Last Light

Yesterday I was in a hurry so I shot all these images using my Iphone.   But my constant companion – Phone – hates my laptop. No reason. Just fact. And if I say it often then enough surely it will become a fact?

These pictures took 24 hours to appear in my email and so now I am able to bring them to you, given that I create the blog on my ancient laptop with the worn out key board and  all. I sigh. I shake my head. But I can never rely on Phone to share. This blog post is twelve hours late – but that’s ok. There are no rules you know.

Well,  of course you know.  Phone knows this as well.

However they did turn up and better Late than Never – though if someone actually said that to me, and in that kind of jaunty tone, I would slap them.

Pictures with a purpose are like letters, they are nothing unless Sent. Read. Seen.


I hope you had a lovely day.



29 Comments on “Last Light

  1. We once had a car that stalled whenever you turned left – only left. Having to describe that to our mechanic led to great chuckles on his part. It turned out there was a sound mechanical reason why ‘only left’. Maybe that phone of yours needs to be held ‘just so’ for the right connection to be made. 😉 It DOES take lovely pictures.

  2. I suspect the phone might want a newer version of iTunes or the operating system, though trying that on an old laptop could be a very big mistake. I wouldn’t trust a smart phone for anything other than phone calls and even that depends on a good connection. I’ve seen many text messages turn up a day or two late, even in a big city.

  3. You have to admit these photos are incredibly sharp. Truly beautiful–and well worth waiting for!

  4. Agree with Mad: my ‘smartphone’ must have come the very last in the exams – can’t be bothered answering the phone in my neck of the woods, won’t even ring half the time and I better not attempt ringing out!! Oh, it loves text messages – oft sends 2-3 of the same on . . . and knows how to add up my meagre data allowance even when I have not touched the silly thing! Another ten dollars and then another automatically added on . . . . Lovely to get a post at this time of the day: am not the last in line and ’tis nice to sneak away from work for a minute . . .

  5. Yep, time-labour saving devices work well… until they don’t. It helps to simply appreciate what they do when they do it well. And as you did, have a work-around for when they don’t.
    I’m not sure if it will work for you but my work-around is to have my phone pics automatically back up to the Microsoft OneDrive cloud which I can then access from my laptop, or tablet. It’s good your pics showed up in time, they beautifully convey the day ♡

  6. The machines are running the world Miss C 🙂 You have the makings of your own dystopian novel I think.

  7. Worth waiting for…. My favourite is the one with the smoke, I love that graphic grey scribble in the sky. Technology is wonderful until it has a dummy spit and then there’s nothing worse.

  8. I wondered what all the smoke was about, too. I guess since you didn’t mention it, it’s not a problem.

  9. For once I’ve got in here during the first dozen or so of comments, instead of at the tail end of a hundred or so !!!
    Wonderful atmospheric painterly pictures… love them… hope you have got my messages saying what a gift your attention to detail to all your creatures is, and how every day you give us a sense of a life well lived… so inspiring, so this is a thank you with love …

  10. What a lovely surprise to have a Miss C post to read while waiting for my bread to rise 🙂 Is this controlled (I hope) burn becoming an annual thing now? See you later 🙂 Laura

  11. My gut clenched when I saw the smoke): Hoping something being burned on purpose? (Would still be great photos whenever they arrived!; )
    Google will never respect Apple’s privacy, so it and iPhone will never get along; but you just can’t beat having that great little camera literally on hand at any given moment, can you?

  12. Well, Phone clearly doesn’t like to share because the pictures she takes are far too pretty for sharing. But, yes, what is with that SMOKE? Egads.

  13. I love your photos… regardless of where or when or how sharp or not. I have admired some of my “bad” photos in the past simply because they are different and unusual. My iPhone works fairly well for photography and video, it’s our signal here which they say is quirky when you are anywhere near a cell tower – too close. Messages are delayed sometimes or don’t send. It’s all fine with me as I have no desire to be bothered all of the time with people knowing where I am and what I’m doing. If I don’t answer because I don’t want to, I just blame it on the phone or say I was working in the orchard and left the phone in the buggy. People are used to my negligence with the cell phone. I figure if it’s important, the caller will leave a message! 🙂

  14. There are no rules. The photos are lovely. (Wish I was close enough to help out with figuring out why 24 hours to get photos finally to your email. Probably not your phone. Maybe not your computer. Perhaps what is in between.)

  15. Late or not, these are very pretty photos. I compose my posts on an old laptop with a faded keyboard, too. And it seems like posting never goes as smoothly as it should.

  16. Grand photos. Can you connect your phone to the laptop using a cable and download them directly that way rather than having to email them?

  17. I like what you said about ” pictures with a purpose.” Phone’s (above) are definitely being read here. And reread.

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