Pigs. Sleep.

This morning I awoke to strong LOUD thunderstorms, pouring rain and strobe lightening that flashes on and on and a severe weather warning beeping on the phone.  I merely note the severe weather warnings. They send them out for the most ordinary of weathers.  It’s a thunderstorm. Not an extraordinary  event.  If I did not have a smart phone and wifi connection I would not even be getting these hyper-ventilated warnings at all. And I would not be alarmed.

I hear the weather, I note the wind direction, I memory cycle through all the animals and all their doors in my head, if everything is  in order I go back to sleep. No, I am not taking shelter away from windows.  I am going to sleep.

Very sweetly (as I write) I just got more beeps on my phone telling me the severe storm warning is OVER.  Someone should mention that to the noisy spring storm raging overhead!

Anyway it may be pouring rain with thunder and lightening right now but yesterday was superb.

And when the sun comes out the pigs down tools, lie down and simply sleep in the sun.

Flat out and fast asleep.

You know how Boo sleeps on his back with his legs in the air?

Well, I have a little pig who sleeps like this too. The first time she did this I hurried over thinking she was cast like a sheep or stuck with her head under the fence.

But she leapt up, looking about to see where the problem was – it really is very hard to sneak up on a pig. So when she laid back down and rolled onto her back again I took a photo for you instead.

Txiki has been sent, in disgrace, to stay with the steers. Yesterday I found her suckling on her mothers (Alex’s) teats.  This is naughty and really not good for Alex’s udder either.  If Alex is pregnant and developing an udder for her next calf we do not want that process interfered with.

She is such a good looking wee heifer.   She is almost one year old and a very sturdy well developed animal so in a couple of months she will be going to the bull herself.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi



43 Comments on “Pigs. Sleep.

  1. Such happy little pigs! The one with the legs in the air is like a plastic farm animal that has fallen over 🙂

  2. I have a cat who lies in the sunshine with all fours in the air. He is built like Tima, hard as a rock and barrel-esque. We had sunshine yesterday too. I even perspired as I mowed the lawn and limbed up a couple of trees. Then, I got tired…more trees to do next weekend. Can you find your rain poncho? Have a good, tho muddy day C.

  3. We need the rains down here, that’s for sure! It’s almost always a party when the rains come, as we run out onto the porch with all the porch animals and sit and watch it. Just love the rain! xo

  4. The weather hysteria in recent years is like the boy who cried wolf. I don’t even pay attention anymore to the endless parade of warnings for what is just a plain old thunderstorm.

  5. Guidelines… I try to remember weather and forecast are not exact science, and mostly the weather matters little to me, just the odd occasion when I change my plans because of a severe weather warning. I don’t want to be an idiot who has put someone’s life at risk to rescue me, so I stay home. And they cancel the warning an hour later. But I won’t think about that I’ll think about cute pigs who sleep on their backs 🐷

  6. Oh, I think I’d be paying attention to the weather warnings. I am normally pretty laid back but have seen the damage that tornadoes can do. Up here we have different levels… first come weather alerts, which are no where near what a ‘warning’ is. Piggies, or at least your piggies, seem to have such personalities… much moreso than, say, cows or chickens. Is this because they are said to be so intelligent? Beautiful sun here yesterday as well but heavily clouded this morning. And the spring equinox for the northern hemisphere occurs today…. so Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you have a great day ~ Mame 🙂

  7. As long as I’m not out in it, I like a good thunderstorm. It clears the air and I love the smell after it has rained, especially in summer. I imagine a prairie thunderstorm must be spectacular to see.

  8. Oh dear Txiki, I hope you aren’t going to have problems with her when her own udder develops next year. I tried to reach in through the screen to rub that piggy tummy, if only. 🙂 Laura

  9. Ha it’s a pigs life! Well on your farm anyway. Lucky things to be able to lay in the sun like that. Fancy a piggy sleeping on its back! she must feel very safe. Have a fab day and try to stay dry. 😀

  10. Could it be a sign that Alex is preggers if her child is trying to suckle? Perhaps she can smell the developing udder long before it’s visible. Or maybe she’s just trying to freeload a warm meal. If I remember right Anty Del was doing the same thing once off of Lady Aster. Once developed is this always an issue, or do they grow out of it?

    • Aunty Del did it for the longest time and had to be separated but she has not done it since she had her own calf. I have often wondered if it is a sign too.. we will see I suppoose.. c

  11. So wonderful to actually see the sun shining on those happy and content animals!! Not so wonderful that today you awoke to that thunderstorm.. I bet, like me, you’ve been loving the longer days!! Here’s hoping for sunshine tomorrow – and for several days after. ; o )

  12. aaww – piggy pics of sleeping oinks. I love those – of course you knew I would ❤ Belly up and full of trust. That's what mom tells me when I do it here. Lots of love in those pics sweet friend. XOXO – Bacon

  13. I’m afraid of thunderstorms we had too many bad ones in Germany . I wish they could give us an earthquake warning .

  14. We get cyclone warnings on our mobile phones once they reach a certain category and a certain distance from the coast. It doesn’t/hasn’t happened much, last time was in 2015 when Cyclone Marcia hit Rockhampton instead of us! I have my phone turned to silent for the sleeping hours in any case, otherwise there’d be a constant stream of bleeps and bells as emails and SMS alerts came in. It’s all just Too Much Information, isn’t it? Sometimes we can just look at the sky and get the same data.

      • I was going to say that all the pig pictures are funny, but then I recognized a lesson in their flat-out unapologetic sleeping. If there is no work to be done, and the sun is inviting, what’s the point of standing around, or (addressing the self who fears being seen lying down) of standing your ground. Still, those pictures really are funny.

  15. I like to keep an eye on the weather reports when there’s lots of rain…..like the last few days. I live right on a tidal river, and if everything’s aligned……too much rain in the catchment and the tide coming in……boom, there’s a flood. I can keep an eye on the river but like to know what the rain’s doing too, so there’s time to move chooks up high and be prepared. And no mobile phone here, so no warnings bleeping at me 🙂

  16. Sheila looks like the little (or not so little) pig who built his house of straw, and now she’s taking a rest! Love the piggy on her back as well 🙂

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