I am moving quickly with this blog post this morning as my old laptop is sending ominous flickering warnings.  The screen keeps blacking on and off.  Last night I backed up all the pictures.  I am surprised it even came on this morning.  This is the WRONG time of the year for major purchases.   But you never know. We may shamble on for a while longer. trees-001trees-002

Yesterday’s snow in the morning turned into last nights slush pretty smartly.


Six little playful piglets.



My favourite photo is above.


I hope you have a lovely day.

I think we have a couple of warm days ahead before the cold returns. A breather.  A few days of growing in the fields.

OK, I am going to post without frills then work on this box. Often if I delete all the saved files it picks back up.  But this is an old machine. Have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: Tomorrow the warm weather comes but today will be OK

Tuesday 04/10 0% / 0 in
A mix of clouds and sun during the morning will give way to cloudy skies this afternoon. High 46F. Winds W at 10 to 15 mph.

Tuesday Night 04/10 0% / 0 in
Partly cloudy skies. Low near 35F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph.

6:21 am 7:27 pm
Waning Crescent, 30% visible 3:41 am 2:01 pm



36 Comments on “FROM SNOW TO GROW

  1. The photos of the piglets are wonderful. The photos of the snow make me wish for increasing and dependable warmth for you. As for the blessed black box — here’s to it holding on for a while yet!

    • Exactly – I have had to buy another load of hay – (which will be half the price of a new laptop) this will become not only the coldest spring but the most expensive! c

  2. I agree with your favourite photo. It’s great: I can almost feel the soft, silky textures of those babies. Fingers crossed the lappie will behave for a bit longer. Have a better day, Miss C. (Anyone can have a good day. I want you to have a BETTER day).

    • Ha ha – yes – better would be warmer! But if things keep getting better where does Better END!? Oh mercy Kate that is too deep for us to explore at this time of morning/evening.

  3. Animals just make me smile….. Good luck with the computer. Car problems and computer problems are what makes me not smile.

    • Yes – they are not smilers – first there is the money then there is having to set up and learn an entirely new system.. sigh – I like my old laptop with no visible letters on the keys.. c

    • It seems to be doing better now that I have begun to do some proper housekeeping. There was really no need for it to carry that many files – almost all images too. c

      • Pruning and sorting early is a habit I find helpful. I can’t quite get around to it later.

  4. Gaaah. I hate it when the computers die. Money, annoyance, wasted time, occasionally heartache. Although it sounds like you’ve avoided the heartache with your back up.
    Enjoy the warm.

    • I am so used this old machine – having to learn a new operating system makes me sigh – but the new laptops are so thin and light! THAT will be nice. I need to start saving – apparently. c

  5. Whoa! Can’t believe you still have snow! When is the frost-free, okay to plant date for your area? Down here it is April 15.
    Looks as though it will be a bit later for you! 😦 😦 😦

    • April 24. But this pocket of cold that has been dislodged from its usual atmospheric home is still bouncing up
      And down so that date might be challenged. How is little baby?

      • She is doing better! I have begun bottle feeding her a bit extra several times a day as you suggested. She is drinking from her mama, but is still
        teetering around, and hasn’t really run yet, much less jumped and twisted as the other siblings are doing. It’s almost as though her legs are
        super weak or fragile. Makes me think a bit of Tane, but not so bad. When her siblings try to play with her she often falls down, but then gets
        up and teeters around a bit before she goes back and lays down. Maybe because she had trouble at birth, and got hypothermia it’s taking a
        bit longer for her to mature???

  6. That sounds like the graphics card or connection between the graphics card and screen. If you have access to an external monitor and the right connection on the laptop you could check. The cable runs through the hinges, so it is a weak point on laptops.

  7. Oinks in piggy excitement. The little piglets already have such a wonderful attitude in those pictures. So awesome!! XOXO – Bacon

  8. Good luck with the old laptop. I, too, use them until they are about dead. My old one doesn’t want to recognize internet or USB ports. Glad I already backed up most of my pictures!

  9. The piglets are absolutely adorable. Sorry to hear about your old computer, JT recently purchased a very handsome PC for what would be about $600 American dollars, it even came from America! I can send you the info if you wish.

  10. Inscrutable cat up there– smiling smugly above the muck, or looking down with envy at the creep’s warm glow?

  11. Such lovely, glossy wee babes Celi! SO glad they mostly got past the dreaded First Few Days in this never-ending early “Spring” weather. (And so sorry about the loss of the one ): The Env. Canada forecast is already warning of the possibility of 20mm of freezing rain over the weekend. Friday the 13th indeed!

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