Now that the Plonkers are in the Rat House field, Tima and Tane are back in the Corridor Paddock and Tima is quietly creating havoc as usual. ton2

Go back to your own pond they said to Tima, and so she did.


She will break that paddling pool. The naughty! But that problem will disappear when I shift the ducks pool over to the front of the barn. I will try to do that today but things are going to be busy.


Yesterday my Airbnb Farm Stay guest strung up all the Thai Peppers while I made tomato sauce. This is the last of the sauce and the last of the peppers. All tucked in for the winter.

Most guests prefer just to retreat in the Kitchens Garden Retreat but Heidi wanted to experience it all. She turned out to be quite the pig whisperer and soothed Tima into laying down for a goodly length of time so I could get Tima’s hooves trimmed as well. ton4

But she has gone back to the big city and the next set of guests don’t come until Friday so I have a couple of days to finish the lawns and gardens and reset the rooms again.

I really, really need to make a business card or something to send away with people. A card of some sort would be very useful.

Today I get the weed eater out again and mow and tidy my way around the house. Amongst everything else of course. Catch up days get busy.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


Wednesday 09/12 0% / 0 in
Sunny. High 82F. Winds light and variable.

Wednesday Night 09/12 10% / 0 in
Clear to partly cloudy. Low near 55F. Winds light and variable.

6:30 AM 7:07 PM


Waxing Crescent, 10% visible 9:39 AM 9:11 PM



  1. I love the headline. It is like something out of some absurd or pretend newspaper and makes me imagine all the little ducks standing around with their wings on their hips and muttering to each other as they shoot disgruntled looks at Tima.

  2. The title sounded like a newspaper headline..ready to shock its readers…. But reading about Tia and the duck pool l am not surprised. She may be a beautiful lovely big lady…but one’s pool is private property ….and she could break ot or tip all the water out…its no wonder the ducks are a waddling and a paddling about it! Back to your wallow lovely lady! Its very nice to have guests but its a bug bear when they leave and you got such a short time. Isnt there some young person around to come and help you for a pittance and a free meal…. At least you are safe from the weather that approaches Carolina..l would not like to be there Lots o love. Bg

  3. Tima needs a children’s book written about her. Little floral straw hat on her head. The Trouble with Tima!

  4. I had to laugh out loud at Tima in the duck pool. Hope your day goes as smooth as possible. With that many creatures with minds of their own, it’s highly unlikely though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. almost looks like “ketchup” days in the kitchen! Take it easy when you can!

  6. She’s stepping daintily out of that duck pool like Venus emerging from her bath… only hairier. Poor ducks. They’ve had a sheltered life and Tima’s a big ask!

  7. I can imagine Timas joy when she discovers duck eggs laid in swimming pool for her๐Ÿ˜

  8. I tried to tell KateC that her image was hilarious but my phone wonโ€™t let me ๐Ÿ˜”

  9. Ducks Appalled By Pig!!!
    Pig Unimpressed.
    That image of Tima as hairy Venus stepping out of her bath is just wonderful.
    I agree, a “children’s” book would be grand. Plenty of pictures and the star wouldn’t really be aware that she was a star, so no ego trips. I know it’s one I’d love to read at bedtime to myself and I’m long past being a child. There’s just something special about children’s books.

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