One of our greatest talents is the ability to articulate joy.   We all have this talent – it is not rare thankfully.  Though fleeting in some lives. But just because it is a common talent, recognising joy, does not mean that it is of lesser value. I find that lift of the heart so frequent and usually, it is in the smallest of things. Three calves surging like young racehorses across the field.  Molly the sow grizzling because Sheila stole her bed. Selling two hogs instead of the usual one meaning there is no hog left alone in the cold.  And even luckier for me I am able and willing to capture some of my joyous moments in an image and share them with you. This doubles the joy factor.

I was feeling quite grim there for a while – in fact, I was feeling a little like a dartboard in a noisy pub full of strangers.  Unable to join in and getting sharp objects thrown at me at regular intervals.  But the workload is lifting, people are settling into independence again and I have my new camera and a trip home to my own family just around the corner.

A new camera would be like getting a new tool to many people but I feel as though I have been given a new eye.  yesterday I was SEEING again. A new and rich and eminently achievable challenge. The richness I have discovered in my new Christmas Camera is delicious.

Mr X, my Fujifilm X30, has a knack for capturing rich colour where I only saw ordinary.   With the correct settings it gives me a great depth of field (the area that is in focus) even up on the porch in the darkish corner where the cats and dogs have their beds I found a quilt of colours and textures. optional-026

BooBoo again. Where Ton will race out to get into the background of photographs, Boo will be in the foreground.


The lens is sharp.


We had entered the very low light of dusk when Sheila came to the husk tangled gate to say hullo and gloat a little as Molly cried in the background too afraid to go into either of the beds.  They will settle down. Though Sheila is still feeling towey.  And dare I say it: a bit bitchy.  She will relent soon and once Molly relaxes they will sleep together and keep each other warm for the winter.



I had been warned that this camera does not perform well in low light but the settings are easy to change and it captured all the information I needed.

Look at that sunset. (above) A perfect fade of colour into the sky.


Beautiful contrast, and I am only just beginning to work out what this camera can do.


Yesterday was below freezing all day.  Cold. Cold. Everything frozen – I carried many buckets of warm water to the pigs and bales of straw to their beds.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER:  We get above freezing in the afternoon. That is good. I will run the hoses and milk the cow during that period.  Maybe even a little snow overnight.

Friday 12/08 0% / 0 in
Plentiful sunshine. High 36F. Winds SW at 10 to 20 mph.

Friday Night 12/08 60% / < 1 in
Cloudy with periods of snow after midnight. Low 24F. Winds WSW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 60%. Snow accumulations less than one inch.

7:05 am 4:24 pm
Waning Gibbous, 70% visible 10:20 pm 11:25 am


50 Comments on “RICH

      • Ha ha – I’m sure the cold will get the better of both of them!
        The Fuji’s low light sensitivity may not be as good as new top of the range Nikons and Canons (which are extraordinary), but it does look like the chip is better than that of the D80.

  1. I am so cheered that you are more cheerful with lovely adventures to anticipate, and John & the Matriarch gave the perfect Christmas gift to bring you joy. The photos Are truly amazing, the colors so very rich – indeed!

  2. The new camera does capture colours and just a little bit more of something in the pictures. I LOVE the picture of booboo, such a handsome boy!

  3. Wow! Not knowing too much about photography, it is amazing to see the clarity of the pictures with the new camera! So crisp and clear! And the fading sunset is gorgeous! 🙂

    • Yes – I love how the sunset is fading – often with other digital images you get a infinitesimal line between the shades – it has always annoyed me.

  4. The photo of the cat asleep in her bed is amazing, colour and textures! Black and white leaves me cold, both photos and movies ( which I refuse to watch). This is a self criticism and absolutely not directed at you at all. I am so pleased to see joy creeping around the edges of your stress at last. Laura

  5. WOW! First – Hi Boo! Love that face. That camera captures great color and texture! Sheila’s nose – I can almost feel the moist warm breath from it and hear that low grunt of hers! It even captured that small glint in her eye on the 1st image. I just love playing with different camera equipment. In my B&W darkroom class (I took that class 4 times because it was non-credit stuff) we all made pin hole cameras in old cigar boxes. THAT was exciting….. I miss the smell of developer and toner. 🙁

  6. Crisp and vivid and full of depth. Amazing how different the same image can look from two different cameras. Shows you how much I know or not… so pleased that you are feeling better, the gift, the growing excitement of an upcoming trip. Emerging out of the gloam. We had a welcome sight last night outside, two inches of snow! It was so pretty coming down. All the conditions came together to produce a very unusual event. The sun is out now and it will be gone by end of day, but a very nice memory to store away.

  7. That camera takes fab photos! I’m glad your feeling more like your old self. 👍 Is that grey hair I see on boo boo’s face? 😳

  8. Holy Mackerel! The difference between a charcoal sketch and a full-on painting! Both are beautiful in their on rights. Way to go, Miss C!

  9. Someone help me, please!! I want to buy one of the Kitchen’s aprons with the farm’s solar eclipse artwork on it. HOW do I do this? PLEASE HELP!!!

  10. Yesterday was a blur so I’ll take a moment here today to say how much I’ve enjoyed seeing what you can do with your new tool. Camera’s are very much a tool, as you said, and the better the tool, the easier the project. Mr. X looks like he will fit into your pocket easily and not be left somewhere odd as happened on occasion with camera house. Each tool serves up different results. What a sweet gift to get from your John and his mother. Something you can use and play with. 🙂 Enjoy capturing those fun shots of stubborn creatures. Enjoy seeing every one.

  11. That really is a wonderful camera. The colours are rich, intense and saturated, and you still have great texture and detail capture. What a lovely gift, just before you go away and take lots more photos to make us all envious. And the suitcase is finally out, waiting for the knives, the posh boots, the camera, the silver bracelets…. and not much more!

  12. The countdown is on now until you leave for NZ! It has turned HOT here. We haven’t had a spring this year, it has gone straight from wearing coats and wet, to 30°C beautiful sunny days. Very unusual to have it this hot this early in the season. I’m not complaining, it’s so nice to see the sun again!

  13. No photographer am I but even I can see the difference in the pics! So clear. How funny your comments on joy. It’s been a bit grizzly around here of late but last evening as I was feeding the gang we had the most glorious cerise sunset, it was one of those purely joyful moments. You’re right, more often than not it’s those fleeting moments that smack you upside the head and give you joy and what a dismal life it would be without them.

  14. Bravo, Celi! Bravo, Mr. X! A team of great depth and promise. Wonderful photos today. I’ve got a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5. It’s a point and shoot, but it’s got a great lens and chip. It does well with low light, the only thing it doesn’t capture well it anything bright red in full sun, that just washes out, but I haven’t seen much bright red in full sun so it’s not really a problem. I’ve got to get back to taking more photos if we ever get settled.

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