Sheila as a horse

I lay on Sheila (my old Hereford pig)  as she walked the field in the sun yesterday. She was  wandering through the pasture, grazing, but she is so tall, up to my hip that it was easy for me to just slide my body over hers and lie there – she just walked slowly along grunting, with me hanging off her like a benevolent tick. She was in a good mood, she likes the sun and grass.


Can you see her extra set of legs – TonTon of course.

hereford pigs

My home-field herd is doing well though Difficult is always getting lost. I lock her in at night so she stays undercover – she still has the occasional cough – so she finds it hard to bond with them.  We will need to mind her in the cold especially if it is blowing.

All the gateways are deep with mud.  Some gates I cannot even go through, I would sink straight into the mud and  be lost without trace.  The cows don’t care that I have to take the long way round.


Let’s look at Sheila again – isn’t she beautiful. I love Sheila.


My big fat pig.

Look at this shot – Violet is so embarrassed. “OH Mum.” I hear her say. “I am old enough to wash my own face you know. Stop it .. ” she whines in that internationally recognised sing songy baby voice.  “People are watching. Oh Muuuum. ”
Violet and Mrs Flowers

Violet is waiting for her dinner. I put feed into those little plastic tubs and all the big birds perch there to eat.


I hope you have a lovely day.


56 Comments on “Sheila as a horse

  1. It strikes me that beautiful Sheila is looking a bit more streamlined these days, or perhaps that’s her best side? She really is a lovely colour, and an impressive size. I love the mental image of her mooching thoughtfully through the grass with you draped decoratively over her back like some sort of really exotic fur coat…

  2. I was looking out for a picture of C lieing on Sheila, but the 8-legged creature you gave us was even better! Our horses used to poach the field gateways, so we had a lorryload of stone chippings which we laid over the mud. It really helped with drainage and was much easier to walk on.
    ViV xox

  3. Look at Mr Flowers tail – it is going to be even more gorgeous next spring. I’m wondering if Sheila is going to show any interest in Manu, she must be aware he is on the farmy? Laura

  4. Ha ha what a funny picture that conjured up! Relaxing on a piggy. 😀

  5. A good freeze would help with the muck out there wouldn’t it? Of course then there is another set of problems. I sounds like a mellow day. Hope you have one.

  6. You so remind me of My John Celi, who LOVES the pigs! 🙂 And our oldest, Roxie, has an intestinal issue making it very difficult for her to void her bowels. She has been on kefir for awhile, and that has helped, but sadly, we think that she won’t be able to be bred again. Anyway, My John can’t bear the thought that maybe the abattoir should be an option, so it looks like she will be a Sheila Jr, one of our pets here on the farm. 🙂

  7. Next we will have Celi the Trapeze Artist dancing along Sheila’s back like it was a tightrope! We of course will want a picture!

  8. Yes, Sheila is looking rather svelte in these photos; really mature and healthy looking.. She should be good and ready to bring forth a grand pile of piglets come spring, and won’t that be fun.
    And poor sad Difficult, he (she?) really has had a tough time just keeping up, hasn’t he. I would think he’d be so much happier with a buddy, one he bonded with. Makes me think of Rudolph, not being allowed to join in the reindeer games. Never mind, must have heard a Christmas song when I wasn’t paying attention.
    Hope you have a lovely day too! ~ Mame 🙂

  9. I’m sure that you were very refined while Sheila took you for a walk round. I don’t believe that I was refined at all when I was (very) young riding the (much smaller) pigs at my sister’s farm. And I’m quite sure you did not get nearly as dirty as I did, however I’ll bet we each had about the same amount of fun and joy.

    Thank you for fixing the blog so that I am able to comment again. I don’t know what was wrong, but it appears to be working just fine now.

    Chris S in Canada

  10. Shelia is indeed beautiful !! I love the environment all your animals live in – full of nature and kind attention. I’m sure NONE of you is looking forward to the cold weather…

  11. Look how lovely and green you still are…here we are frozen brown, with patches of dirty snow and ice, and then MUD!


  12. At first glance I thought “Wow! Sheila has a set of teats all right!!” Didn’t look close enough to see they were furry too!

  13. At first glance I said to myself, “Wow! Sheila sure has a set of teats on her!” I didn’t look close enough to see that they were furry too.

  14. Sheila’s coat is such a beautiful colour. You got good shots of her today. And the grass looks in a very healthy state. Love the title by the way, and the word picture of you riding Sheila. I never know what you are going to come up with next.

  15. I was thinking about a blanket also for Difficult….and I just love your Sheila…imagine a pig tolerating a hitchhiker! She’s a sweetie.

  16. Yes, I am awfully fond of Sheila also: I mean we joined the menagerie practically together, BUT I am SO happy to see how well Violet has grown . . . .bet she feels like a big girl! ‘Cut it out, Mom’!!!!

  17. You are the luckiest woman alive with Sheila as your friend! She’s a magnificent beauty. Isn’t it wonderful to lay on/with her and feel the connection? I think it’s love. That’s how I feel about Daisy deer. She’s more wild now, but she still mutual grooms me, and she still lets me lay with her if she’s alone in the woods. Of course I do as the deer do… she faces the north and I sit or lay facing the south. We don’t say anything. She chews her cud and I just watch her. I just wish I had a nice set of hooves. I’m a real clutz trying to follow her with any grace in the woodlands 😦

  18. Yay, I can comment again! I don’t have anything to say especially, just want to join in the comments again. I love the idea of being able to ‘ride’ a pig, like the old nursery rhyme! It shows how much Sheila trusts you, to let you do that.

  19. Such a beauty, Sheila is. Your beautiful blog has given me a deeper love for the farm animals. I do hope that Difficult gets better before the hideous cold kicks in. We’ve had such a mild November and now December.

  20. Yesterday I was (and still am) very busy in finishing a gift for my uncle’s 80th birthday next Wednesday – I’m crocheting a prayer shawl or scarf with a Portuguese lettering (he’s a priest who lived his whole life in Brazil – and still does, coming “home” every year). So hadn’t time to comment yesterday. – What a funny thing of you riding your Sheila. The photographs of her are all great, a beautiful animal she is, too. –
    Btw. it must have been an angel who brought my neighbour to the insight to have removed the ugly stripes of light from that poor tree. I’m not anymore blinded in the nights. I do hope though he’s not working on another (bad) idea… 🙂

  21. I can just imagine the UPS or FedEx driver pulling up into your drive as you take Sheila for a ride. I bet they just keep going, returning the next day when everything is back to normal. Little will they realize that this is normal for you and your Sheila.

  22. What a welcome sight to see Mr. Flowers bright plumage. It’s like an early harbinger of spring.

  23. Oops, I don’t see my earlier comment, so I guess you don’t allow links. Sorry – just wanted to share the goat version of the “aw muuummmm” face from my blog. Didn;t mean to beak the rules! 😉

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