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Mud on my foot

Peghorn (in the header) has mud on his feet from being out in the field searching for forgotton corn too – he is my oldest rooster. He is Old old. He is a loner. He had a tough summer as the oldest rooster –… Continue Reading “Mud on my foot”

Tane goes for a walk

A LONG walk. He is convinced, poor deluded fella, that there simply must be a few kernels of corn left for him way out there in the field. But alas the harvesters nowadays leave nothing at all behind.  And after the tiller has been… Continue Reading “Tane goes for a walk”

Sheila as a horse

I lay on Sheila (my old Hereford pig)  as she walked the field in the sun yesterday. She was  wandering through the pasture, grazing, but she is so tall, up to my hip that it was easy for me to just slide my body over hers… Continue Reading “Sheila as a horse”

Not from today

I have been going through my old photographs.  Looking for the TWELVE for the calendar. And when I went out with Camera House to take some shots in the last of the light, as the Cadet and I worked through the chores, I discovered  I… Continue Reading “Not from today”

Autumn Rains

And rains and rains and winds and winds. Though today is just wind. Cold wind. Yesterday evening, in my clown suit and jacket, I opened the gates for the cows to come up and shelter by the barn for the night and they GALLOPED through… Continue Reading “Autumn Rains”

Bird brains

One of Hugo’s chicks jumped out of her brooder and took her good self for a walk into the glass house yesterday. These chicks who I purposely bred with one of the new dappled roosters, are so pretty and robust. The turkeys have taken it… Continue Reading “Bird brains”

A girl and A peahen

The dog and the turkeys. Will we finally get some tomatoes? Piggie heaven. Here is the girl (our cadet) and her peahen – Geraldine.  Geraldine is such an angel of a bird. I called to her and up she came and rushed across, I… Continue Reading “A girl and A peahen”

Go On, Laugh Out Loud

You will get a laugh out of this lot.  A chip off the old block! I finally took Geraldine up to the loft to bond with Mrs Flowers. I checked on them multiple times in the afternoon but other than Geraldine calling out for me,… Continue Reading “Go On, Laugh Out Loud”

Thank you

For yesterday … You and your angels are alive and well I think! Last night – At Last – Mr Flowers found the barn and slept in there all night. So we all slept.  He is a noisy bird that one. Tui and Pania  are both sitting… Continue Reading “Thank you”

Tick tack

When Mr Flowers has his tail up at full power he does this funny thing. Imagine the tail spread out  as an enormous fan, maybe 150 to 200 feathers ,   now count in ten feathers from the right and imagine the next four feathers… Continue Reading “Tick tack”