… of her disappearance. Actually she is quite chuffed that you noticed that Miss C and Camera House don’t get down the back to photograph her often enough. 

I went down for a camera catch up and caught her in the bath. Can I have a minute to clean up,  she said. pig in mud

Oh she said – well maybe another minute too. Well, on second thoughts, maybe not today. Come back yesterday.

sheila 7

This shot I took the day before yesterday when everyone got a little pumpkin each.

sheila 6

See that tree down in the background of this shot? (below)  That is where Sheila and Poppy have spent the summer.


Yesterday I had a series of meetings and phone calls to begin my project for bulk whole GM free grains to farmers. It is going well. There is a lot of interest. But like every idea it is still just a germ of an idea and needs work to flesh it out and fill it in and make it into a real project.

sheila 1

Seven duck eggs yesterday. And one of my meetings scared up a market. I will send off my egg selling license application today.

sheila3sheila 4

More guests arrived last night into the Airbnb. I will see today how involved they want to be on the farm. You can always tell by their shoes! The weather is going to be perfect this weekend. They will be going back to the city on Sunday replenished, after having absorbed a good amount of Vitamin E and breathing some good fresh air and eating farm fresh eggs.

I hope you have a lovely day – the light is rising.

Love celi

The weather won’t load this morning. The internet is SO SLOW. Suffice to say it is fine and sunny and mild.





  1. Yep. Definitely a round dozen by whatever date l said….Sheila may not be in every post but we all know that she is always there somewhere not far away. She is one big girl that everyone loves….and she dresses for the ooccasion… Beautiful pictures of all the chooks..l love your farm…whether l would say that if l had to work as hard as you do would be a different kettle of fish! Its good when plans come to fruition…plod onwards and upwards … Lots of love and hope your airbribs come with wellie boots

  2. Oh, that last photo is priceless, with all the duck backsides in various poses, particularly the one in the tub! Lovely to see Miss Sheila looking so sleek and healthy, with her lovely mud high-water mark. She is *such* a glamour-queen!

  3. Simple delights… water, mud, a little pumpkin, grass, sunshine and a few good friends to keep one company. A little slice of heaven, isn’t it? Good morning, C.

  4. Sheila modeling her summer outfit!!! And all the chooks joyfully eating their breakfast with the piggies!!! Tane
    sharing his pumpkin with Ms Chick!!!! And the priceless last shot of duckies – butt in the air – dive in!!!!!

  5. I would have thought Sheila and Poppy would be far more concerned about the rumour someone is hiding duck eggs from them😁 Laura

  6. A wonderful set of photos today showing busy days on the farm! My favorite is Tima the Tank plodding through all those chickens.

      • So wonderful for them too! And so important, especially for city folk who don’t often have the opportunity to touch the earth, breathe fresh air and connect with other living species on the planet! 🙂

  7. Is that Wai Wai front and center stage in the one photo? If so, that little one is looking superb, huffy punkin’ ‘hogger’ and all! Loved these photos!

  8. Love the farmy pics today ☺ The weather won’t load here this morning either… nothing to do with the internet. The past few days spring summery sunshine is stuck elsewhere apparently. Back to clouds and late winter temps for us for a few days.

  9. It’s so nice to see Sheila, grand dame of the Farmy. Enjoy these lovely days with the comfortable weather and sunshine.

  10. I didn’t mean to insult Sheila— missed her, that’s all. Her two-tone outfit quite high fashion. She’s probably reading Elle in her free time.

  11. Am singing the ‘Dr Doolittle’ song as I laugh at the ‘backside in the bucket’ photo and count the happily foraging chickens who produce truly organic eggs with, I bet, vey yellow yolks . . .

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