Since I moved the ducks sleeping quarters into the barn their egg numbers have declined.  Only two yesterday. I suspect a skunk. So I have begun a trial. boo1

I hate to go backwards but tonight I will herd them back into their old tin hut for a few days and see how many eggs I get in there. It still may be that they have not settled into laying every day. But nothing big like a skunk or a raccoon can get into the tin hut when the door is shut. So if it is a critter having a nice fatty fresh breakfast then the egg numbers will rise dramatically in the lock up.


This shot (above) of Boo erupting out of the beans on our evening walk is so full of action compared to the opposing shot of the cows grazing in the dusk. Taken within seconds of each other.


Still quite a bit to do today. Though right at the moment I cannot think what. Once I press Publish on todays journal I will write a step by step specific list.

As I think I can hear the low murmur of the ducks in the barn, the crowing of the roosters and the under shuffle of the big pigs. We are all positioning ourselves to the East, for the raising of the dark. The coming of the light that will nudge our day into speed.

There is a dawn bird that has a call that sounds like the breaking of sticks. A long frequent click. He is in the mulberry stand outside the study window. Always in the same place at this time of the morning.

I am going to get to work before sun-up today – I hope to add an extra hour for the next two days. I still feel behind in the house work and cannot settle until I get everything in its rightful place plus clean out and re-arrange this study.  There is too much stuff all of a sudden and I HATE too much stuff.

I hope you have a lovely day.



Thursday 09/13 0% / 0 in
Mainly sunny. High 81F. Winds light and variable.

Thursday Night 09/13 10% / 0 in
A clear sky. Low 58F. Winds light and variable.

6:31 AM 7:05 PM


Waxing Crescent, 17% visible 10:46 AM 9:44 PM







  1. A trail camera would tell you what is going on at night…you can get one on the cheap on Amazon…

  2. It could be a skunk, since you could smell one a couple of days ago, but moving the ducks from place to place can interrupt egg laying.

  3. I too was wondering if the house move didn’t unsettle everyone, hope it is not a skunk. Laura

  4. Isn’t it crazy how you can look around, and that somehow a room/space has become cluttered with lots of stuff that really doesn’t ‘spark joy’ as Marie Kondo says in the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up? Getting rid of ‘the stuff’ can be liberating and the act of doing it, and passing it on to thrift shops and such can also spark joy! 🙂

    • Though I do think Marie Kondo is a bit excessive – but YES – that is the best way of looking at it. And my wardrobe is very slim. But the study is not full of thrift shop stuff – it is all words, words, words – on paper. All the old journals and things simply need to get back to NZ. The rest I will take a big breath and burn. My question is will anyone want this when I am dead. if the answer in NO – then out it goes. It is a tougher one really. c

  5. I’m suffering from ‘stuff allergy’ as well, but I’m attributing mine to the coming of spring. I shall pack boxes of unwanted but perfectly good stuff and pay a visit in turn to the Salvos, Vinnies and Lifeline. And then I will have a frenzy of cupboard cleaning. Maybe.

    • I sometimes wonder if it is because I was/am an adult immigrant – I am always doing a subconscious \”will that all fit in my suitcase equation”. What are your thoughts on that? No matter how long you stay here we continue to be labeled immigrants. One short step up from transient. c

      • Same here… forever labelled a Pom. For me, I think it’s a reaction to having to fine tune the essence of my life down to 5 cubic metres when I emigrated. Mostly books, pictures, rugs and pictures. Home is where I am, not a particular street, town or country, but I find it hard to resist accreting stuff to make that position more convincing!

      • Living in the other half of N. America I sometimes wonder about the pompous attitude toward “Immigrants”… I mean, exactly who is it that are the Immigrants here? Truth-be-told, there are very few of us who can actually lay claim to Native status and they have been held in equal contempt.

  6. If it turns out to be some pesty skunk or raccoon or name the animal, how will you get rid of it? I guess it’s probably not a rat or the cats would have cleaned it up. The skunk in particular seems like a nightmare to me.
    Good Luck on you Sherlock Adventure.
    And on organizing the study.

    • There is a skunk family who lives on the farm. If it is a skunk I will run netting around the bottom of the pen gates. However that said we got SIX eggs this morning so much ado about nothing much at all. c

  7. well interesting how many more eggs today! Fingers crossed that it isn’t a naughty skunk!

  8. Skunks Away! that should have been 6 eggs…that skunk has disturbed the pattern….Hope that moving them to the tin shed will fool the old skunk! Hope that all your jobs get done and you might be able to put bum to anchor and have a rest

  9. I have been spending this week cleaning, rearranging, and tossing “stuff.” With a new season around the corner it is my semi-annual time to pack away spring and summer and return everything fall and winter to the rotation. In the process it has been entirely too much fun to also clean and toss accumulated items that I never use or really don’t need.

  10. There is that Boo!!! IN Action! The sun is shining and it’s only going to 77 today. I’m a happy Texan

  11. I have become a lover of lists, too. I read a productivity article that suggests making a to-do list of 5 major things to get done. It has been very helpful to keep me on track each day. I do little things, too, but having the big things on the list has improved my focus. Yesterday I got so many things done, including the murder of a most hateful and invasive privet shrub that had aspirations to be a tree.

  12. I’m glad to see Boo at last. Got a glimpse of Ton yesterday or maybe the day before (behind pig in pool). Haven’t seen Sheila for ever so long!

  13. Glad you found more eggs today ~~ put Boo and TonTon out there ~ they’ll get the critter!! Luv my ole Boo Boy ~ his 100 mile an hour dash!!!

  14. Tis the season and the reason for tidying… although maintaining my maximalist nanna-style I’m not acquiring much more stuff, in particular paper stuff which just seems to amass given the opportunity, I directed my efforts to tidying the garden. Most satisfying… almost as good as 6 duck eggs.

  15. Great action shot of Bo- erupting was a great way to describe it.
    Would love to see your day To Do list.
    As always love your posts.

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