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Pig escape Thwarted by Heifer

Well, all my plans for a couple of  hours off, yesterday afternoon, were in vain.  The farmy had other plans.  Hairy Maclairy decided to stage a break in into the Milking Parlour.  A space he is not allowed to visit.   The Shush Sisters… Continue Reading “Pig escape Thwarted by Heifer”

The Best Mother’s Day Gift is not a Toad

No, it is not a toad. Unless of course Mum loves toads or your Toad lives in a Hall.  The best Mother’s Day present is probably not a skinny nosy chicken. Better to have a fat one, served with roasted rosemary potatoes and gravy… Continue Reading “The Best Mother’s Day Gift is not a Toad”

Don’t you know it is rude to Stare!

Yesterday the bees were  out.  The two remaining hives seem to be doing very well. When my help is home on the weekend we will look inside their hives and do a health check.  Kupa was caught going about his ablutions.  Vigorously. He has… Continue Reading “Don’t you know it is rude to Stare!”

Sorry about the Bare Bottoms.

I got my wish yesterday and we had a lovely calm simple light filled day. Mary’s Cat and Minty shared a moment.  Mary’s cat is desperate to make friends. Though most of you will  remember the pictures on this page, when Mary’s Cat first… Continue Reading “Sorry about the Bare Bottoms.”

Last day of giveaway postcard choices and votes.

We are very close to a beautiful collection.  Your choices so far are perfect. Here are a few more suggestions from your fellow readers.   Your responses to this project have been astronomical.   And in fact often you have pointed to the same… Continue Reading “Last day of giveaway postcard choices and votes.”

Farm Days from Dawn to Dusk

Did you ever see that movie Dusk ’til Dawn. Well, a day on the sustainable, self sufficient, old fashioned farm is Nothing LIKE that!!! It starts at dawn. John leaves for work in the dark at 5am.  I talk to you guys and catch… Continue Reading “Farm Days from Dawn to Dusk”

in a frogs eye

The Frog Garden. This spring John built a new garden. He had an interesting concept. He found this in a magazine but we lost the magazine so if someone reading was the writer of this please get in touch and I will give credit… Continue Reading “in a frogs eye”