Cows love their babies too

Alex and Txiki.

Alex is such a good mother – she is with her baby all the time and is totally devoted.  She would never leave her baby all alone down the back of the field in a storm. Alex always knows where her baby is.

Lady Astor on the other hand seldom knows where her son Bobby T is and has no idea what he is up to at any given time. Today he is EIGHT days old.

Not bad for a littl’un.

And on the other side I have just installed  a new Hereford steer.


I bought him yesterday. He is a beef animal. Another Bobby. In Fact he is a Bobby T too. Bobby T2.  I will photograph him for you today.  He is a very healthy animal.  And will live in these pastures until the end of next summer. Remember this is a farm not a zoo. I grow food here.  I think it is one of the most important challenges of modern day life –  to find out where your food comes from.  Or failing that; find a farmer who will grow your food for you so you can SEE where it comes from.  Take control of what we eat.

The frogs woke up yesterday – last night after a huge amount of rain the frogs were out in force and the night was alive with their night sounds.  It sounds like summer – now all we need is the sun!DSC_0892

I hope you have a lovely day.


38 Comments on “Cows love their babies too

  1. Bless!
    I suppose Lady Astor is over the birthing thing – Bobby T is a long way from her first. However, he looks like he’s going to be an intrepid explorer and will want a driving license soon 😉

  2. Aw so sweet to see a lovey Mama Alex!! and Txiki wuvs being cuddled by Mama! And crazy Bobby T looks like he’s full of spunk! I doubt if his Mama can keep up with him!! love these pictures of him in the trunk!! Calendar pictures! Stay dry!! We had 3″ here at Pontiac!

  3. Completely agree more people should know where their food comes from! I hope the more who see examples like this of our meat ” grown” in a humane way more people will question the cruelty of big ag. One hopes anyway. 😊

  4. Such touching photos of Alex loving her baby. I can’t believe what an adventurous wee ‘un Bobby T is, but I suspect Lady A is over maternity for the moment… If he’s not in obvious danger, and turns up regularly for meals, she’s letting him get on with it. He is a tad young, perhaps… Looking forward to our introduction to Bobby T2, or should that be Bobby TT?

  5. I suppose cows are like people..some mothers tenderly look after their baby whilst other mothers just let them get on with it.Not sure which way is best but baby seems to be very bog and very independant…..

    Yes it is hard knowing that beef is being bought to be killed but that is business..we just know that whilst they are with you..they get love and care  so  all is well…love and stuff xxxx


    Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2016 at 1:27 PM

  6. Peepers have finally really gotten going here as well. It was a very late start for such a mild winter. Beautiful baby photos. Both the babies are gorgeous and look like they are thriving. Yay for home-grown food :*)

  7. That montage of Alex and Txiki is a calendar page for sure. So sweet. Sigh … I have said it before, if only I lived closer you would be my grocery store. Our night time temperatures are finally dropping so my frogs have buried themselves for the duration. Laura

  8. Alex and her baby are incredibly sweet. But that little Bobby jumping into the trunk of the car is hysterical and he couldn’t do that if his mamma were quite as attentive as Alex. Funny. Mothering comes in all flavors.

  9. The trunk of my car gets dirty with debris and grass clippings that fall off my golf stuff. I hope it never gets as messy as your car trunk. Holy cow!

  10. Hum, I wonder if Lady A’s other calves before you were just taken away and bottle fed. Most dairy cows have no idea what raising a calf is about as they are just having calves to produce milk. Calves are a bi-product of the milk industry. Such a sad sad comment isn’t it.

      • Odd, but luckily she has you and the rest of the herd. It takes a village they say and Lady A believes in using it.

    • Kind of like the throw away foals needed to be able to make Premarin (made from the urine of pregnant mares) for menopause symptoms, truly sad.

  11. I opened the pictures of Alex and Txiki and by accident clicked through them quickly…the time lapse let me actually see them snuggling!!!
    Such beautiful animals you have on the farmy, Miss C. We ALL need to know where our food comes from. You are doing so much, not only feeding your family, but sharing such important truths about life. Wishing sunshine for you soon. 🙂

    • Very cool…..didn’t know this was possible. The time lapse of loving Mom kisses is heartwarming………..the time lapse of Bobby T jumping in and out of the trunk will make me laugh all day.

  12. I love that last photo of Alex and Txiki. As others have said it takes all sorts! I hope your sun shines soon, ours has gone into hiding too. Have a great day.

  13. It’s always a joy – and a relief! – when a mama is a natural, isn’t it? I don’t realize I’m almost holding my breath in the first minute after a kid arrives…until I hear a sigh of relief when I see the doe shift into GoodMamaGoat Mode and I know that kid will be watched over and taken care of every moment.

  14. It’s still terribly cold here—good for the spring blooming bulbs, but hard on a person who loves the heat and the sun ME!


  15. I smile so much seeing the Cows and their calves in your wonderful pics. We get to see them in the fields but not up close like this.
    We are lucky to buy locally grown beef, the farm is only a few miles from us and we are able to see how they are raised. It’s hard to even think about grocery store meat.
    Can’t wait to see your new steer.

  16. oh my goodness! That little bull calf is quite the explorer. Does he go look for his mom when he’s hungry?

  17. I find it fascinating how different each and every animal is… even among their own kind. And I find it hard to understand how Lady Astor doesn’t seem to care about her ‘bouncing baby boy’. I guess that’s just her nature… He sure is a beauty!!

  18. Ha ha! Little bull calves are so spunky. Deer bucks are the same way. The photos of Alex and Txiki are precious. Sometimes, it is just love at first sight.

  19. Was reading an article in a runners magazine this morning about the health benefits of awe and wonderment. These photos provide a good dose of awe today.

  20. Well, Bobby T was kind of ‘overdue’, so being a big boy really, he is showing us just that – got a brain too: logical to get on top of the food 🙂 ! And if he is so independent ’tis surely OK if Mom just ‘supervises’ from a distance!!

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