I was taking photographs of the Kitchens Garden Retreat yesterday. My little airbnb apartment. I have guests coming in today, so while it looked so pretty, I thought I would take some shots and update the site.  I don’t mind if you have a look too.


Of course we have snow coming in later tonight so that will be interesting. The guests cannot park close to their little wing when there is weather coming in. We unload then take the car down to park by the barn. Not as convenient but better than getting stuck.


My favourite part of hosting is the dressing of the rooms. It is like setting up a stage for the theatre.  Or creating a film set.  Every detail sends a message and I just love that. It is a little like playing house. The bread is rising and soon I will boil some eggs and make the butter and stock the fridge full of interesting food from the farm. After I milk the cow this afternoon I will place a little bottle of fresh milk in the fridge for their coffee in the morning.  I always put in storebought milk too just in case they do not choose the raw milk. It is a choice after all.

In the summer I hope to get more guests.  You are welcome too, of course. In the summer this will develop into a proper farm stay.


In the meantime, there is still farming that needs doing.   We can’t be playing house all day. There is a bit of snow forecast for the next few days but we will see. It is hard to predict. However, we need to be ready for whatever comes our way.


The animals had a day of sun yesterday which was just lovely. Today we will top up all the water tanks, put everything back where it belongs, John will put the snow plough on the truck, I close as many barn doors as I can and we see what happens.  I always find if I am ready for the snow it is never as bad. Plus I changed FLIGHTS – that should cause the Gods to chuckle and pull the snow out altogether.

Twenty-six eggs!  Twenty pounds of milk.   We did well on the farm yesterday. The pigs are happy.


I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: A Pregnant (though windy) Pause as the snow gathers.

Saturday 02/03 0% / 0 in
Overcast. High 39F. Winds SSW at 15 to 25 mph.

Saturday Night 02/03 50% / < 1 in
Cloudy. Snow showers developing late. Low 26F. Winds SSW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of snow 50%.

7:01 am 5:12 pm

Waning Gibbous, 88% visible 9:05 pm 9:04 am

73 Comments on “MY AIRBNB

  1. Oh how l would love to stay in you BB…it looks so comfortable and welcoming… Maybe l should start planning for 2019 as 2018 is already planned…where is the nearest airport? Enjoy your guests and hopefully they will not get stuck in the storm…send me an email at as l dont always see the replies to comments..and l am quite serious

    • It is just a bought one – but very pretty isn’t it. I do have a number of really old handmade ones from John’s family. One is almost 150 years old. c

  2. Your airbnb looks lovely!!! And fresh bread upon arrival!?! Your guests will be delighted!!! 🙂

  3. Very, very cozy and I love your phrase of “dressing the rooms”. How nice that is! I may steal, er, borrow that delightful phrase.
    Snow predicted up here, too, today, and more gray days. 🙁

  4. They won’t get bored in a snowstorm with their fantastic library!
    Though if it was me, I’d probably want to spend my time talking to the pigs.

    • Yes – I think you would too – though there is always reading and sitting with pigs – maybe not this lot though – i think they would eat the book right out of your hands. c

  5. Looks the business, I hope it goes well for you, I have heard nothing but good things from friends who have rooms on Airbnb.

  6. It looks perfect for anyone wanting to just switch off and take some deep, peaceful breaths. I’d be spending most of my time in that bed with cups of coffee and and an armful of those books…

    • Everywhere I live I collect books – I just can’t help myself – it will not be long and i will have run out of room here. Books are not too expensive in America. If you buy the sales that is.

      • They’re a bit pricey here, to the extent that I buy from instead of Doesn’t stop me having (and buying) far too many…

  7. That living space is gorgeous and comfortable looking. But you know me… if the weather is decent I could hole up in the barn with the hairy, feathery and furry beasts. 😀

  8. Oh, yes, very cosy looking and with fresh snow falling outside and inside with fresh eggs, fresh milk, fresh butter, fresh bread and fresh coffee —who could want for anything more? Idyllic! Best wishes for you that you have appreciative guests. — Mame. 🙃

  9. It looks wonderful!
    A weird question, maybe, but the “Thank You” card caught my eye. That is very pretty! Do you know where it is from? Thank you!

  10. Beautiful retreat. I would be so torn between that bed and books and chatting to much loved farmy characters. Not to mention I am back into full on egg envy again😀 Laura

  11. Just love those tall, tall windows behind the little table! Looking at the bath, though, I’m afraid the towels and soaps are too high for me to reach Did our John put up the bracket and shelf perchance? Men always put things so high in the sky that short folk like me can’t reach them! My kitchen is a good fr’instance! So beautiful there!.

  12. We we’ve been on a island, fleeing from winter for a while, and somehow lost contact. No signal, or no desire to look back? Anyway my dear and I just got this email from friends, and are happily back picturing farmy life: “After reading the Kitchen’s Garden today I think we should book it together some time.  You get the old horse trailer with the pigs, but maybe we could trade off one night.”

  13. Did not think you would get visitors to the airBNB until April/May – delighted to be wrong! You have made it oh so welcoming and I agree with Kate that I too would probably be in that comfortable-looking bed with cups of whatever devouring your library 🙂 ! Methinks the charm you have created, which certainly foes not look theatrical, is largely dependant on the room looking ‘at home’ and in no way commercial . . . .well, I have threatened a common friend of ours with a visit to Chicago for years and have been firmly promised a trip to the farmy . . . . so methinks I am lining up also . . . .

  14. I was just looking at your Airbnb listing yesterday, from the top of this page. It looks so inviting! Your current weather makes it seem all the more cozy and lovely. I hope you enjoy your incoming guests.

    • The weather makes us all want to stay inside all cosied up that is for sure – but now I have to put my outside clothes on and go check that everyone is safe in bed before i close up the barn for the night. Cold and windy out there.

  15. All those books in the B&B would have me there in a minute. It’s quite lovely. Being ready for the snow is the best way to put it off and canceling your plans could clinch it.

  16. I am trying to budget a visit. Touch and go as always. Is there any easy (ha) way to get from the airport to the farmy if one doesn’t want to rent a vehicle?

  17. I’m so disappointed – the weekend I wanted to come to Chicago (first weekend in June) is already booked at your place. I’m happy for you, but sad for me.

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