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I can’t find Pania the Peahen .. now what could she be up to?

Tui  the peahen is still on her nest (her eggs are due to hatch on July 2nd) and Pania the other peahen has slowly become more and more absent.  And now I have no idea where she is. There are a few more hiding… Continue Reading “I can’t find Pania the Peahen .. now what could she be up to?”

Free days – when the farm feeds the farm.

There is something deeply satisfying about eating a meal from your own land, in a room you created. Home grown, grass fed steak, with asparagus from down the back and hollandaise using my own eggs and butter, a salad from the garden, cheese from… Continue Reading “Free days – when the farm feeds the farm.”

Red door

This is what the kiwi builder was up to. He and John put in the first of the red doors (there are three)… the inside of the door is red too so when it stands open all summer the colour is still present. The… Continue Reading “Red door”

Hiding from the Chill

Not one furry, or feathered, animal, or bird, moved from the barn until late in the morning yesterday, except maybe to run quickly outside to the loo but that would only be the piggies. The rest are not as particular with their ablutions. So… Continue Reading “Hiding from the Chill”

Beautiful Cold

Winter came, just popping in to remind me that he is on his way. No resting on your laurels, miss c. Winter is still a gentle voice in the distance, but he is on the road.  But so beautiful, this cold. I guess the… Continue Reading “Beautiful Cold”

Big Dog’s Coat of Not Many Colours

It was cold today. I mean not too cold.  My words are too short. I feel I should be writing something poetic about the approaching winter and I know that Smidge would say this with a whole lot more elegance and poetry but there… Continue Reading “Big Dog’s Coat of Not Many Colours”

You can run…

But you can’t hide. On the way to pick up the honey frames that the bees had cleaned. So I could pop them in the freezer for 24 hours to kill any bugs, then wrap them and store them for the winter. I saw this.… Continue Reading “You can run…”

When flawed is just perfect..

And  imperfect is exactly right. Yesterday was one of those delicious days when nothing much happened. I went about my work. Not too energetically. Alone on the farm again.  The quiet is getting quieter. The road is still blocked by construction from both directions,… Continue Reading “When flawed is just perfect..”

Juxtaposition, a word we want to say out loud!

Just in case you did not know. Peacocks are not shy when it comes to stealing some raw cow’s milk from the cat’s bowl. Much to the despair of the cats.  Though it appears other cats have other avenues of milky drips!  Hairy MacLairy… Continue Reading “Juxtaposition, a word we want to say out loud!”

Walkabout on the Farmy

Taking stock on a lovely summer day. Kupa was inadvertantly locked in the chook house and after spending the whole day in with the peasants he had to have a wee lie down. Then he went to have a stretch and adding insult to… Continue Reading “Walkabout on the Farmy”