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Happy chick

Molly and Tahiti are hard to get a decent photo of  at the moment- they are so grateful to be back that they are at my heels the whole time I am in there with them. They are big girls now and I have… Continue Reading “Happy chick”


This little turkey had a rough start. Right from the start – he could not keep his head still, it rolled and rolled as though he was in need of an exorcism. He kept launching himself upwards and the propulsion of his body would… Continue Reading “Flipper”

‘ullo ‘ullo ‘ullo?

Whats going on ‘ere then? ANOTHER Ginger Tom? Yesterday I walked into the little feed store. Do you want a cat, she said.  Well actually I want some Oats and rolled Barley, but you can throw in the cat if you like, I said.… Continue Reading “‘ullo ‘ullo ‘ullo?”

What a peachick looks like

Now, we are not officially ‘Meeting’ chickpea yet, he is still following his mother through the pig pen with all that hustle and bustle, under the hooves of cows as she finds water and through the long grass of the fields. So the little… Continue Reading “What a peachick looks like”