I was not going to post this morning. I like to take one day off from the blog a week – I I give myself a wee sleep in. But then yesterday afternoon I saw this. This is a milestone in WaiWai’s recovery.  You need to see this. 


Tane and Wai sleeping together in the sun.


This is very good to see.  Wai is learning to trust again.


Until Tima comes back, of course.

I hope you have a good day.  There is snow on the ground again this morning, so I am glad everyone got a little sun yesterday.  Right now at 6.15 am it is 31F/0C

Love celi

WEATHER: Snow then nothing much else, maybe.

Monday 04/09 80% / < 1 in
Cloudy with snow showers mainly during the morning. High 41F. Winds NNW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 80%.

Monday Night 04/09 20% / 0 in
Cloudy early with some clearing expected late. A shower of rain or wet snow possible. Low 26F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.

6:23 am 7:26 pm

Last Quarter, 39% visible 3:02 am 1:04 pm


45 Comments on “WONT SEE THIS OFTEN

  1. Wow! This is amazing! Such progress and all thanks to your patience and determination. Yay!!!

  2. A bit more than a day ..you deserve to have time off for yourself…otherwise blogging becomes a chore rather than a pleasure ( there speaks one who gave up blogging years ago) Seriously you do need time for yourself and as much as we appreciate all that you do..we do realise that you are human and you need rest. So lay in bed an extra hour…put your feet up…have a snooze…THEN. Tackle the farmy

    Lots of love

      • I appreciate what *both* of you said here! I think Miss C and I started nearly at the same time, and I, like Patrecia, stopped when it became a bit onerous after 4 1/2 years daily. I’m amazed at the 6+ years you’ve put in with such passion and artistry, Celi!! And it’s moments like little Mr. Wai’s that often make the journey and the journaling both so worthwhile and shareable. Thanks for what you do, C, and to Ms. P: your presence here in the Fellowship is part of what makes it all so rich, too.

        Cheers, and a happy—and restful—day to all!

  3. Oh and l forgot to say how wonderful it was to see Wai so relaxed….

    • Yes – he is a strong character – he will have a good summer I hope – though those last open patches need to close before the flies come. I wonder if the tissue was forever damaged in these areas.

  4. Never would have thought Wai would live to see this day. Unbelievable, Celi! You’re a miracle worker.
    You know what this means? You’ll have to hide the keys to all of the farmy’s vehicles lest the 2 Bros decide to go carousing some Saturday night.

  5. What wonderful news and pictures of wai, wai…you have done a brilliant and loving job with him, as you do for the rest of your animals celi…well done.
    You so deserve a lie in too x

    • Oh I get plenty when I go away on my jaunts! It is such a quiet period on the farmy – I am storing up energy and getting fit for the onslaught next week.

  6. Hum, seeing Tane next to TIma and Wai really shows how svelte he is for a boar. I’m playing catch-up this morning as we had an estate sale this weekend and I’m sore in every muscle in my body I think. So sorry for the loss of the piggy. This winter is definitely hanging about – we were 84 on Friday and high on Saturday was 34! Needless to say – the cold kept many away from the sale so we will do a repeat this coming weekend.

    Boo playing with his squeaky gave me a good laugh this morning too. i just adore that silly nut of a dog.

  7. fantastic Waiwai! Snows enough now, hope this is the last fall now. Laura

  8. That is exciting! Thank you for sharing that. I hope you get a little rest time later, a tiny nap, an extra cup of tea??
    I love seeing Wai’s soft-looking hair. All that armor is long gone. I thought I read a while back that his diet was proceeding slowly and you planned to work on it all summer (?) Your hard work rewarded!
    Oh, and I was wondering about the piglets you are getting in to raise. You mentioned their markings are wrong. I was wondering what that meant-were they going to be show animals?
    Wishing you a wonderful day.

    • Yes. They are bred as show hogs- and are sold for extreme amounts of money. But the rejects I buy for 50 dollars- they are already a good size- so I hoping he has some left over for me

  9. I don’t think Wai will ever get to like Bad Tima, if that growling we heard before was anything to go by, but I do love the photo of the two Good Ole Boys lying companionably together in the sun. You’ve brought Wai such a long, long way down the healing road, I can’t see why those last patches wouldn’t heal in time too. One day, he’ll be a whole pig.

  10. aawww way to go Wai!!! I’m so glad that he is learning to trust and love again!! You did that my friend ❤ Sending you many, many hogs and snout kisses. You're amazing. XOXO – Bacon

  11. Such wonderful news after yesterday. A good balance with the hardness of life. You do the best work under the worst of conditions. I was so sorry to hear about the piglet yesterday I didn’t even know what to say. It’s a hard life, farming, but so much joy in seeing Wai with Tane. I hope you get a sleep in day. Mine was today and I must get to work now. ;(

  12. I can’t believe this is the same pig! I remember when you brought him home, I thought he was a goner. It makes me so happy to see how he’s recovered. And I have to admit that Tima and Tane are two of my favorites. Such a sweet old couple.

  13. Ahh Wai Wai and Tane, two old gents soaking up the sun. Then fatty Tima comes along and spoils it for them. 😂 But on a serious note it’s a mini miracle that Wai Wai is still alive. Well done you! 👍

  14. I understand Wai Wai. It takes a long time for some wounds to heal, and learning to trust again is a very slow process. I think though, he longs for company… for a friend. Tane seems to be the right fellow. It could be that Tane being a bit handicapped makes him more of an equal in the wounded department, which helps. 🙂
    I hope this is the turnaround point for the season. We look forward to spring weather this week. Woot!!


  16. I have been away so long I had no idea about Wai. Please don’t hold it against me, as I have been neglecting even my own blog. 😦

    Getting to the source of Wai’s coming to the Farmy and his progression of healing under your care has been a terrifying journey for him and you. Your are an angel, Celi. ❤ ❤ ❤

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