tried. As usual I’m wittering on with no idea why I’m telling you think…lol. Hope you’re having a beautiful day. I’m outahere to put up the paintings for the art in the garden show in my garden…gulp. 😀

    • As I was reading your comment Veronica, I had to chuckle about “experimental”. I live in Southern Ontario, and that was a traditional garden for centuries for the Native Americans. The concept is referred to as “The Three Sisters”. The corn provides height for the beans, the beans fix the nitrogen, the squash provides shade (water retention and weed suppression) for all the roots – and when cooked and served together the dish is a complete protein. For many early people those dried ingredients may have been the main source of protein in late winter – as dried meat supplies were getting low, hunting was difficult and the new gardens were not ready. From a landscape perspective, it also was a good way of stabilizing the soil and had the added bonus of looking beautiful with the greenery and the blooms and the coloured fruits of the plants.

      I wanted to mention the High Park peacock on the loose – but Eva Taylor beat me to it. As far as I know he’s still on the loose, but seems to have the instinct to roost high (roof tops and 60-ft trees) so perhaps he’ll find his way home. If you are interested, try and scroll down a bit for the story. He became quite a media sensation yesterday.

      Love the pictures – and you have a real treasure in Fede.
      Chris S. in Canada

      • @ Veronica Roth & Chris S: Thank you so much for giving some insights to the way of good gardening or farming. It’s so great. – I’ve heard of it before, named as ‘perma culture’ (or maybe kind of). – But alas, living in a big city have no garden.
        With love . Irmi

    • I used to do that in New Zealand too.. but always with the pumpkins and sunflowers.. I love combining the flowers with the vegetables.. Experimenting in the garden is so good.. you can always start again next season! c

  13. What an excellent idea to use a post-hole digger for planting! I never would have thought of it. Of course, after spending a week using one to dig post-holes, one prefers never to think of that particular tool again, but perhaps I’ll reconsider.

  14. Here’s what I didn’t say yesterday but should have: I start my day with your beautiful blog and honest words. It is a moment peace before work and the rest of my life. In an area where image and bullshit superficiality reigns, it is a quiet cup of another reality and of something bigger than an I, me, or my.

  15. Naomi is just so sweet. I wish Ton would show her a bit of affection but I guess it isn’t in his sober nature.
    It must be hard for Mr. flowers to find a place to sleep that will accommodate his prodigious tail. He can’t just sleep anywhere he hangs his hat.

  16. Here’s what I didn’t say yesterday but should have: DITTO case mariposa! Perfectly said and my sentiments exactly. And for today….love love love all that is going on in the beautiful spring gardens of the Farmy. Everything is thriving, growing, content and you C. deserve much loveliness in your day (s) Too!

  17. Love the pic with the pigs and Boo from above.
    I wish you a lot of lovely moments totday, Celi …
    Love to all of you on the Farmy!

  18. Hey Celi, I used to plant sunflowers in my 3 sisters garden too. The rats ate all my corn a few years back so I threw my dummy out of the cot, and haven’t grown it since. 😢 Gorgeous pics

  19. This Site makes me feeling well, everytime I come by and read the posts and whatch the stunning photos – i.e. daily. Maybe I can say I’m taking my daily dose of love… 🙂 – I am going to learn a lot, I get inspired (for instance I have read the whole wiki articles about the Architect Frank Lloyd Wright – thanks for the link – I read that one of Route 66, too) and I get inside to US’s and NZ’s way of living, what I appreciate very much.

    So, your title of today is “Thank You” – it’s me to say thank you once more…

    Today I had some phrases in my mind like “On a Sunday morning Sidewalk” – and this led me stright ahead to re-listening the old Western & Country songs on YouTube: Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, Willie, Lynn Andersen, Emmylou Harris…. I think you know better what I am talking about. I was crying all over, everyone of these old songs was so touching and reminded me to these times… Oh, what a day today. – One of that songs though reminded me of the Farmy, that’s why I want to share it with you – I hope, you do agree, Celi:

    My bills are all due and the babies need shoes, but I’m busted
    Cotton is down to a quarter a pound and I’m busted
    I got a cow that went dry and a hen that won’t lay
    A big stack of bills that gets bigger each day
    The county will haul my belongings away – I’m busted.

    I went to my brother to ask for a loan, cause I was busted
    I hate to beg like a dog without bone, but I’m busted ……..

    My brother stood there, “ain’t a thing I can do,
    My wife and my kids are all down with the flu
    And I was just thinkin’ about callin’ on you, excuse me Mike, I’m busted.

    Lord, I ain’t no thief, but a man can go wrong, when he’s busted.
    The food that we canned last summer is gone, and I’m busted.

    The fields are all bare and the cotton won’t grow
    Me and my family’s gotta pack up and go
    But I’ll make a living, the Lord only knows (or: just where, I don’t know)
    Cause I’m busted.

    So far Johnny Cash in the Fifties.

    It’s so sad, do you know that song? – I had in mind Lady Astor with Naomi and the chooks with the frist three lines and I was wishing, that such a situation never, never ever will happen to the Farmy. So I send all my love to the Farmy and it’s creatures and inhabitants and I wish the Farmy to be blessed forever.
    And there was a question arising, too: I wondered and am curious to know what kind of music are you listening to at the Farmy? You mentioned it once, that you have a lot of music around. What kind of music are you introducing to our friend Federico, Celi? Is it Western Songs, old or new music or just what the radio delivers over there? When I was learning foreign languages – as Federico is learning English now – I always addressed to the music: I collected the lyrics (with the help of friends, on magazines and still today by the web), I tried to understand and to re-sing the songs often and with every new song I learnt a lot more about the cultures and – best of all – I learnt the languages. I had a lot of fun that way. – Just as a hint for Federico. Oh, and there are so many good English songs in your country, Celi, for him to learn the language in an easy way.
    Um, I wanted to share that with you – it’s far too long for a comment, I hope I’ve not taken too much space here in the comment section?
    Have a nice evening…

  20. All the ‘thank you’s’ belong to you . . . . without your thoughts and musings we would not have a place where to begin our day . . .

  21. It’s so interesting how animals on the farm become pals–a cow and a pony, for instance, or Boo and the pigs. I wonder if Naomi thinks Ton is just a good candidate for companionship. She always looks very sweet.

  22. Love the photo of Sheila, Poppy, and Boo. So glad Mr. Flowers kept his trumpet to himself last night. Naomi is a sweet girl. I hope she and Ton get to be friends.

  23. I am a day late with my comment, I did have a wonderful day yesterday with Elly, George and Buffy the dog. We had a ‘halfway’ meet-up for lunch, good food, a wintery walk with Buffy and hugs plenty of hugs and doggy kisses. 119 mile round trip for me but well worth every second.

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