Is fear of spiders a world wide thing? I think so but I wonder why some people are terrified of spiders and others will pick them up and carry them outside. Which are you?

I am of the latter variety.

This time of year the spiders are spinning their webs everywhere. Overnight they can cover a doorway in their delicate needle work.

My track to the Other Side is lined with reeds and this time of year I have to wave a stick in front of me to break the webs as I walk along. They build these strong webs from one side to the other. And I can hear the little spiders sigh as I pass through and they quickly start all over again in my wake.

I imagine their disgust when all they catch is me in their beautiful knitting. I am endlessly washing webs out of my hair. I don’t mind really but I would rather not go to the supermarket with spiders riding along on the sleeve of my jacket.

Today I am meeting with a man who grows grains of all kinds and mills them into flours. This meeting is part of my search for local pig feeds. When he switches from grinding one grain to another he has a short run of overlap where the grains get mixed. This is unsellable and is considered a byproduct. So I am doing some investigation.

One mans byproduct can become another woman’s pig food. Or at least a component on her pigfeed.

He tells me he has a small pellitiser (sp) that we can experiment with. Today will be interesting.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

I am having such trouble loading pictures from either my phone or the camera onto WordPress using my computer. I get the photos in there but they take hours to load onto the page. I cannot work out the problem. So I am writing and publishing this post from the WordPress app. It is useful but limited.


  1. Totally with you on the spiders. I always carefully carry them outside. On the other hand, I am not a fan of snakes. I find it is usually one or the other for people.

  2. Just the word “spider” sends shivers up my spine. I can’t even get close enough to kill it! I am not bothered by other insects or animals. It is strange.

  3. I don’t mind spiders either. Catch them and put them outside. Its odd though, as one of my daughters has a real fear of them, even though as she was growing up I did my best to show them in a positive light.

  4. This time of year, not a day goes by that I don’t walk into a spider’s web. I have to remember to keep my mouth shut as, well, I’ll just say the don’t taste very good. 😦 There is a spider who each and every day, for several weeks now, spins a web outside our big sliding glass doors. We watch her, nose-to-nose, from the inside, spinning away. Sadly, either a something happens by that breaks the nest, or we open the door and slide the screen, but, she rebuilds.

  5. That picture of the spider, spider web and sunrise is beautiful! I’m glad you waited for that to load. It was worth the wait.

  6. I read that it is a Solar flareup that is causing so many technolgy problem…here we have more than usual problems with tv and phones….. Your project sounds really great and profitable to both possible source of food should be wasted… You do get some brilliant ideas!

    • The slow loading into WordPress has been going on a while. Maybe my file is full there. But I don’t have the time of energy to find out the problem- I will when I will.

  7. I had a woman once ask me not to put photos of spiders on my header or in my blog because she couldn’t read without total panic! Ha ha. I love observing spiders and I’m kind to them. We have several right now that build their webs around 8:00 each evening (I notice as it’s usually when I let my little dogs out) and they take them up by 6:30 in the morning. I have not seen the usual garden orbs, but I’m sure they’ll be showing up anytime now. I have also noted many black widows in our storage building over the last couple of weeks. It’s definitely spider season!

  8. Am l afraid of spiders..knew l had missed something …it depends on the size l think…my house spiders ( they dont pay rent) they are useful as they catch the midges in their webs..but l would like to know how they work so quick. I catch them on mop..flick it outside ..and blow me within a short time they are back again. Also outside in the garden l have the same problem as you..l walk face first into web and it gets stuck in my hair. The outside spiders bite as well…l think somewhere in BG they have poisionous ones..just hope its not my garden

  9. I made a deal with the spiders. They can live in the corners, as long as they don’t make too much mess. In return I expect them to keep me bug free. Sometimes they let me down and fail miserably when it comes to mosquitoes. I draw the line at large spiders and relocate them outside.

  10. It seems that there are certain times of the year that spiders are happily spinning everywhere, and other times when we don’t need a stick to swath a path through the webs as we walk about the farm. Thinking about it, it seems to be the wetter, heavier dew mornings when they are still busily spinning in the mornings, as opposed to the drier weeks we often have here in the summers. Spiders are beneficial to the environment! And they certainly help control the insect population anywhere they choose to spin!

  11. I am not good with spiders but the only one I could never kill is the golden orb weaver writing spider. They are definitely the most beautiful spider I’ve ever seen. We had one that lived on our porch and we would feed her. =] ❤

  12. I don’t mind spiders, but I dislike the feeling of scurrying little legs, so I transport them on a sheet of card under an overturned glass. Mind you, we do have some seriously nasty spiders Down Under, and a bite can be not only painful but also make you extremely sick. I’m probably not as cautious around them as I should be… We don’t get a lot of them around the house as we have geckos, who eat not only the flies and mozzies, but also spiders if they can get hold of them. When I do see them, I tend to leave them alone, even the enormous hairy Huntsman spiders (harmless, but intimidating!).

  13. I have a love/hate thing with spiders. Outside my window with a gorgeous web all dewy and sun dappled (that I cannot possible manage to walk through) they are amazing and love prevails. Inside my house, where they may just decide to skitter across my face while I sleep they are greatly disliked. I have the biggest issue with those jumpy, fast moving ones. They mostly end up under my shoe, but the others who hang out nicely in corners get to stay if they behave.
    I was extremely proud of myself the day I was visited by a black spider the size of a silver half-dollar marching across my desk as I sat at my computer. I trapped it under glass and flung it outdoors into a far bush. It was too difficult to imagine the sound and mess that one would have made had I managed to corner it with my shoe!

  14. In My Mother’s House by Colette, she tells about the spider who came down nightly from the upper darkness of the picture rail near the ceiling & took long sips from her mother’s cup of chocolate on her bedside table. Her mother who loved all living creatures delighted in watching the spider in the lamplight dipping into her chocolate. I too had a picture rail in my old house & had even seen a spider peeping over at me in bed. One night it was that very beast I think that came down & bit me in the eye. I came instantly wide awake thinking I must be having an brain hemorrhage. Half-blinded, I drove myself to the ER in the middle of the night to be diagnosed with spider bite to the eyelid. It was wildly painful. I remember that but I didn’t start drinking cocoa at bedtime, & I don’t remember ever getting on a ladder & cleaning the picture rail. I do take spiders out of the house if I can get them into cups or glasses so they can continue their weaving & trapping work. But I also remember Charlotte’s comment about a spider’s work this time of year. She told Wilbur the pig that she was very very weary of the catching & eating flies.

  15. I also take my spiders outside. I live in coastal Oregon though, and there is not much to worry about, spider-wise, here. I imagine being from NZ there is a lot more risk involved with picking up and saving spiders 😛

  16. My husband and I like spiders. One usually stays in the ceiling corner of our bathroom but sometimes ventures forth to join me in the shower. There is a creature I can’t abide and that is the centipede that emerges from our tub drain. They show up regularly. My husband always carries it out and if I’m in a good mood I do too—but if I spot one during the night it’s a goner. Love beetles though—especially ladybugs. Stink bugs invaded us last year. Love their shape. And the green metallic ones. Like they’re wearing armor. Snakes I can’t stand. It’s how they move. I said this to a friend and she responded Well you know they can’t help it.

  17. I have relocated many spiders both at home and at work to save them from panicky co-workers. If I find little spiders in my house plants I leave them alone in hopes the will eat the bad bugs.
    On my local community forum on Facebook people now only post photos in the comments so the fearful can avoid seeing spiders or snakes on the original post.
    I wish that people could appreciate how beneficial most spiders are.

    • How sweet and kind of weird not putting a picture of a spider into the public forum – hiding it in the slightly more private area of the public forum. Though I do feel bad for the people who cannot even look at a picture of one.

  18. We have a house lizard, Lizardo by name. Keeps the house spick and span! No creepy spiders, but we do get centipedes in the shower. Lots of tarantulas and black widows. Love watching the tarantulas – impossible to describe how they walk – stumpily I guess. There’s a big festival honoring them this time of year with prizes for the biggest and best! Snakes – no way!! In fact haven’t seen any up here in the mountains except rattlers. With that happy thought, I’ll go clean the pool where the frogs and raccoons play, Have an interesting day with the pelletizer guy!

  19. I fucking HATE spiders … BUT … wait … BUT … I do leave them in the windows to catch the bugs

  20. They love my bath for some reason and I pick them up and put them onto the plants on my windowsill. I live on the first floor, so ejecting them out of the window seems cruel. Snakes on the other hand…well, I used to shoot them in Africa. So maybe it is one of the other!

  21. I take the big ones outside and release them and the little ones can stay until I dust (once or twice a year lol). None are allowed in my shower – I tell them that too! I can handle garter snakes and that is all I want to see, though we have had rattlers reported in back yards in the police news this summer

  22. I’m fine with spiders, having been taught that you are going to come into money when a spider enters your home. Love the geckos but terrified of snakes …. they are all poisonous as far as i am concerned . Laura

  23. Oh dear! I am not going to sleep tonight. I have a healthy respect for spiders. We need them and I try to let them be outside unless the are where I need to go. I’ve got some almost like the one in your header that I have left alone but watch for carefully going down my porch steps. I’ve been bitten and it hurt for months leaving a large lump. My daughter is allergic to most spider bites. I’m also quite frightened of most snakes though I learned to give the garden snakes here wide space and let them be. Living in the south, we had too many poisonous snakes so now they all give me serious pause and panic. The garden is full of spider webs so I always wear a brimmed hat and long sleeves. I hope the feed situation works out for you. Have a wonderfilled day yourself.

  24. I’m not afraid of spiders but I totally hate them in my house. They’re find outside. One summer when we lived in Miami I started carefully collecting pieces of strong web. The big spiders would have a non-sticky, strong web that extended far across the yard, usually blocking my access to a clothesline, sometimes 10 feet of web. I carefully wound the length of web around a little piece of cardboard. My plan was to make a tiny weaving of spider web cloth using a needle. But then Hurricane Andrew blew through and all the spiders disappeared! They never did come back before we moved in 1996. I was so very disappointed that I never got enough web to weave.

  25. I am not so much afraid of spiders, but of spider bites. I have allergic issues with insect bites….not deadly just irritating itchy spots that take
    a longtime to go away. And then I shoo some out, but the other day I killed one in our garden shed as it was a Black Widow.
    Hope the farmer has some good feed for your animals! Cheers!

  26. I love and fear spiders, both. I try to protect them, but I have to admit we have some extremely big black fat hairy ones in the ex-barn house we stay in in France. And I’m never quite sure what to do about them. And if I see a Brown Recluse which I have on several occasions in the south, I do take action. Guiltily.

  27. I’m not bothered by either snakes or spiders. Strange thing though, the orb weavers are quite happy spinning their webs from one vehicle to the other over the asphalt paving here or between the posts of the back stairs and porches and not really any plants except down in the alley which is where one would think the spiders would have better catches. I use the pooper scooper handle to remove the webs when I take Smoky out. When I had the house, there was a big picture window on the north side where every fall we’d have at least one orb weaver spinning her web. It was fascinating to sit and watch, the first one was called Hepzibah, the second Mehitable and after my mom passed the spiders never lived there again. As a kid I used to catch and bring home garter snakes they always got taken back to the little prairie on the corner. My oldest step-son thought he’d freak me out by dropping a garter snake into my lap, but I just starting stroking it then lifted it up and put it in the flowerbed. I’ve heard that if you have spiders in your house you don’t have anything really toxic inside.

  28. I don’t mind spiders, and have a chat to the ones who build across my path, telling them they’re welcome, they just have to build away from where I need to walk. Occasionally I have to remind them they’re in my space. And I let the house ones know I’m going to clean their webs away so they scurry to safety. I have a big huntsman who lives behind the toilet, it moves off to safety when I go in and has never bothered me. My house is old with gaps in the floorboards, so easy access for lots of critters. Quite like snakes too, I have 3 living in my roof, big 6 footers, but harmless tree pythons, or night tigers, and at the moment often have to step around them as they sun themselves to warm up, but I don’t usually see them, just find evidence of them with their shed skins hanging everywhere. I give the browns and blacks a wide berth though, they’re poisonous and deadly.

  29. Nice to find so many nature-lovers here. I like spiders way better than mosquitoes, so allow their webs to remain as long as possible. I have two huge garden spiders on my back porch so have to work around them to keep from disturbing their webs. I like snakes, too, for keeping rats and mice down, but haven’t seen a poisonous one in years. Don’t know what I would do about a poisonous one.

  30. I’m of the ‘live and let live’ frame of mind … stay OUT of my house, and don’t spin webs on my car and we’re good. I would NOT pick them up and carry them outside.

  31. We are kind to all matter of spiders in our house. Any creature, really, except mosquitoes, ants, and certain caterpillars.

  32. I have an irrational fear of spiders. Do love the beautiful webs, sunlit and full of dew. They are works of art. I did scoot by your pic, lol. We have what we call the Halloween spider. They are yellow, black and green. Not sure of their real name. They set up business in our gardens. Our grandkids love tossing bugs into their web. They instantly wrap them up. They are a plus to a garden. On the other hand I like snakes, lizards, etc. We live in Rattler country. They actually do good work eating mice and other small pests. Live and let live doesn’t work for them. Rattlers close to the house get dispatched pronto. We always have a flat-edged shovel handy. Snake bite is common here. Back to spiders, I grew up always checking my shoes that have been in the closet for a while. Never know what might have moved in!

  33. I really, really dislike any kind of bugs, anything with more than four legs. My fear comes from a nasty bout of pneumonia when I was in the second grade. I distinctly remember the dreams when I had a very high fever – the blanket on my bed was just crawling with bugs and to this day I cannot abide them. I had a large black & yellow spider living in one end of my raspberry patch one year, I never picked a berry from that end! I like snakes, think they’re cool and rats, lizards, mice, amphibians, etc. don’t bother me at all but keep those bugs away!

  34. Heavens ! I also would not mind spiders or snakes if they were not out to kill me . . . well, Kate has touched on the subject. In my time living semi-rurally, but not on a farm, I have known of over half-a-dozen deaths here and the ambulance oft has its sirens on to take yet another desperately affected to hospital. There are ten well-known poisonous spiders around here and some like the redback are so small you may easily miss them. I always have thick gloves on before I go near an outside tap as I have had to kill dozens of them then and there each year . . . and I would not like a funnel web bite . . . . Both redbellied and brown snakes abound here in the season: one tries not put one’s hand into a flower bed or pot without beating the hell out of it with a stick and I always make certain shoes I have not used for a few days are not home to something ready to bite . . . actually the Huntsman is a lovely one of its kind and many of the hugest of the snakes are pussycats, but the common redbellied black or the deadly brown . . . . . so, here Down Under, I do wish they would just all go away . . . 🙂 !

  35. I don’t mind spiders and don’t even evict them until they get of a size where I can distinguish their face. Then I feel like they had better move on and build their own damn house. Happily for the spiders, my eyesight has been declining of late, so I think they get to be bigger these days than in the old days.
    I attribute my tolerance of insects generally to having lived in a basement for 10 years. You just get used to crawly things. But I don’t like noisy ones or the ones that land on my food.

  36. I like spiders from afar, although I will on occasion catch one and move it to a safer location. That said, I am also careful, knowing they can be quite dangerous.

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