Mr Flowers glowers down from his perch in the barn. maybe-earlier-038

His tail is coming in fast now, long and luxurious. Being a cross between a white peacock and the blue peacock he has a few random white feathers in his plumage.


Motion makes these feathers hard to focus on in the dimness of the barn.  He hefts his tail and twists to look at me suspiciously, his tail an obedient swish of curtain.

We were ready for the snow to begin then once the snow plow was in place the weather forecaster took the majority of the snow out of the forecast.


Then put a little back in. Only a dusting really.  In the night. Maybe an inch. Just a nuisance really.  This is an unsettled pattern. The forcasters cannot make up their minds when and how much will come so i am bettering on a a couple of dustings.


I hope tomorrows snow gets taken out. I am off to give blood tomorrow.  Giving blood is my charity.

Those of you who remember the old codger will be sad to hear that we buried him yesterday. He had lived for almost a century and kept up with every change. He had been living in California with his daughter this last year. He and Ton were the best of friends –  thick as thieves those two.  Though I lost touch with him towards the end I will remember our visits fondly. He was a real character and will be missed. He lived a very full and very long life, bless him.

One thing he said to me often “Why do you milk those cows, don’t you know you can buy milk at the supermarket?”

I will be milking early this morning. I think we are already at our high for the day and the sun is only just seeping into the thick cloud cover we will work below for the next week or so.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


Sunday 02/04 20% / 0 in
Cloudy. Gusty winds this morning. A few flurries or snow showers possible. Morning high of 30F with temps falling to near 15. Winds NNW at 20 to 30 mph.

Sunday Night 02/04 0% / 0 in
A clear sky. Low 7F. Winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph.

7:00 am 5:13 pm

Waning Gibbous, 80% visible 10:10 pm 9:36 am


58 Comments on “MOTION

  1. Mr Flowers is extravagantly beautiful, with those white ‘ghost’ feathers amongst the blues and greens. I particularly like how the white sets off the fiery orange eye. Glad to see Mr Tane none the worse for his midnight hike to the edge of darkness; there’s a distinct twinkle in that black beady eye. I’m sorry for the loss of the Old Codger. Another repository of wisdom and knowledge gone…

  2. I do remember the Old Codger & am sorry to read of his passing. If you all buried him then he has come back to his home where he was loved, appreciated & will be fondly remembered. We have a dusting of snow too here in Asheville this morning, and rain is predicted for the day. Very chill & gloomy.

  3. Good morning, c. I have fond memories of Dale. In his own way, I’m sure that would amuse him endlessly – some woman living on a different continent having fond recollections of him, and we never even met. God’s speed, Dale.

  4. Hope the snow stays away …. God Speed Dale and my condolences to his family. Laura

  5. Sorry to hear of your loss of an old friend. I suspect his comment about buying milk at the supermarket may have been only half in jest but all in seriousness. If his family was a farming one a century ago when he was a young lad, then being able to simply hop down the road to a convenience store to pick up milk would have been an unheard of luxury.
    Same here, in Toronto Canada, not much more than a thick dusting of the white stuff but snowing now and expected to continue doing so for most of the day. Hope you have a lovely day too. — Mame. 🙃

    • How lucky you are there in the the Big Smoke to have missed it, Mame. Just one hour east and we’ve been getting (somewhere around 12″ now) lake effect since Saturday afternoon…

      • Oh my! Snow has continued all day today but just lightly and accumulation hasn’t been great… yet. 🙃

  6. So sorry to hear about the old codger. We are having very unsettled weather here in Maine as well. Below zero windchill and a dusting of snow followed by days in the upper 30s. Glad we are not kidding yet is all I can say. More power to the milking!

  7. Colorado will take ALL the winter and snow you are willing to spare. We’ve had a very warm and dry winter (only one snow beyond a skiff of snow and that was only an inch or two).

  8. I was wanting to ask about the old codger, but as there’d been no mention, I feared the worst. He reminded me of my landlady’s grandpa in Atlanta, 25 years ago. He was 94 and as old as the century. He was a bit deaf, but had a lot of interesting stories to tell if you made the effort to listen.
    Tane looks pleased with himself and none the worst for wear after his little adventure.

  9. I just read your post from 2012 when he came home recovered from a broken leg. What a treasure in this man. Thank you for sharing his story.

    • Yes I will but as I said yesterday keep in mind there is no kitchen in there – so it is good for short term stays. Chicago is the airport. Two and a half hours from here. I will write again shortly. c

  10. Tane looks good this morning as does Mr Flowers. My condolences to you and the Old Codger’s family. I enjoyed getting to know him in the posts you did in the past. Rest in peace Dale. My 92 year old Aunt passed away last night – the last of her generation in my family. The stories they could tell.

  11. It’s sad the passing of an old friend, but the joy of that friend will live always in memories. Thank you for letting us know about his passing. But, also, Thank you for sharing him with us!

  12. Oh, how I loved those photos of Dale and TonTon and your stories of visiting him 3 times a week or more. I’m convinced that you added a few years to his life by making sure he had good clean food and a regular visitor.

    • I did visit often when he first came out of hospital that time (Ton and I had been going once a week to the rehab home too ) but after a while Dale got sick of me coming so often and told me to stop making such a damn fuss. He sure was a character. So we went back to a couple of times a week instead.

  13. He was such a character and willl be missed. I too was thinking of asking after him but was afraid. I know you’ll miss him. Sorry for your loss.

  14. What is Mr. Flower’s job? Our neighbors have peacocks to protect the hens from raccoons, but I do not know if the peahens make many eggs. I never bothered to ask. White peacocks are popular here. Although white is my favorite color, I still think that peacocks should be colorful.

    • Mr Flowers’s job is to look beautiful while looking down on people. The peahens do lay a few clutches of eggs and sometimes sit but I have not had much luck raising the chicks. So – yeah – they are not much use really . Though simple beauty is uplifting in itself

  15. Mr. Flowers is certainly the king dude! Now that the Old Codger has gone to Heaven, does that make me the Old Curmudgeon who’s birthday is on Christmas Day, move up a notch? LOL. All the critters on the Farmy look in excellent shape. It’s been a horrible Winter so far, but seems like you are doing just fine. PS. I love the old cars that “Our John” has tucked away. You see, I am a car nut too, Old cars are gold, even if you only look at them once a year or so. I guess it’s a guy thing, my wife doesn’t understand me either. She thinks I am a hoarder, and I may be, but a happy Curmudgeon hoarder. Stay warm.

  16. Condolences for the passing of the Old Codger. I remember your stories about him fondly. It’s good that he spent his last days being cared for by family but came home to lay to rest beside his wife. That we should all live as long as well as we can.

    • Yes – he spent decades living alone after his wife died and he fully intended to die in his own bed but dying in his bedroom at his daughters house was better i think.

  17. I am sorry about the old Codger. He was a good man. I’m glad you were able to attend the funeral.

  18. I must have started reading your blog just after the Old Codger had his fall. I went back to read about when he came home and the photos you took were so beautiful. A triumphant man and his adoring dog. Kind thoughts for you all. xx

  19. I, too, went back to read your blog about when the ‘Old Codger’ returned home – it must have been wonderful for him and you all. It’s obvious that Ton Ton was happy. Such a greeting! Everyone needs that kind of adoring love in their lives! Thank you for today’s blog!

  20. My condolences on your loss. I always loved to talk to the old folks, they were incredible libraries which too often were ignored simply because they were old. I learned many things listening to the stories and experiences of the senior members of my family.
    Tane looks very pleased with himself and Mr. Flowers certainly is growing a splendid tail.
    We’ve got about 3 inches of snow down and more to come – which will make the driveway impassable. It’s a pain living on a hill.

      • Not quite impassable but more snow forecast. Once we’ve got ice, we’re stuck. It’s just as bad in front with the ice glacier that forms from the running water – wherever that comes from – and there is some that appears in the back of the building as well. No one seems to be able to figure out where the water comes from or a way to stop it. I suspect it’s a natural spring which ends up finding it’s way around the buildings on the hill.

  21. Remember the Old Codger sitting so handsomely at your dining table . . . may the Boatman who sooner or later comes for all of us have taken him to a peaceful and happy rest. Those in the Lounge today have built a beautiful monument well deserved to remember a lovely gentleman . . .

  22. I must have joined after your Old Codger stories, so I’ll have to go back and have a look. From all of the comments, he sounds like he was quite a character, and much loved. Losing folks in winter is always harder for me somehow. I love the photo of Tane.

  23. I’m very sorry to hear about the Old Codger. He would have seen so many things in his lifetime. My dad, born in 1903, lived till 2000 – can you just imagine the changes in the world that he saw? When he was a child in London, England, there was still gas lighting – when he was an old man there was solar powered lighting. And all the things in between – cars, telephones, computers, men on the moon. I don’t think there will ever be a generation again that sees that much change in one lifetime.

    I tried to learn as much as I could from him before he was gone. I still miss him every day.

    Chris S in Canada

  24. Like others, I’d wondered where the Old Codger had gone. I hadn’t asked because I know you are circumspect on purpose, more often than not. Well, back to the earth, old man, we all enjoyed the sliver of life and colorful stores you shared with us through Miss C. <3

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