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Introducing Sheila who has spotty ears and .. um, Charlotte.. OOPS

The Swine Herd was sitting on a lawn chair,  in the shade,  just inside his stables.  Like an old gunslinger outside a dusty tavern. He was an old man, tall, handsome and vigorous.  He unfolded himself from his chair and strode across to open… Continue Reading “Introducing Sheila who has spotty ears and .. um, Charlotte.. OOPS”

Secrets and a chat with a Swine Herd

Whisper whisper whisper..  Hmm mmm Thats what she said I said you said!  Gossip in the Rat house Paddock. Daisy was observed lying down in the long grass yesterday and eating at the same time.  She needs more sleep. Good morning everyone. I hope… Continue Reading “Secrets and a chat with a Swine Herd”