More pipe…

…so John can make me another hay feeder for the cows.  Though Lady Astor would rather I didn’t find any more pipe to make another hay feeder because she loves the lovely soft hay bed I throw down for her every day! To lie in –  apparently. (now that I took the good feeder across to the West Barn.)

cow sleeping on hay

The car-boot hay feeder (in the header) is not much better.

Peahen camouflage – who knew.


I hope you have a lovely day!





32 Comments on “Wanted:

  1. Pregnant Ladies deserve a soft bed – at least. Enjoy your Sunday, I bet you are packing and ehm repacking 🙂 Laura

  2. Would it be too much work to use a haynet? Or do you need to give her more than an ordinary haynet holds? You could tie it to the fence or gate to keep it out of the mud and keep her off her feed, if you know what I mean!

    • Well, firsty there are four cows eating, each cow eats about half a bale a day – those little nets are for horses that are travelling i think – or shows.. She does have other places that the hay is for eating not lying on – but I do like my homemade NZ feeders.. c

  3. What a nice and soft blanket Lady is lying on ! Such a nice bed she made. I mean cows seem “know” that hay is bi-functional… Hehe.

  4. Cows are like cats- they sleep wherever they want-no matter the inconvenience for the humans….cheers!

  5. For some reason, the white background of your text covers a good inch of the bottom of your header photo, so today, for instance, I can only see the tips of someone’s ears. I think it might be Naomi and I can’t see anything below them. Very frustrating.

  6. What size of pipe are you looking for? Of course it would be quite a drive, but next time I’m at the old farm in Nebraska I could look for treasures! My brother owns the home place (we sold the farm ground years ago) and there are all sorts of materials just sitting around or stacked in the barns. That car trunk that you use as a feeder – what make and model of car is that? Does it have an interesting history? I have always thought that was a good use for a trunk!

  7. Hello. I have been reading for a while but have not commented. I would like to purchase a calendar. I love your animals. Hope to visit sometime ( paying to stay of course. I just would like to take it all in).
    Maura in St. Louis, Missouri

    • Maura, hullo! I would love to have you visit. Keep in touch on that one. Please send me an email with your email address in the message and I will send you a link to the calendar.. there is a little book too – I like it more than the calendar! my email is celima.g.7@gmail.com

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