Introducing Sheila who has spotty ears and .. um, Charlotte.. OOPS

The Swine Herd was sitting on a lawn chair,  in the shade,  just inside his stables.  Like an old gunslinger outside a dusty tavern. He was an old man, tall, handsome and vigorous.  He unfolded himself from his chair and strode across to open the door of the car as I came to a halt. He was slightly taken aback by the little silver German car, the Italian boots and the French scarf but recovered fast.

We shook hands and talked the small talk as we walked his little farm.

I’ve seen you before, he said as he showed me  Sheila’s Uncle.

Oh, I don’t think so, I said.  Though we have spoken on the phone often enough I was beginning to think that the pigs were imaginary. 

Oh no, he laughed, they’re real alright. He showed me white pigeons, and little goats and chickens with tails that stuck out at all angles.  And some of the muddiest pigs I have ever seen.

Well that is going to bug me, he said,  I just know I have seen you before. He shook his head, thinking.  He took me into a big modern stock trailer and was shutting the door after us, when he literally smacked his forehead  with his hand, and said.  Have you ever been to the bantam swap meet.

Oh, I said looking at him.  Well, yes  I have.

Thats where I saw you, he said.

I knew I had seen you someplace, he exclaimed,  very pleased with himself as the piglets scattered in horror, the forgotton door swung open and two of the piglets  fell without sound out of the door and hit the ground running. Completely disappearing from view.

That is bad, he said as we scrambled for the opening. He is surprisingly agile for an old feller. He shut the other piglets firmly in.   He wanted to swear I could see it in his face but he would not say bad words in front of a lady so He said,  as we both ducked down and started looking under vehicles, Well, this is going to be fun. Then he said. Where did they go. Good question.

We stood still and listened then heard the grunt grunt of happy piggies.

So the Swine Herd and I herded the two tiny swine into the barn. I caught one who was literally hiding behind a tank, and if that wee piglet had been able to put her hands over her eyes she would have and she would have said, If I can’t see you,  you can’t see me. Instead she put her ears over her eyes and crouched very still in plain view. I believe you are Sheila, I said after I had caught the grubby little runaway and popped her in the box in the car.

Mary’s Cat loves pigs. 

Wee Sheila the Babe settled right in, grubbing around in the straw in her new pen.  

But wait I have a surprise for you.

(laughter) A stowaway.  Meet Charlotte. After we had caught them, The Swine Herd gave me such a good deal and reminded me that pigs do not like to be alone. And these two were so intent on coming with me that they had started out early… 

Who could resist these little faces.  We will breed them both at Christmas. The Swine herd said I could put them to his boar. (horrible thought at this stage)And in case you think I am being irresponsible… these babies sell like hot cakes! Hereford piggies are the new wave! And before I forget, the gestation period is three months, three weeks and three days. He is a great teacher, the Swine Herd and I am sure we will see him again.

I know where you live, he had laughed, as he held the car door for me, shut it with a masculine snap and smacked the top of the car as though it was a horse! Off you go.

Good morning.

Well, all the baby milk is warming.  Kupa is calling. The cats are minding Sheila and Charlotte for me and Minty is working on escaping through her newly fixed gate. Time Miss C got out there.

The light is lovely today, maybe I will do a Farmy walkabout this afternoon and we can take stock tomorrow!

Have a lovely day


83 Comments on “Introducing Sheila who has spotty ears and .. um, Charlotte.. OOPS

  1. That’s just so…so YOU, C! Coming home with two piggies, instead of one…I’m sure John just shook his head when he found out. 🙂
    They’re beautiful girls.
    Have a happy, Farmy day!

    • I said to him as he came to meet the car, John I may have made a wee mistake, and stood back, he looked in the cage in the car, there are TWO he said. Hmm I said and shook my head like how could that have happened. He sighed and then said, you want a hand lifting them out? c

  2. They are soooo cute!
    It would have taken a stronger person than me ( and obviously you) to have kept those two apart!

  3. Well, congratulations! This is great news for you and the farmy. Sheila and Charlotte will be sure to have long, happy lives under your care. Just one thing, though. Why am I not surprised that you bought the two of them?

    Have a great day, Celi!

  4. Are you raising the piggie wiggies to ummmmmm errrrrrrrrr make them into pork? Trying to imagine here what other new animal may arrive on the farm. Morning, Miss c

    • Oh mercy no.. these girls have names and Pet Status.. they will be the Mamas to the next generation.. so you can love them.. we all need a couple we can love! c

  5. Just trying to guess what species will show up on the farm next 🙂

  6. Good morning, you have been busy. I turn round for five minutes and blow me you have TWO pretty little girl pigs. I bet that puts the boys’ noses out of joint! Have a lovely day.

  7. i’m not surprised that you came home with two piglets. i am surprised that you didn’t come home with six piglets!

  8. Sheila the Babe, you say, has spotty ears. To me it looks like both Sheila and Charlotte have spotty ears. I wonder if the Swineherd remembers the therapy pig conversation yet.

    • I think he has blanked it out!! Laughter.. Sheila also has two brown spots around one eye.. and Charlotte looks a wee bit grumpy all the time.. so far! c

  9. Oh what lovely piggies! I’m so glad that you got two, they are very gregarious creatures. oh how I wish you were just down the road and I could give their wee bellies a rub! (And ears a sctratch of course!) Congratulations – let the entertainment begin!

  10. Smart man that, giving you the pair of troublemakers, while keeping the (sheepish) obedient wee ones for himself. Should we be surprised you came home with extras? We remember the peahens, and so, we are not.

    Good morning, Ms. C.

  11. They are adorable, and everyone needs a friend! Mr. Swine Herd sounds like a really interesting and nice man! I wonder since he said he knows where you live he’ll be stopping by now and then to say hello? Love how he whacked your car like a horse. 🙂

    Have a great Saturday! It’s pouring rain here, but it did the same yesterday and then turned into a sunny, hot and humid, day. We’ll see what today brings. ~ April

  12. Awwwww. Piggy love! Surely your John couldn’t have been surprised at all to see two little girl piggies in there, I should think he’d be surprised to NOT see two! I love your description of the Swine Herd. He sounds like a movie star in a way! Happy day, Celi!

  13. I know people who slap car roofs and now you’ve said it, it is a very Wild West horse thing isn’t it? Crazy. Those pigs are adorable. 🙂

  14. Awwwww… I bet they will be very happy on your farm – I know I would be! 🙂 Sweet babies…

  15. Loving the names and the photos – I’m with Mary’s cat, piggies are gorgeous. It’s bank holiday weekend here so it’s bound to rain 🙂 but the garden needs it so no complaints from me!

  16. Gorgeous Girls. Pop over to Crazy Sheep Lady – photo’s of Mama’s wool being carded. I’ll just go cross Charlotte off the list. Laura

    • Oh dear, but it is not looking good for you Laura, daisy is doing a lot of standing staring into space today, and peacefully chewing her cud! but you have until midnite! c

  17. Oh, I’m so excited that the piggies came!! I just shared this post with Kelsea and Kendra who awwwwed over the pictures and ooooohed over your writing. Happy day, Miss C! Your little care package will be sent out on Monday…

  18. I can just picture the Swine Herd patting the top of your car. My grandpa used to do that as well. Something comforting about it. Adorable little piggies!

  19. You are such a fantastic writer. Excellent descriptions. I can just imagine myself there… I wish scratching on those cute piggies could be a reality, not an imagination.

  20. It is good to know that your pigs will have nice lives, playing together and experiencing mud and sunshine. I only buy free range pork and bacon because I know some pigs do not have these chances, particularly breeding sows in some factory farm systems which spend their lives locked up in isolation in concrete pens so small they don’t even have space to turn around. Buying free range is really worth it I think.

    • The cruelty to pigs is beyond belief, I was once shown a breeding installation by a proud farmer and I was appalled, just appalled. Our little pigs have mud in their ears so i know that they were born and raised so far outside.! so good.. c

  21. I miss so much when I’m away for a few days. Even as engaging as your writing is, I sometimes find myself caught up in the photos and having to go back. I love the one of the pig in the back squishing up his nose. And you’re right DIRTY!

  22. You paint the old fella so well, Celi.I felt like I was there with you both. Charlotte and Sheila look just gorgeous!

  23. I can’t get that children’s rhyme out of my head

    This little piggie went to market,
    this little piggie stayed at home.
    This litle liggie had roast beef
    and this little piggie had none
    and this little piggie cried weee weee weee
    all the way home.

  24. “The cats are minding Sheila and Charlotte for me”?? 😉 Actually, I’m sure they’re very good babypigsitters..

    How nice that you brought both home, Celi, I’m sure Sheila would have been very lonely otherwise. You do realise you’ve picked the two in the litter most likely to bolt given an open gate, right? 😉

  25. Yes, I think of all the factory farm animals, the pigs have it the worst, which is so sad because they are so smart and probably suffer the most but at least we know that these two little piggys will have a wonderful life with you on the farmy and will be able to enjoy much piggy happiness!! They are adorable and thank-you for bringing BOTH of them home!! 🙂
    Regarding your last post, I’m so glad you’ll consider taking your new, young, friend along with you to the old folks home…with the right encouragement, of course! :)…You never know…she may find her calling there and if not, I’m sure she will become endeared to the old folks and hopefully, vice versa!!
    You should see the day care/elder care relationships here…they both bring so much to each other! It’s wonderful!!

    • It is school holidays here so i hope she can come along to our next farmy day as i will be taking the pigs!! It was a oerfect idea,, thank you.. c

  26. Soooooo excited about your new piggies!!! They are adorable! Will you train both of them then???

  27. Duly noted…Italian boots and French scarf. Any wonder the poor ol’ Swine Herd swooned?! I’m glad you will have the teenager around. It will be grand sharing this with her. Diversity in all corners!

  28. What little darlings, and I enjoyed the story of you and the Swine Herd! I hope they settle in happily.

  29. Well, Reed laughed out loud when I told him you had two new piglets and they were called Sheila and Charlotte…he said sheila dipshit after some Idiot Politician that was on the news a while ago. Maybe it should be sheila loveshit…HAHA!

    • Morning Deb! That Reed!! You tell him it is Sheila The Babe, though the Babe part may be rewritten as we learn more about this pig. I don’t think she is going to be a calming influence in the barn yard!! c

  30. Unbelievable, Celi! Yet there they are. Can’t wait to see if your plan is a success! 😀 I have brought up the idea of piglets here, but get a resounding “NO!” each time I do. Bob puts up with a lot, but seems to draw the line at piggies. Well, there is always tomorrow…
    ~ Lynda

    • Well tell Bob to wait and see and i will show you that you can train them to puddle about the yard like a dog, then maybe he will let you get a little one but it is true that you have to agree, it is not a matter of one Letting the other, it is more a case of everyone being On Board.. c

  31. I’m about to go to bed as you’re about to rise for another Sunday morning, Celi, but I had to at least leave a comment since I just love those little pigs! They are awfully cute! And who knew that Hereford’s are in vogue! I think I learn something new every time I stop by! 🙂 Debra

  32. I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist just buying the one piggy! Welcome home to the farm, Sheila and Charlotte! They are so cute!

  33. Celi, I am really admiring you!! You are building up such a wonderful array of animals and veggies, etc!! I sooooo wish I had more time to read your posts EVERY day!

  34. Oh, I love those piggies! And the story that goes with them. 🙂 Left me smiling for the day.

  35. Oh, what a nice gentleman. I think you’ve won him as a friend ( chasing piggies probably sealed the deal)
    Glad you ended up with 2 piggies – they are social animals
    Enjoyed the visit – thanks

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