Because you all live in my yesterday.  Here are the skies from yesterday’s yesterday – the day before that day – they were magnificent. They seemed to want to speak or warn. Omenish. Full of portent. But the skies words were too slow. Too low. Too nebulous. I watched but could not hear. Like a dog staring you straight in the eye but you are not quite sure what he is trying to say. img_4071img_4072img_4070

Yesterday we shifted the Plonkers from the last sunflower field. They have cleared it right down to the soil and then they began to dig under the fences for the grass on the other side and we all know what that leads to.


So now they are back in the Rat House field which is fenced specifically for heavier hogs.


I am going to shift the duck pond to under the willow by the barn so the ducks  are closer to their new home. The willow will like that. The ducks like the water no matter where it is.  And it will help with training the ducks to lay in the barn – five eggs yesterday! Hopefully the move will help with settling them to sleep in the barn in the evenings out of the winter weather. I have the knowledge of winter coming positioned in the corner of my eye but I have no wish to face winter head on yet. I am trying to keep my winter preparations secret from myself. I feel a certain dread this time – I don’t know why.

The ladybirds are beginning to bite, the corn is drying and the beans have begun to turn golden. But I am still in late summer thank you very much.


After the harvest Tima and Tane and Wai will be allowed to wander again. But not yet little fat pig.

I hope you have a lovely day.

love celi

WEATHER: Perfect.

Tuesday 09/11 0% / 0 in
Partly cloudy. High near 80F. Winds light and variable.

Tuesday Night 09/11 10% / 0 in
A clear sky. Low 54F. Winds light and variable.

6:29 AM 7:08 PM


Waxing Crescent, 4% visible 8:30 AM 8:39 PM


  1. Yes we are holding on to late summer as long as possible. Though I love fall and it is starting because I am beginning nesting. There is something in my brain, hardwired, to nest in fall. I live downtown in a large city. But still I have a strong need to be prepared for winter. I just got a load of wild blueberries and a basket of tomatoes on Sunday late afternoon and I have to work all week and now I need to find time to preserve them. I do get carried away once fall harvesting season starts!

  2. Yep, me too, holding on to summer as long as possible! Although for the first time since moving back to four seasons I’m not dreading fall and winter as much as I have in the past seven years. I’m ‘going with the flow’ and accepting the seasons, especially as there is not a darn thing I can do about their coming and going! 🙂

  3. I love the photos of Tima and Tane. Their unique faces are so expressive.
    If I were in charge of the weather, we would have a long fall, one week of winter with a gentle snow every other day. The kind that sticks to everything and leaves a winter wonderland. And then we would go into spring. Alas, I’m not in charge and no doubt that would be problematic for reasons I’m not in tune to, but for my convenience, it would sure be nice.

  4. Oh my called Wai a little fat pig…he is most beautiful..a little on the chubby side but thats am l. If you look back on my last comment you will find that l forecast 5 eggs on yesterdays yesterday…should have bern half dozen yesterday….what clever ducks they are! Now l am useless at where the states are in US but those skies looked very threatening and l see that North and South Carolina have a tornado..a biggy…tha is what your skies look like….but if l think about it the Carolinas are over neat N Y..?l think…. I do not think you should have a dread..nothing bad will happen.. God is my friend and He told me that.. Keep slogging Miss C Love BG

    • The Carolinas are somewhat south of NY on the East Coast, Patrecia (with an E -for spellcheck which is underling your name in red!) We are even south of DC & a mega hurricane is coming our way. I am in western NC where & we are being told to prepare too. We have been hit here before with Atlantic & Gulf hurricanes. This one is a monster so I guess today I will stock up on bottled water along with cat food & wine etc. Several hurricanes back to back in 2004 brought our rivers to flooding downtown, mudslides & no water or electricity for a week each time. Soooo, those ominous skies up in Illinois are telling us something. A friend driving here from Chicago Thursday-Friday is keeping her weather eye out for conditions. I love best sunny dry Septembers with golden leaves spinning around, goldenrod, asters & ironweed in full bloom & pollinators pollinating. Sigh.

      • Let’s pray this hurricane keeps downgrading. I cannot imagine how dreadful it must be stocking up in anticipation of losing electricity etc – not to mention the horror of flooding.
        We have perfectly clear skies this morning and for all week. This country is so huge!

        • I am in Asheville. We are about 2 hrs. from Boone, which is higher than we are but may be in the hurricane’s wide rotation too. They say the whole state will be affected with heavy rain & strong winds.

      • 10am Wednesday, Eastern Australia – I hope and pray for you and yours. This may turn into Cat 5 yet . . . I am studying meteorology, so somewhat understand. And unfortunately there are two in the wings. Hah, so we do not have global warming ! You will be out of the way . . . I hope your home will not suffer. Warmest of thoughts . . .

      • Fellow feeling from tropical cyclone country… preparation does help a lot, especially if you lose water and power. We hung onto the water last time and avoided major flooding, but were without power for a week. Thankfully we have a small but useful generator for just such eventualities – we were able to keep the fridges and freezers going, charge phones and laptops and stay on top of its progress. Hugs and crossed fingers that you’ll escape the worst of it.

  5. For some reason I feel like this coming winter is going to be a hard one…..not sure why. I’m processing garden that I normally share with the chickens and milk cows, we’ve brought in more firewood than we normally use, we’ve downsized our farm stock/flock to only what we need for us…..just a feeling I have. Of course it’ll probably be the mildest most trouble free winter on record. Then and again – the weather people are warning of snow next week. 😊

    • Hopefully by winter we will be down to four big cows, one steer and the two little ones. All the babies will stay with their mothers as long as we can so they are good and fat for the winter.
      I would be happy with a mild one!! But there is still that feeling you and I have!!

      • I too have a certain feeling of dread though for me nothing can be worse than last winter was even though weather wise it was quite benign. I’m scrambling to get everything under control and stocking up on weaving materials and book marking indoor projects. Let’s hope we’re all wrong!

  6. Oh Miss C, I just looked back on some of the first pictures of Tima and Tane, trying to remember when they came to the farmy. I had forgotten just how small they were and how adorable! Of course they still are, but what a memory jolt to see them as little pigs. Tima’s little ears where even then on high alert, while Tane has continued to wear his jutting out to the side making him look like a little gremlin.

    If anyone wants to look I searched with the simple phrase Tima and the baby picture posts popped up from early in 2014. Over 4 years now!

  7. Always trust your feelings. They know more than the weather person. Love watching how you sneak all the creatures where they need to be for their best care. 🙂

  8. That Timatanga Moana looks like a great big furry balloon filled with jelly. I love that naughty fat pig…. She looks so peaceful and passive, but soon enough she’ll be rampaging around the Farmy, seeking what she may devour…

    • Aren’t those kune kunes just adorable with that big round button of a nose plopped right in the middle and that little ‘miss priss’ pursed mouth!

  9. Oh Tima, I would be insulted too. Pleasingly Plum Miss C! Pleasingly PLUMP!

    The song Blue Skies is not lodged in my head. Not a bad tune.

    • I guess my P is acting up on the computer. T P and B all give me headaches.

  10. Can’t beat the sky’s you have there. I don’t think I would get anything done, too busy watching the clouds!

  11. oh my it is beginning to feel like fall…now If only we could get your type of rain to put out all the fires.

  12. We’re each in changeover season… here, shrugging off one of the colder winters we have had for a while. I have made my last -pumpkin- soup and slow braise -lamb shanks. Our spring temps are all over the place 18 C one day 27 C the next C overnights similarly 7 C and 13 C. But I have seeds started in trays and in the garden. Summer is predicted to be hotter, drier and stormier. I think this will be the way of it, for a period or maybe forever.
    Your ducks are yet another Farmy success story. They look very happy and at home. For some reason ducks make me happy! 🦆

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  14. You are my new favorite blog!!! I love how you share your day and I love our pics. They make me smile everytime. Thanks for sharing your day with me. 😊❤

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